ONLINE Teachings of the Net of Light

ONLINE Teachings of the Net of Light

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This event is running from 5 December 2021 until 4 January 2026. It is next occurring on August 4, 2024 10:00 am

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How to join us on Sunday : 
CLICK HERE to go to our youtube channel, then click on the scheduled live stream
(no need to click on the subscribe button)

At the time of the event it will say  LIVE NOW (keep refreshing the screen and click on the video)
These events are Live-Streamed and recorded for later viewing

When :

Every 1st Sunday of the month at :

10:00 (10 am) Pacific time  (Los Angeles, Seattle etc.)

19:00 Central European Time (Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland etc.)  

18:00 GMT (UK , Ireland) 

Monday,  at 03:00 (3am) Brisbane, Australia

For your local time, please click  Here for Time Converter and type in your city

Duration :  maximum of 40 min.

Online Teachings of the Net of Light

From the Great Council of the Grandmothers

During these changing times we are living in, we will come together in non-traditional ways to share the Grandmothers’ messages. These Online teachings will be held on a regular monthly basis.

The Grandmothers want us to know how vitally important each of us is, as we anchor the Net of Light where we live. 

The Grandmothers say, “No one comes to this work unless we call them,” so, if they are calling you, join us.

Many more are being called into this work in these times, and we fully embrace all who step forward through this online medium.

Please join us,

— The Net of Light team —

Art by : Aloria Weaver and David Heskin,