Love is All there is.

Love is All there is.

August 24, 2023 Newsletter

Speak of the One Love,” the Grandmothers said, and I thought to myself, “Okay, Grandmothers, but what about it?”

“Love is all there is,” they replied, “and because it is, you are ‘living’ it now. Living the One Love at every moment.” They laughed then, amused by my bewildered look. “We see on your face that you think, ‘The One Love must be some big, important state. Some rare summit.’ You think like that,” they said. “Nonsense!” they cried and threw up their hands.

“You are swimming in a sea of love, you are cooking in a soup of love. You breathe love in with each breath you take and then you send it out. You do this at every moment of your life.” “What?” I said to them, and continued to stare, dumbfounded by their description.

“You are so unknowing,” they laughed, “almost sound asleep. Don’t you see?” they asked me. “You ARE the One Love. What else could you be?” they, asked and then they stared me down, waiting, with their fists on their hips. “Love is your nature,” they said at last, “it’s, who you are. It’s in your breath, it’s in your every thought and feeling. You are it!”  they gleefully announced and then they grinned broadly, seeming to be enjoying my discomfort.

“Stop kidding yourself,” they said then, and waved their hands in my face. “Stop playing games with yourself. Stop entertaining all the trivia that takes over in your mind. “Oh dear, what about this?” they pantomimed. “What do I do about that? What if? What if?…..”

Stop it!” they commanded me. Stop all that chatter and instead, sit down, be quiet, and FEEL us,” they said. “FEEL our presence. We’re right here. Feel your heart beating now,” they said. “F E E L,” they repeated, and finally I did as they asked. I felt. I let go of the questioning, the worry, and instead, I felt my heart beating. I became aware of my breath and then I began to feel it all. The warmth in my body, how it felt to sit on the chair, the breeze flowing in from the open window.

“Ah….I exhaled. “And y e s……,” I finally said, drawing out the word with a sigh. “I get it. I get it, Grandmothers. Yes,” I said again. “This is it. This is what you mean. This IS who I am,” I said in surprise. “This IS the truth. This feeling of love is home base for me. It’s real. Everything else is just scatter. It’s a lot of nothing, really…just nothing,” I said, “only fragments of mental fluff. It’s not real, it’s not true, but this Feeling….this  is real,” I said with conviction. “This feeling is Oneness. Oneness with you, Grandmothers,” I said. “Oneness with you, with everything, Oneness with everyone. This,” I said to my patient teachers, “is the real deal. Not that busy little nothing stuff that comes and goes in my head,” I said. “The feeling of Oneness is real.”

“Yes,” the Grandmothers agreed, smiling serenely, “Love is all there is.”


A Happy Announcement

A brave mother and daughter from Ukraine will join us at the Net of Light Gathering in Trier, Germany.  Many worked hard to get them there, contributing transportation, housing and funds for their trip and we are delighted to be able to celebrate with them as the Grandmothers enfold us together in the One Love.

May all the Beings in all the Worlds be Happy