This is the right time, a time pregnant with Divine possibilities.

This is the right time, a time pregnant with Divine possibilities.

Two Net of Light Gatherings are coming up. In Trier, Germany on September 1-3 and in Geetbets, Belgium on September 9. The focus is Grand Union—union with one another, with the Divine, with the Ancestors of the Light, and with Nature, including human beings who are in the process of remembering that they too are part of Nature.

“These Gatherings will ground an important action,” the Grandmothers said. “They will anchor Grand Union on Earth. This is the right time, for this” they added, “a time pregnant with divine possibilities

“People will come together to more deeply anchor the Net of Light into the land of Europe. Many language groups, cultures and nationalities will converge in Germany and Belgium, and from the places where you meet, rays of light will flood Europe and the world. Great light! Great joy!

“We ask you to link your heart with the Net and broadcast light to these Gatherings so the greatest amount of good can be done. Simply call on the Net of Light and breathe in rhythmic flow with it as you think of the place where the work is being done that day. Then relax and let your own heart give and receive love from the Net of Light. Allow yourself to join in the flow that’s swelling throughout the Earth.

“Remember,” the Grandmothers said, “You are a generator, and as the particular generator that you are gives out love and light, it receives more of it back. Give!” They said, “that you too may receive union with one another, union with the Divine, with the Ancestors of the Light and with all of Nature. These Gatherings will focus on Union,” they said, “and you are part of this. So join in, and share the joy.”

Two more Gatherings will follow these and they too will focus on Grand Union. Ghost Ranch in New Mexico, U.S., September 28-October 1, and Caernarfon, Wales, October 4-6

There is still space available at the Gathering at Trigonos Retreat Center in Caernarfon, Wales.

For more information on the Welsh Gathering,7 go to the top if this booking form or contact .

“May all the Beings in all the Words be Happy.”

Caernarfon, Wales