A Great Wave of Love is Surging….

A Great Wave of Love is Surging….

July 12, 2023 Newsletter

The Grandmothers spoke. “A great wave of love is surging now, rushing forward from your heart into the universe. This wave is rushing through the Net of light, the Fabric of Being of the Universe, and then back again into your own heart. Today love and light are circulating in a new and powerful way. There is a great rush now, a fulsome rush, and none can withstand it.
“Although everyone and everything on Earth will be effected by this powerful surge, only those who are focused in their hearts will be fully aware of it—those who are tuned to the rhythms of love. Others may notice a shifting and a change, but they won’t know what it is. You, however, are tuned within.
So listen now,” the Grandmothers said, “and focus your awareness inward. Experience the rush of love that’s pouring into you. As you stop what you’re doing and pay attention inside yourself, you will begin to swell with goodness of every kind. This goodness will come on and on, pouring into you endlessly, and when you can hold no more of it, the on-rush will spill out, flooding love throughout all the strands of the Net of Light.
This is how it works,” the Grandmothers said. “The Net of Light feeds your heart with radiance so that your heart can feed yet more light back into the Net of Light. This movement of love and light is reciprocal,” they stated and then paused and took a long look at me. They studied me for a while and then spoke. “For many years, you have worked hard to stay focused within your heart,” they said, “intent on staying tuned to the Net of Light. You have disciplined yourself to do this no matter what was going on. Well,” they said, their heads nodding together, “you’ve done it. Your hard work has paid off and you have now become a vessel of love and light.” I stared at them then. Nonplussed, understanding what they were saying, but amazed by it.
“Share this message of the great wave of love with as many as possible,” they said. “The time has come for humanity to live in a surging sea of light and love. Moving in love, living in love, awash in love. No longer will you be stuck in a darkened place. For you there will be no more separation from the Source. No more!” they cried. And shaking their heads, they added, “You are an embodiment of light, an embodiment of love. That is your nature,” they said, pointing fingers at me/us for emphasis. “Accept it,” they said. “This is what you are. You are an embodiment of love. You are a walking blessing upon the Earth.
“Remember this,” they said, “and then hold your head up, walk forward proudly and watch what happens. Others will begin to ‘see’ who you are and many of them will join you. It’s time!” they said. “It’s time for humankind to glow with the inner love and light that you are….” And humming softly, they smiled to themselves and crooned, “Embodiments of love.”


We have received feedback from several people on how singing the Grandmother’s songs really uplifts them. So every newsletter we will put one in the picture.

Most of the songs we sing at gatherings and Online Teachings are on the website.Under Media and then songs. The lyrics are there also in a songbook at the top of the page and there even is a version of the songs with chords added to them.
This month we put this song in the spotlight: