“Arm Yourself in Light”

“Arm Yourself in Light”

March 14, 2024 Newsletter

I woke in the early morning hours. This was not unusual for me, but something was unusual, and that’s what woke me. A nightmare. But a nightmare in sepia colored tones—like an old movie. It was a tragedy, a scene of battle and many men were drowning. An explosion had left them thrashing and struggling in the water. There was smoke, crashing sounds, and struggle, and as I watched, I felt it all. Waves of fear, anxiety and despair. It was hard to wake from this dream. It took me a while to extricate myself from its downward drag, but at last I realized I was in bed. Lying there dazed, I couldn’t remember where I was or who I was. But then the Grandmothers spoke.

“Arm yourself,” they said. “Arm yourself in light. Hold to the light and chant a prayer, a mantra, a song to keep yourself anchored in light. The turmoil of the times you’re living in, the turmoil from all that’s rising up from the earth to be purged will drag you under. So do not dull yourself. Do not forget who you are.

“You are light,” they said. “You are our hands and hearts on earth and you have work to do. We are working with and through you at this time to help others. Do not doubt this. Why do you think the times you are living through are so dire?” they asked. “Why such an onslaught of horror? We tell you, this is not happenstance. It is not an accident. Earth Herself is being purged, and so are you. 

“Some of the darkness and heavy dramas you experience both in waking and sleeping have very little to do with you. Much of the pain you see and feel isn’t yours at all. So do not be disturbed by these dreams and nightmares that visit you. Just go to work! Arm yourself in light,” they said again. “Call on the Divine, open to the presence of the Net of Light and then stay there. From this anchored place of light, chant any prayer you love. Pray that all beings may be happy and free. Pray for the All!

“Chant, sing and pray to give your mind something to do—something good. These prayers go out into the world and their vibration heals suffering and trauma. The Gayatri Mantra, the Lord’s Prayer, the Ave Maria, the Samasta Loca and others that pray for The All. These will cleanse the atmosphere of earth and will cleanse you as well. You are not separate from the earth. You are not separate from others. Whatever you focus on, whatever you offer up for the good of all does GREAT good. You have no idea of the good you do.

“So get to work,” they said. “Stay in the light and from this lighted place, broadcast light. Do it on the street, in the middle of the night, at a meeting, in the market. Do it! Pray without ceasing,” the Grandmothers said. “It is time. We are calling you to arm yourself in light. You were born for exactly this moment,” they said, “and the time has come. Call on us, stand steady, and we will do the ‘work’ through you. 

“You are a sensitive being of light who asked to be of service at this time on earth. Well,” they laughed, “we are calling you to it. There has never been a time when light is more needed. This is the hour. 

“Build your strength and wisdom by reading our books,” they said. “Gird yourself in light, and then share it with others of like mind. Call on us,” they cried, “we will not desert you. No matter how crazy the world becomes, no matter how men may rave, 

We Are Here,” they said. And so, Beloved Ones, are you. You are here for a purpose.

“ To help lift this suffering planet, call on the Net of Light and chant prayers and songs of Love. Simple, isn’t it?” they smiled.

Sharon and the Net of Light Team