Peace and power continue to build in and through the Net of Light Gatherings now being held around the world. On September 9, right after the Gathering in Germany, we made a deep connection in the countryside near Geetbets, Belgium. Our work with the Net of Light in that peaceful place enabled the waterways of the Lowlands to carry more light, freeing energy to flow throughout all the water systems in Europe and from there, throughout the world.

This Gathering was able to build on the forgiveness work done in Germany the week before, but the work in the Lowlands had a different purpose. In Geetbets we did not have to deal with the heavy shame and blame our German sisters and brothers so bravely dealt with, and so we were able to go further in Belgium—to broadcast forgiveness into the entire world.

A Net of Light leader in Holland wrote to us this week, saying, “A woman here wondered what the purpose of the work in Belgium had been because what happened there was not as dramatic as it was in Germany.“ The Net of Light leader then told her, “Forgiveness is important for all of us, and it has come to do its work in the whole world. The Net of Light Gatherings build on each other,” she explained. “They support each other so that greater and greater work can be done. Forgiveness has a ripple effect, and we don’t ever want to let that die out, but let it continue—let it grow, from Gathering to Gathering.’”

We were able to do more forgiveness work at the Gathering at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico on September 28-October 1, working with the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer. And we could work at this level because of the great plunge into forgiveness that took place in Germany and because the vibration of the water ways in Europe and throughout the world had risen to a higher frequency, due to the work in Belgium. In New Mexico we worked within our family lines, with the ancestors of the land of America, and especially with the Native American people, the original custodians of the Western Hemisphere.

A few days after the Gathering in New Mexico, a Net of Light Gathering in Wales also did forgiveness work, sending the Ho’oponopono prayer from the British Isles and broadcasting it to all former British colonies. “We are sorry, please forgive us, we love you, thank you.” And last weekend another Net of Light Gathering took place on top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps, anchoring the Net of Light there and sending light throughout the world.

As you can see, the beat goes on. The work goes on…and on….and on.

Great goodness is now flowing throughout the Earth. This goodness blesses and calms us and calms Mother Earth during these times of confusion, strife and horror. Please join us in chanting the Ho’oponopono to forgive yourself, to forgive others, and to help the Earth Herself. Forgiveness is the medicine for the times we’re living in. We have a healing part to play in the great drama that’s taking place now.

“We are sorry. Please forgive us. We love you. Thank you.”

Sharon and the Net of Light team

Here is Lillija from Lithuania singing the Hawaiian Ho oponopono chant.”

At this Ghost Ranch Gathering the group joined voices in a beautiful rendition of the

Here is the full Net of Light son

Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

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