Teachings of the Net of Light

Teachings of the Net of Light

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ONLINE Teachings of the Net of Light

From the Great Council of the Grandmothers


How to join us on Sunday : 

CLICK HERE to go directly to the scheduled live stream on youtube

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At the time of the event it will say  LIVE NOW

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When :

Sunday, May 31st at :

13:00 (1:p.m.) Pacific daylight savings time  (Los Angeles, Seattle etc.)

22:00 Central European Time (Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland etc.)

21:00 GMT (UK , Ireland)

Monday, June 1th at 06:00 (6am) Brisbane, Australia

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Duration :  maximum of 40 min.



The Grandmothers want us to know how vitally important each of us is, as we anchor the Net of Light where we live. They tell us that They see more radiant Light on Earth than darkness, and they want us to see that too. They also tell us how much they Love us.

We are all feeling the effects of these changing times/exciting times as we call on the Grandmothers and Cast the Net of Light. We miss our group meetings where we can hug each other and enjoy the uplifting energy that each one brings to the meetings. 

But changing times require changed behavior to get new results and the Grandmothers are asking us to hold our gatherings differently. 

Many more are being called into this work in these times, and we fully embrace all who step forward through this new medium.

May we all stay centered in our hearts and in the Heart of the Great Mother.

— The Net of Light team —

Art by : Aloria Weaver and David Heskin, www.aloriaweaver.com