SUMMARY: ONLINE TEACHING Sunday, July 4th, 2021

SUMMARY: ONLINE TEACHING Sunday, July 4th, 2021

Sharon: Welcome everyone, welcome to the Grandmothers’ online teaching. We do this on the first Sunday of every month at this time.

Today there will be a group of us [Sharon McErlane, Toni, Nadia, Catherine, Diane, Kate, Mirabai, Phyllis, Emily] who are involved in this work, sharing together what it is we do to stay anchored in light and love as much as possible. Our goal is to stay connected and lined up with the Divine Energy, so that we can be used by the Divine, and enjoy the communicating from love, in love, and with love. This will be a practical session.

Everyone is welcome to this work. If you want to learn more, go to the websites: or We will welcome you. We don’t charge any money for this work. We do everything as service; because we believe what we have been given is priceless. Feel free to contact us.

May everything that we do today be magnified throughout the earth, through the grid lines of the radiant Net of Light. This great web of Light that holds all life and holds us steady during this time of traumatic change that we are living through.

Emily: Net of Light Meditation

Sharon: Everybody notice how you feel. Especially notice your body. Your body is such a ready and good teacher. Notice how you are breathing, how you are occupying space. As we begin our time together today, connected heart to heart with one another through the radiant Net of Light, we ask that our time together do great good for all beings everywhere. That is our goal: to be of service to life everywhere.

Now we will get a little practical, as well as elevated, which is what the Grandmothers’ work is about.

By the way, if you have another spiritual path, that is perfectly fine. Follow the path you are on. The Divine shows up in multitudinous different ways. In our time it has shown up again in the form of the Grandmothers. Because as they say “the world needs mothering now. You’ve been cut off from your Mother, and so we have come to light the way back to your Mother.”

Think about how you hold contact with the Divine in your life. What helps you stay clear about who you are, that you are a Divine being, and you are here now to give, breathe, and live love? The world is a vast distracting machine, always trying to pull you off with something: drama, fear, greed, grief etc. To stay steady is our goal. We help each other by sharing this way.

You are a fund of wisdom. Let’s pool what we know to help each other.

What helps you live the love, and live the truth?

Emily: One that comes to mind to share is this practice of anchoring the Net of Light. It can be done in any place or at any time. It is such a natural, practical thing to do. When I see something beautiful or someone struggling, I say: “I anchor the Net of Light, deep into the Earth here. May the effulgence [radiance] of the Net of Light bless this land and all life upon it. May this land awaken fully to its true purpose now.  Grandmothers, please reactivate the sacred templates in the earth here now. May all the beings in all the worlds be happy.”  You can use whatever words feel right. For me I know there have been times in my life when I felt peaceful and called to do that, and also times where I have felt like everything is awry, and I don’t know what to do, but know to do this. I can always anchor the Net of Light, whatever else is going on. I can do that, and I know it helps. It makes me feel good.

Sharon: Wow, yes, that is what we are all here to do. Yes, thank you. Re-sanctifying this sacred earth, and in the process re-sanctifying your sacred self. Yes. That’s a big one.

Not all of the things we do will be like that but they all will be things that we do to keep ourselves steady and keep us reminded of who we are, that we are a Being of Light here to hold that, to be this Beacon for others, and to hold steady for ourselves and for everything that lives.

Nadia: One of several things I do: when I put my pot on the stove and while the water is getting hot for making oatmeal in the morning, I ask the Grandmothers to surround me, and to stay around me all day long. Then I add the oatmeal and then I claim and hold a sacred space. I put my left foot forward, feel it going into the ground, and then I put my right forward, and I say “I claim and hold a sacred space, here and now, in the interest of the greater good, and my greater good. I choose love, I choose light, I choose goodness.” It is easy, quick, and I do it all while I make breakfast.

Sharon: That’s great. It reminds me of the old saying: “Start the day with love, fill the day with love, end the day with love.”

Toni Love: Since my last name is Love, I think I should go next. I changed my name to “Love” to help me remember that my spiritual practice is staying in a state of unconditional love as much as possible. In the last few years I have worked to be in a state of love rather than fear, as I have been on a cancer journey. It is easy for me to cast to others, but it is important to remember when I get up in the morning is to cast the Net of Light to myself. And to invite all forms of the Divine, all forms of help, seen and unseen, and give them permission to help me. I cast the Net of Light and I feel a part of the Fabric of Life. I invite the partnership of all such seen and unseen beings. Because when on a cancer journey, you don’t do it by yourself. It can involve fear, and staying in love makes you like a bright unusual thing in the community. I relish that position. I am very grateful being in support groups, because people dealing with looking at life and death get to what is really important, and they say the most wise and profound things, and live in the most meaningful ways. I feel really blessed to be on their journey, and to try to help them to see their own light, and see how they are part of the Net when they can’t see it. One fellow who was close to the end of his life described realizing, even though before he had been an agnostic, now the only thing he knows is that love is real. I said, “That’s it! You’ve got it!” It is exciting for me to be able to validate the love in others and to be loved myself. I spent a day in nine hours of diagnostics. Instead of being in fear I was just in love and light. Everyone I interacted with, I looked for the goodness, looked for things to appreciate, I looked for ways to compliment people, and I looked for ways to share love and joy. So for me it was a delightful experience, and so far the tests are negative.

Sharon: I love that! “For me it was a delightful experience.” What a fund of loving wisdom there is on this screen.

Toni: It was. But not to minimize the difficulties, and that I have had some really hard times. I am just saying we can choose where we put our focus. I am grateful for the Grandmothers; I feel their magic around me.

Sharon: So what else do we do, as we go about our day?

Catherine: I have some daily practices that help keep me connected to the Grandmothers and the Net of Light. I have woven it into my day. At breakfast time, before I eat, I connect into the Net of Light. Oftentimes I will imagine the Net of Light as if it is a hammock, and that it is holding my loved ones that are struggling, or situations in the world. I imagine them being gently held. In talking to Spirit, I ask: “Let me be as you intend.”  The other thing I do on a daily basis is when I am in the shower, I connect to the different elements: to the sacred waters of the earth and the sacred fluids in my body, the air of the earth and that in my lungs, the earth that I stand on and the earth that is in my bones…Even if I am in an urban setting, that I am fully connected to nature.

Sharon: Thank you.

Phyllis: I have been putting my head out the window when I wake up, and I breathe with the Grandmothers. I am also breathing with nature and the plants. It provides the most beautiful grounding, I allow the Grandmothers to remind me of who I am. It touches me to say that. To lift me out of the little story or my little personality, and allow them to remind me of my larger self. I breathe with what I visualize as the white triangle of light above my head. I invite that into my body, and I make time to be with it and allow it to illuminate the rose of my heart. Then I can cast the Light. I can live my life and remember who I am and allow the Grandmothers to remind me what I see, and remind me of what I feel, and why I am here.

Sharon sings: “Remind me, Grandmothers, remind me again who I am. I am Om, eternal Om, In this life of distraction, eternal illusion, remind me again who I am.” Thank you

Phyllis: The singing is part of it for me every day.

Sharon: Our hearts open more with the singing.

Song with Sharon, Diane, Nadia, and Catherine: This is Holy ground.

Kate: I was touched by Toni’s story of turning a dark journey to resplendent light. This has been my own journey as well. Journeying from the unthinkable loss of a child. In this past week some of our local grandmothers have been individually going through some really dark, hard life challenges. Yesterday I felt like the best place for me to hold everything in the Net of Light was for me to stand in the garden and be in almost a state of in-the-moment bliss. The bees, the blossoms, the fragrances, the butterflies, and everything… I felt so deeply in my heart of hearts that everything that was happening was all in this context of perfection. That is part of the consciousness of being with the Grandmothers and this Divine alignment. Instead of being torn back and forth with this pretty hard stuff, I could feel peace, deep peace, knowing all is well. If that isn’t pure alignment with the Divine, I don’t know what is.

I have been part of a profound healing group for parents who have lost children. They call themselves “Shining Light Parents.”  With the awareness that their children are still with them, they can live into this joy, knowing that even with the grief they have, they also have this light that shines from them and that others feel. It is lovely to be a stealth light in the world. It is lovely to know you are beaming this light and there is a wave of light coming out from you, that people feel, and that there is something different in the air.

Sharon: Thank you Kate. Thank you.

Mirabai: One of the things that I find myself spontaneously doing is just saying “thank you”. I’ll see a droplet of water on a pine needle and I’ll say thank you. Or a bright raspberry in my garden, thank you, or the goldfinch bird at the feeder, thank you. Spontaneously to say that: “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you”. For me I am most connected when in nature. That is where I feel most alive, and I know that the Grandmothers are with me there. I say every morning “May we walk in beauty making every footstep a prayer.” Every morning I go out. I have a huge boulder and I lay on it on my back. I plug in and look up at the sky. That is where I connect with the Grandmothers. It is part of my daily connection. Another way was, we had a grandmothers’ Gathering on May 1st and I purchased a Messages from the Light meditation card deck. I pull a card and I find it is always just what I need.

Sharon: Imagine that!

Everybody, notice how you feel right now. Notice how your body feels. Whatever is moving in you: any thoughts, memories, and emotions… Let it be, let it move.  Life is continuously moving.  The energy is big and it is elevated, and there is an opportunity to lift more. It is good for us to be in the community of the good. Notice how you are taking that in now, how you are responding. Your body, mind and spirit are absorbing and assimilating this essence. As we grow, we grow together. Because of the Net of Light and because of our connection, as we lift, we lift everyone. We are constantly lifting and expanding together.

Stay connected always through the Net of Light with all of us. We are always with you. The Grandmothers, and whatever form of the Divine you love, are with you. You will never be alone. When you feel alone, it is just what your mind is doing. It is not true, the mind is just going into fear. If you can, remember this group. Listen to one of the Grandmothers’ songs (go to Listen to the songs, watch a video, or read a book, whatever it takes. Open a Grandmothers book and notice what they have to tell you right there. It will always lift you.

This is the time we are born for. We are born to be these great beings that we are truly and that we are always becoming.

You can tune into any of our Zoom calls whenever you want to, and you can contact us. We are here to help. We love to help. We love to serve. We love you.

Sharon sings: “Blessed am I. Freedom am I. I am the infinite within my soul. I have no beginning and I have no end. All this I am… All this you are.

We will be back again on August 1st for the next Teaching.

See you next time!