Voices from the Net of Light

Voices from the Net of Light

December 29, 2023 Newsletter

Just as we begin 2024, these samples of ‘Love in Action’ from our Net of Light family arrived. Full of beauty and inspiration for the New year, how creative, perceptive and full of love we all are!

From Jeanine in California—“I went to the gym for the first time since my knee surgery and spoke to the man who staffs the front desk. “You remind me of the fairy godmothers in Cinderella,” he said, and I teared up. “Oh, I didn’t mean to offend you,” he said and I said, “No, no offense. In fact, it’s quite a compliment.”

“So when I got home, I looked up the names of the fairy godmothers in Cinderella. Their names are Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather which means good weather. They are the embodiment of the Grandmothers message and somehow he could see that in me. It touched my heart.”

From Miffy in Ireland—“I got an image of the ‘Freight Train’  you wrote about in a recent Net of Light newsletter. Here in Ireland, we are in the habit of lining the streets when a funeral cortege passes, standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with those bereaved and respectfully acknowledging the deceased.

“During the World Wide Net of Light Meditation, I got an image of all of us standing hand in hand along the railroad tracks as the freight train comes hurtling along. The wind and noise it creates can knock us off balance; the Freight Train represents the death of the patriarchy, and it isn’t going quietly! But there we stand, lining the way, holding each other and holding firm, anchoring the Light wherever we are as the process unfolds.”

From Jolanta in Poland—“I write to you today to inform you that the translation of the Grandmothers’ book, “A Call to Power,” into the Polish language is ready. Translating was a new experience for me, an interesting and deep experience. I have never delved so intensely into a book. It allowed me to really understand the message from the Grandmothers and to implement it into my life.

“This work and the Net of Light Gathering in September in Tier, Germany changed me and changed my life. It gave me a lot of self-confidence and changed my understanding of who I am as a person and as a woman. I am excited about what the future will bring and how the message of the Grandmothers will be welcomed in Poland. I know the Grandmothers will take care of everything and it will happen as it is supposed to happen.”

From Edie in Hawaii—“Aloha, sisters! What a great global zoom today. Our group opened their hearts and expressed their challenges so beautifully. The Grandmothers set the tone for listening and loving so it was effortless.

“I love you and want to thank you for asking for an update on how Maui is doing after the fires and then leading us in casting the Net of Light for every living thing on the island. I could feel the Fabric of Being nurturing and holding us in immense Light and my gratitude knows no bounds. Aloha and Joy to ALL as we move through these strengthening times.”

From Debra in California—“You mentioned energy where the light strands in the Net of Light meet. To me the places where the strands of the Net come together look like nodes, and that visualization helps me find my place on the Net of Light, and find my place wherever I direct my attention. I’ve also been reading Our Love is Our Power,  and that book is showing me a way to live my life with the beautiful energy of the Grandmothers that shows up whenever we gather together.”

From Christa in Switzerland— “It is some time since I wrote you which does not mean that my enthusiasm for the Net of Light has diminished. Quite the contrary.

“I listened to the last two teachings and wanted to mention how utterly happy I am to work with the Net of Light. It is such a wonderful job; it includes everything, all religions, races, etc. I feel so connected with everything. I have learned so much and continue learning. I teach my grandchildren to cast the Net over persons and places in their lives. I have the urge to show them that they also can do something to spread love and light and the Net is such a great way to do this and easy to understand.

“What I realized during the teaching was that when we do the Net of Light meditation we are connected to everything, and all good things we do flow into the Net too. I had not taken notice of this fact before and I find it absolutely amazing and fascinating. Also, connecting with the Elements is so interesting. My family has a cocoa farm in Brazil (where I grew up) which we visit twice a year. Throughout the year I work intensively with the people there. So many interesting things have happened with the Elements and Nature which I am sure are the result of the work with the Net. The land is now cleared of the suffering of the Indian people who were expelled from their land, cleared from the suffering of the slaves and from many other things. The energy there has changed and I am so grateful.

“Sometimes I am doing something very trivial and suddenly I see, or understand a version of the same thing, but somehow much greater, amplified, widened, expanded and enhanced with a much deeper meaning and message. I like going to mass because many times a song or the words from the Bible suddenly have a much deeper meaning for me. A picture comes to my mind then of the message, words, or chants that are going on. It is absolutely wonderful! Often then I look for a similar picture in Google and when I find it, I pass on the message to friends and they too react with great joy. We exchange such experiences with each other and they are so enriching, helpful and uniting.

“I just wanted to thank you for your messages of hope during these eruptive years. For helping us have a way to cope and help. For the honor of being part of something holy.”

Note from Sharon: Never underestimate the great good you do, the great beauty you broadcast and the love you radiate. The Grandmothers only speak truth and they say, ‘You ARE a walking blessing upon the earth.’ Believe them.