Letter to the Net of Light Family

Letter to the Net of Light Family

January 25, 2024 Newsletter

Dear Ones,

We have now become a close knit family. We regularly reach out to one another—on Zoom and conference calls, at our local group meetings, through our songs, meditations and newsletters, and at various Net of Light Gatherings around the world. Almost everything we do, we do together, and by now we’re so deeply linked with the Net of Light, that we rely on this link with the Net and with each other many times a day. The thickness, sturdiness and close weave of the Net of Light that exists bears witness to the work we’ve been doing and the work we will continue to do.

Thank you for stepping up to be part of this blessing work. Thank you for responding to the Grandmothers’ call and saying ‘Yes!’ to service. What we accomplish as we continue to work together is making a great difference. The Net of Light now easily reaches throughout the cosmos, and the depth and breadth of its reach is growing. We and many similarly dedicated groups of light workers are responsible for this.

All we can say to you is “Keep it up!” Keep on calling on the Net of Light, keep on singing to it and to one another, and keep on sharing from your heart. We truly are the ones we have been waiting for. And we can feel good about the beings we have become and are becoming. Each of us is a work in progress and the ‘work’ we do as well as the ‘work’ we embody is beautiful. We are love in action.

We prayed for union with the Divine, we asked for and longed to become part of the One Love. Well, that has come to pass, and as the song says, “We are one in the spirit, we are one in the love.”

Together we hold light steady and are held steady by it, and yet we sometimes have difficulties to face. There may be challenges and seeming roadblocks on our path, but whenever that happens, we know what to do. We understand how to trust in, magnify, and follow the Net of Light. So should we get distracted by one of life’s many dramas, we quickly remember who we are and turn back to the Net of Light—then we move forward once again.

Dear fellow pathfinders, please know how much we love walking this path with you.

Sharon and the Net of Light Team

P.s. All are welcome to join us. Just go to netoflight.org or grandmothersspeak.com

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~ The Net of Light Team~