I went to the Grandmothers and asked, “What needs to be communicated now?” I saw the weaving of a fabric. Somewhere in the north of Europe, a woman was weaving something. Her head was bent over and from her expression I could tell she was hard at work. “It’s the Net of Light she’s working on!” I exclaimed. “She is living somewhere near the lines of battle, but even in this fearful place she’s working on the Net of Light.”

I watched her for a while and then became aware that people all over the world were weaving the Net of Light, weaving it stronger and stronger. Working under all sorts of circumstances, some wove steadily, despite feelings of being under pressure. I could tell it was not easy for them to keep on, but they were keeping on. Some were weaving alone, some were weaving in silence, and some seemed a bit lost and were weaving simply out of boredom. Some wove the Net of Light out of gratitude and some wove it in joy. Everywhere I looked, someone was working with the Net of Light. They were in every state of mind imaginable and as I watched them, I marveled at their steadiness. “Together ,” I said, “they are weaving stronger the Net of Light.”

Then I saw a map of the world.The map lay flat as a map does, and yet I saw that this one was alive. “It is a living link, connecting, penetrating and stretching all across the globe,” I cried. “It is alive, this map. Alive!” And I watched as it broadcasted and received light from within and without the solar system and beyond. Light poured into this map from the Universe and from the map, light was shooting up to the sky, to the stars, and far into space. The Earth herself was giving and receiving light. And there were many beings on Earth joining in this exchange as love and light poured into the Earth and flooded out from it. Back and forth, back and forth. A radiant exchange from the Universe to the Earth and from the Earth to the Universe. And I could see nexus points of light on Earth that communicated with nexi in other solar systems. Light and love were busy flooding star to star and galaxy to galaxy.

Then the Grandmothers spoke. “You are loved beyond your wildest imaginings,” they said. “At this very moment, at the very place where you now stand or sit, you are a receiving station for love, a receiving station for light. You are part of this light exchange that you are seeing now. Love and light are pouring into you as well. Feel it!” They said, “Feel it and watch now as light covers the area around you, holding you in a nimbus of light. Feel that!” They cried. “Let yourself soak in this light nimbus.

“This is who you are,” they said. “This is what you are. You RADIATE. Believe it,” the Grandmothers said. “Breathe it and live it. You,” they said, “are a living Being of Light.” And smiling sweetly, they added, “Now and forever more.”