Let everyone know how much they are loved.

Let everyone know how much they are loved.

February 22, 2024 Newsletter

I went to the Grandmothers to ask what message they wanted sent out now and they replied, “Let everyone know how much they are loved. Let them know that they are loved continuously, and tell them there is never a time when we are not with them. Let them know that we hold them as close as breath. That they are One with us”.

“You are entering into a new time for life on Earth,” they explained, “a time that’s been long absent from your planet. The Mother has returned!’ they declared. “She is here now, and Her love is a deeply personal love. The love of the Mother is visceral,” they said. “You will feel it in your body. It is rock solid,” they said, “and this all embracing love of the Mother is ready to live inside you. So make a home for Her!” the Grandmothers urged me/us. “Open your hearts. The Mother has come for all Her children. No exceptions!” they laughed.

“To experience Her presence, try this,” they said. “Take a receptive position, with your feet on the floor and your hands resting on your knees. Your palms can be up in a cup-like position or down, resting on your knees—which ever feels more comfortable to you”. 

“Sit like this, close your eyes and ask Her to pour light and love down into you as you open to receive it. Sit quietly like this for three to five minutes, just receiving. You can ask Her to soften any hard, stressful parts in you so you can receive even more. Then observe. Observe as you receive. Receive and continue to observe. Notice how your body feels as you give yourself permission to open like this. There is nothing you are supposed to experience or not supposed to experience. Just notice. Be curious and observe. And as you rest and receive like this, be aware of how you’re feeling. Your body will teach you how to receive”.

“The Mother’s love is tender. It is far reaching and it is relentless,” the Grandmothers said. “You cannot hide from Her or go beyond Her embrace. We know what we are talking about when we say this,” they gave me a knowing look. “We know because we are the Grand Mothers. We came to Earth to bring the Mother back to you.

“We have done that now,” they said, “and She is here. So relax. And rejoice! “ they said. “Let Her hold and comfort you during these difficult times you are living in, they said. “Go ahead and exhale as you relax more deeply into Her embrace. She will hold you close. 

“Know that your Mother has returned,” the Grandmothers said. “You are safe. You are held and you will continue to be held.”

Sharon and the Net of Light Team

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~ The Net of Light Team~