SUMMARY: ONLINE TEACHING Sunday, June 6th, 2021

SUMMARY: ONLINE TEACHING Sunday, June 6th, 2021

 Sharon: Welcome everybody to this online teaching. We meet every first Sunday of the month for these teachings.

Today we will be talking about the trees. We are building an exciting bond with the trees, in order that we can be of assistance in this time of change that we are living through.

Peggy: Net of Light Meditation

Sharon: We are here to be part of this exciting movement into Light now. We are in our right place, at the right time. All of us all together anchor and hold the Net of Light for all life on this earth, and for everything that lives. We are going to work with the tree kingdom today, with the realm of the trees.

Background on the Trees:

Many people are coming forward, sharing with us their understanding about trees. Scientists, writers, individuals: there has been a lot shared recently about the trees and the great communication networks (of which the trees are part). For example, the book called “the Overstory”, which is a book about this community and communication within the forests and between the trees. There is also a new book out called “Finding the Mother Tree” by Suzanne Simard. Also a film called “Fantastic Fungi” (, which talks about the network of the mycelium layer that runs beneath the earth; around, amidst and with the trees.

Trees are wonderful sentient sentinels. At this time not only are we discovering the multiplicity of the value of the trees to us and the world, we are also aware that they are very threatened now. Within the last year we lost between 7,000 and 8,000 great Sequoia redwood trees from the forest fires. This has never happened before in this way. The great fires and droughts are having a huge toll on the tree kingdom.

Here are the trees, the great communicators, and the most ancient of them are what we call the “mother trees”. They are the ones who care for their neighbourhood of trees, teaching and nursing, and helping the young ones learn how to really establish themselves in the forest, maintaining a pattern of health within the forest. Unfortunately, because of our ignorance and greed, we have cut down many of these trees, and we have decimated these forests. So these trees are many times at a disadvantage. Often there are trees who have so much to share, so much wisdom that they have accrued over time, and no place to put it, no one to share it with.

There is a lot of information on all of this. If this resonates with you, pursue it and begin to learn more.

The Net of Light

Sharon: Right now look at the image on the wall behind me. It is an image that I did years ago of the Net of Light, of what it represents, and how we relate to it. In the lower left corner of the painting I was trying to illustrate how the Net of Light is thicker, brighter and more brilliant wherever it is anchored by human beings, and because of the interaction with human beings. We have consciousness, and we can call on that consciousness to activate and fire up this Net of Light. The Net of Light is all over, but we have a part to play in anchoring and empowering it.

This is where we want to live, strengthening the Net of Light: continuously in community and in communion with one another and with the Net of Light, calling on it to bless, hold and heal all life everywhere.

The trees and the Net of Light, coming together, can do more and greater good than if they are not connected. We have a part to play in this also. By our consciously calling on the trees, and connecting with the trees, we activate the Net of Light for them, within them, amongst them, to a greater degree than is already happening. The Grandmothers say our intention underlies everything. Our intention is to serve, to help, to bless. That is our intention at all times. We want to help. We seek ways to serve and to help.

These trees many times are suffering, because their natural habitat has been damaged by humanity. I got a letter one time from a group in England who work with the old oaks there, and a person was telling me about the tremendous grief of this ancient oak, who had so much to give, so much to teach, and no young trees to give to. An idea was born in my mind that we could help with that. Because every time we work with the Net of Light, we anchor it and empower it, and it lights up more than before. So we can do this, with, and for, the trees. And the trees can help us.

We don’t know what kind of changes are coming. We hope for the best. We love the trees, and the animals and one another, but we don’t know what is coming. We don’t know if we will make it through these times. The Grandmothers say the earth will make it during these times. Beyond that we don’t know. But right now we are here, they are here. As long as we are here, and we are connected with the Net of Light, the wisdom of these trees need not perish when they go. We can funnel that into the rest of the earth. We are the connecting wires for that work, because we work with the Net of Light. I hope this makes sense. I know it’s a stretch to think like this, to think that we have that kind of power, but we do.

Sharon: I was able to make a wonderful connection with an ancient redwood tree in northern California. The name that came when I was under it was “Beloved”. I don’t know if that name was just for that tree, or rather if that was the correct term for the relationship that we can have with a tree. Because it is a beloved relationship that we can have with trees. I invite you to use that term in any way you want. In working with this tree it became very clear that it was time to draw people in to work with the trees. So that is what we are going to do.

There are many fabulous trees on our earth. There is no limit. Trees are, by nature, giving. When we are in our full right mind and in our nature, we are also all about giving. So we make a very good combination together. The trees are eager to communicate with you.

With this next meditation, you can work with this great redwood. You can ask her to connect you with a tree in your area, or you may know a tree already that you want to start with.


Give yourself this time. Let yourself relax, and let your back line up and be supported by whatever is behind you.  Let yourself rest there, breathing in and out. Relax, let yourself be held. Invite in the consciousness of this beautiful tree being, that we were told is “Beloved”. In great gratitude we lean now against her and/or a tree that is coming to you right now. You do have a tree that is just for you. Let yourself rest now against Essence of Tree.

Breathing this calm anchoring energy from this sacred  sentinel,  that connects heaven and earth, earth and heaven. And the tree breathes from her roots and from her branches, bringing down the light from the sky, breathing up the moisture from the earth. The beautiful meditation with the tree in the first book (meditation with the tree in “A Call to Power”) is happening again now. 

You are held. You are in your right place. She is happy to give. (I am calling her “she”. Some trees may be “he”s). Let yourself receive from this happy nature. As you breathe now with her, feel how your body feels, and if your mind wanders, bring it back to your feeling. You are in training with her and Mother Nature herself. She is the great mother of us all, she who cares for the tree, she who cares for you. Feel how good it is to be in the right place. No mistakes, you are where you are supposed to be. All the good, where the sound waves are carrying it to you, there may be a scent on the wind that brings it in, you feel it inside your body and you are aware of it outside your body. Cradling you, holding you It is a thick warm goodness, that penetrates every part of your being, giving and giving. Steadiness, peace.

The tree is always in touch with the Source. The tree is an emissary of the divine. Always in touch. And so are you… but our mental conditioning has sometimes cut us off from that, so often we forget. Now here we remember how precious you are. You are not a mistake, you are receiving more and more of what is your own nature.  Precious. Your divine nature. And part of our nature is giving. Sometimes we forget what joy giving brings to us. It is your nature to give. That’s what brings you happiness. If you feel you really mean it, let yourself say yes to this giving. “I want to give, I want to be of help, I care, I love, I want to serve, it’s my hearts desire”. If there is any way you can help the tree, you want to. Because there is by nature this two way flow, from you to the tree, from the tree to you. Giving and receiving simultaneously. Like your breath. It is your nature. You grow in power and beauty as you give, as you receive. Sit quietly with the tree now. Notice if you are learning anything. Notice how your body feels. Notice if there are any emotions running through you, any memories or thoughts. These wise teachers teach in a way that we remember. You are now receiving whatever you are ready for, whatever you most need. It is suited perfectly to you. For whatever you are ready for. You may experience a sense of gratitude now. For being so grateful for this love.  Love can only happen when there is an open heart, and yours is opening. The tree is an ally and a friend. And you can call on your tree whenever you desire to. I have found I now have a friend in every tree. There is a tenderness and a personal connection with every tree. All of them. There is great beauty and great giving, and  if you take that time to sit with them, put your arms around them, put your face up to them, hum to them, sing to them, be with your tree. You can look for your tree and you will find your tree. They are friends to us, and we can be friends to them. Rest there.

Gabriela from Italy is with us today. And she has shared with me a few times about her precious relationship with a tree near her. Can you share, Gabriela?

Gabriella: My history with trees began when I was a little girl. I would play by the roots of trees. Making fairy cities, with twigs and mud. Growing up, in my family magic and spirituality were not really something that was allowed. I went on to study biology. But through science it is difficult to tap into magic. I learned some things, but not the connection, not the sense of unity with the trees that I was looking for. When the Grandmothers invited us in Jan 2020, through Sharon, to work more closely with trees, I was like “oh yes!”. I was ready.

I was very happy that the Grandmothers invited us to work and to connect with trees. They even gave suggestions.  They said to me : Bring the trees something, bring them an offering, give them a gift. Tell them that you are there for them, and that you want to help them.

There is a woodland behind my youngest son’s school, and it always felt sick to me. The whole woodlands: there was a greyish, heavy atmosphere. So I started there. Perhaps this woodland needs my help. I went and the Bach Flower Remedies came to mind. So I sat in this woodland, and looked for the oldest tree, the mother tree, and I asked her what she needed. I selected three Bach Flower Remedies for her. All very intuitive. I closed my eyes and touched her bark, and sensed. For sixteen days I was told to bring water with Bach florals to this tree, everyday. On the eve of the sixteenth day, I had a dream. In this dream the tree appeared, and she said “From now on, you should call me Murat”. Ok, I got the message.

What I felt was that she awoke. She finally had the energy to be able to communicate with me. In some way the florals worked and helped her, and the wood.

I started to go there every week or so. During the pandemic it was a very stressful time for me for a lot of reasons, but that friendship was a stabilizer. It brought a lot of peace. It also provided me a safe place to invoke the Grandmothers, to just be. Unobserved, hidden. It became a friend, but also a cathedral in some way, because it was my sacred space, where contacting the Divine was easier somehow.  A bubble, a dome, where I could be in the presence of nature. It gave me great steadiness and stability. It has been so ever since.

Sharon: It is so beautiful. I had never heard that whole story.

Gabriela: Do you know what Murat means? “Murat” in old Turkish means “wanted, desired, wished for, yearned”. No need for modesty! Either she was waiting for me, or I was waiting for her. I very much wanted this connection with trees for so long.

Sharon: Thank you so much. You illustrate the truth. There is a tree waiting for each of us, at least one. We can be of service, and share in that enlarging family of light.

Gabriela: I don’t think of myself as very good with groups, but through this, Murat is helping other people at a distance, through me. Every time I go to her, some words and messages form inside my mind, like channeling. The messages that come up get passed on to others, through another grandmother and to her community in California, and I am told that these messages are having a significant impact on people.

Sharon: The Divine is not limited in any way. When we open ourselves to that Divine connection, all kinds of miraculous things can happen.

So, there is a lot to think about now. This is a whole arena of riches that is open to us. Each of us can really be of service. Gabby’s story so beautifully illustrates this. How much this giving to the tree, which then enabled the tree to give to her, and then she continues to give to the tree and the tree continues to give to her, is a flow of love: in and out, in and out.

Enjoy it. I hope I will hear from some of you who experiment with this and reach out in love and support to a tree and see what happens. It will be beautiful.

To finish, let yourself sit here and recollect, remember the feeling of being supported inwardly by this tree. Being held so steady, in love. And feel your love for the tree.

Feel the rightness of being in union with the plant kingdom like this. We are always in union. Always. No exceptions.

Sharon sings: May everyone in all the worlds be happy…Om…Peace…

(Our next teaching will be on Sunday July 4th)