“Connection to the One Love”

“Connection to the One Love”

“Our Love multiplies, covers the Earth and fills all Life on your Planet”

April 4, 2024 Newsletter

Our war raged sisters in the Ukraine.

Ukrainian women meeting to cast the Net of Light to all of Eastern Europe and for all beings on earth. This picture shows their connection to the One Love, their faith in one another and in the Divine. Stalwart, brave and full of love, their city is bombed almost every night, and yet you see them here, standing together, covered in light. Light is pouring over them and outward from them, into the world. They are our sisters.

Tanya, who leads this group of women, attended the Net of Light Gathering in Germany last September. Speaking there for Ukraine, she forgave Germany for crimes that were committed in her country during World War Two. And today she wrote to us: “We Ukraine women met today. The women ask me to tell you that the book they are holding, (A Call to Power: the Grandmothers Speak) and the work they are doing with the Grandmothers, is helping them at this difficult time.”

Please hold them in the Net of Light.

Everyday ‘Miracles’

Note from the Netherlands: The other day I received a downpour of love during my meditation. It just kept coming, wave after wave. It enlarged my heart, my whole body started tingling, and the downpour expanded even more… and wider.

Such a grateful feeling! I was wrapped up in love, breathing love, and it just kept coming. Such a happy feeling. I felt whole and part of all that lives. Love really IS all there is and I felt that.

The downpour reminded me of of the passage in Return of the Mother, Return to Love where you sit under a tree in your garden, and all of a sudden you feel the love from the earth rising and coming to you. I feel that now.


From Saskatchewan, Canada

I feel like I am part of the ‘untold good’ that Sharon and the GrandMothers refer to…….These BeautyFull Grand Mothers! They have uncovered mystery and power in my heart that feels as if it had been buried within me for along time. Acting like a trigger for a spiritual awakening, my heart has opened further to the very best of teachers, Mother Earth and Nature. The Grandmothers’ introduction to The Net Of Light, their steady Love and Joy have surrounded me with a deep, abiding feeling of safety.

Through their teachings of right relationship with self and All My Relations, I find amazing connections with Ancestors! Light Workers! Elementals!…with humans all around the Earth. I find myself in a pulsing organism of ever- expanding Love!

I give thanks for the Net of Light, a construct I can plug into to serve and receive! I begin to explore this Net as a library, as a holder of much information and intellect. This really helps me as I experience and explore my own evolution as a Homo Luminous.

So much untold good!
My heart swells with love and gratitude to Sharon and the Grandmother Council for steadying our course.


Note from the Grandmothers from book 3, Casting the Net, p. 127. “You are companions on the way, so celebrate that as you continue to follow the path. All of you are quite wonderful. We love and cherish each of you. Please love and cherish one another too, for when you do, our love is able to multiply, cover the earth, and fill all the life on your planet.”

Sharon and the Net of Light Team