Every Now and Then the Grandmothers Remind Us Who We Are

Every Now and Then the Grandmothers Remind Us Who We Are
Every now and then the Grandmothers remind us of who we are. “Now is such a time,” they said. “Do not fall asleep, allow yourself to be lulled into thinking that life is on its way back to ‘normal,’ that everything will go back to the way it used to be. It won’t!” they declared. “Flooding, fires, war, genocide. These and more are sweeping across the world.
“There has been a bit of rest for some of you recently … but that is all it is. So, catch your breath at such times, rest, give thanks for the good things in life, and, at the same time, REMEMBER who you are. You are a great being of light, an anchor-point for light on earth. So, anchor light!” they cried. “Do this by yourself or do it together in groups. Drop into deep contact with Earth and anchor the Net of Light so it can penetrate everywhere, uphold and bless all beings. You are here to do this. We have called you to do this work with us, so do not forget.
“Change and turmoil are everywhere now because this is the time for radical change on Earth. You were born for this,” they said, “and if you are to stand steady during unsteady times, you must remember who you are.” Then they added, “It is because you remember to stand in light that others can also remember to do this. Each time you cast the radiant Net of Light for those who suffer, the world benefits. What you do with such thoughtful, prayerful acts is no small thing. We tell you that this is what will hold the Earth steady. 
“Start each morning with a prayer or a song. Call on the Net of Light as soon as you awaken and cast it for all beings—for all life. ‘May all the beings in all the worlds be happy.’ And that means all people, all animals, plants, minerals, waters, air, earth, fire, and ether. Stand quietly and for a moment, think of the radiant Net of Light uplifting everyone and everything. Repeat this throughout your day, and when you go to bed at night, again send out this blessing.
“You are here on Earth at this time to be a light anchor. We have called you to it, so do it!” Then the Grandmothers lifted their heads and said, “Your work with us is not over yet.”
Note from Sharon: As the song goes, ‘Remind me, Grandmothers, remind me Grandmothers, remind me again who I am.’


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