Relating to the Trees

Relating to the Trees

We returned to the Trees in our latest Online Teaching on June 6th. Sharon shared her experience with a great first growth Redwoods in Northern California, and Gabriela Santos, a Beacon in Europe, shared her very personal relationship with her special tree-friend, named Murat.

During our meditation, we were invited to discern and meet with a special tree in our own life experience. Here are some of the letter responses we had.


Northern Italy (from Gabriela of our June 6 Online Teaching)

Yesterday I went to meet with Murat, my tree-friend, to tell her about our Online Teaching on work with trees. I told her we met on the internet and that I told her and my story to the ‘Grandmother’s people’ around the globe in order to illustrate what a tree-human friendship could look like. And perhaps to inspire more humans to go to the trees for service, connection and solace. For balance.

Murat is not the friendliest tree… she’s a somber and grumpy old black poplar (she reminds me of Walter Matthau and the famous crabbiness of his characters) but the following words formed in my mind after I told her about the Teaching: 

“Tell them we are thankful,” she said. “Tell them the trees appreciate the work you’ve been doing to restore our ancient alliance with humans. Tell them that we are happy that female humans have remembered our old friendship and are inspiring the children and the male humans to come back to the trees. You are good friends to the trees, as the trees are good friends to you. Thank you.”

Afterwards I placed my hands on Murat’s bark, leaned against her trunk and ‘saw’ that old alliance she referred to in my mind’s eye. I saw luminous, light-pink fluid-energy that poured out of my heart, ran through my left arm into Murat’s body, into her vessels and channels and reached all of her cells. But in my right arm, something very different was happening … it was cooler, more rigid than the rest of my body. Through my right hand’s fingertips, a sapphire green light/substance entered and accumulated in my right wrist – it looked like a light bracelet. And soon enough my arm started to get covered with a thick and wrinkled crust, a rugged skin that looked like… well, yes, tree bark. My right arm looked like a branch that came out of Murat’s body and engulfed me. So, the right half of me had ‘tree fluid’ running inside and had the appearance of a tree and the left one had ‘human fluid.’ I was tree and human at the same time, and so was Murat.


And then I thought “Man, I kind of look like a tree myself with my dark skin tone, my sturdy body and my curly hair that goes in all directions, like a tree canopy… ah, that’s funny!” 

I hope I did a good thing describing this to all of you, I just thought you’d be interested. Plus, Murat told me to thank you, so I did. 


Washington, U.S.

I received the most amazing gift during the online tree meditation and would like to share my experience with you.

When we were guided to reach out to a special tree that we know, my mind wandered among some great memories – one tree is a redwood that stands outside the kitchen window of a house I lived in almost 20 years ago. But surprisingly,

I was invited to come and sit between two enormous trees in the front yard of my neighbor’s house. 

I have communicated with them on my walks with my dogs, simply expressing how I admired their magnificence. They told me that they love seeing my dogs when we walk by and they know that both of them are sick and will die soon. They know how hard this is going to be on me and they said they would help me get through it. My heart broke open. I had no idea they were aware of us and care for us so much. I accepted their gift with a deep gratitude. When I got emotionally settled down, I asked them what I could do for them.

Because they are so tall, they could see me at the grocery store the day before helping an immigrant family with some food and money. They showed me that scene and said they wanted me to help other people – just like I had done that day – no big program or complicated involvement – just help when the opportunity came along. 

These two trees take care of our neighborhood trees, and the people who live here too. They are different species and one is male and one is female. They provide a perfect balance of tree energies to our little island of streets. Our neighborhood was once a river bed, eons ago, but it still holds water energy. The trees love it here. They are doing really well. 

Thank you for taking me on this journey. It is staying with me forever.


Arizona, U.S.

Thank you so much for the teachings about the trees last Sunday. When I was leaving a conservative church in the 80’s, it was the trees that carried me through a difficult time. I had had my own spiritual experience of the bliss of unconditional love, and it was so different from this church’s teachings that I couldn’t be in it any longer. However, I was working in their Genealogical Library, and they needed me to repent or be fired. Also, my husband was divorcing me and spreading false stories about my “sins”. Wow. 

No one much liked me, so for three months before I left, my only friends were the trees — I would walk through an old section of town and hug or lean my back against them and they would send me the most amazing love and serenity. Over the years I sort of forgot about that until I was reading a post in a website called matthewbooks. Matthew died at about 18 and his mom found sometime later that she could communicate with him. In one of his messages, he mentioned the Grandmothers and their teachings concerning trees that were just coming out. It really struck something in me as I remembered my experiences; I found your website, bought the books and have been with you ever since.




All my Life I’m in Love with trees and I hugged them when I felt called to do so. When I walk, they sing to me “We Love you too.” This evening I finally went to our lovely oak tree at the back of our garden where there is a little brook. When I was leaning against her, she stated: “I know you … I know you,” “ so, I answered “I know you too….and Love you.” I asked her name and heard, “Aliatol”

I stayed with her for a while and felt the headache at the back of my head disappear when I started to sing “Listen, listen, listen to your hearts Song,” and then I hugged the little oak standing beside her. I decided to look up Aliatol and I found Ali is an old German maiden name from Adelheid, and means “High exalted” and Atol is an island in the form of a circle founded om coral reef. But ATol is also the name of a project “Assembling the Tree of Life!” Well … bring me more teachings! I’m so grateful. 



I read in the newspapers that last Friday at least 5 million trees were planted in Ghana to help counteract the deforestation of their rain-forest. So, I asked the tree I think of as my mother tree and all mother trees everywhere to help and teach those ‘newcomers’ and welcome them in the grid. It struck me as a good idea and that I could do that for all newly planted trees and plants … Much love to all of you.



We have the three brief talks Sharon gave when the Grandmothers first directed us to begin working with the Trees back in January of 2020. They can be found


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