ONLINE TEACHING Sunday July 2, 2023

ONLINE TEACHING Sunday July 2, 2023

Sharon: Welcome everyone. I’m glad to be with you. I’m going to sing a little song – just because it’s coming.

Oh, Grandmothers we are holding.
Oh, Grandmothers we are holding the Net of Light.
The Net of Light.
Oh, Grandmothers we are holding.
Oh, Grandmothers we are holding the Net of Light.
The Net of Light.

And there’s more – lots more where that came from. It all comes from the Grandmothers. As we begin, Louise is going to give us a brief tie-in to the radiant Net of Light so that as we work today, all that we say, all that we do, all that we communicate will be coming from the Divine, and we’ll just be happy little instruments.

Louise: Thank you. We’re going to start by reading the Ancestral Declaration by the Great Council of Grandmothers. [Followed by the Net of Light Meditation]

Sharon: Thank you everyone and thank you, Louise. Here we are together on July 2nd 2023 moving forward in Light. Moving forward through all that’s going on here on Earth. That’s what we do, and that’s our job – holding Light, holding steady in a world that’s shaking down and changing tremendously.

Today we have four here with us – a nice spread from around the world. We have Linda who is in Sacramento, California working hard with her group of grandmothers with the prison system there, doing hands-on soul work to uplift the people who are incarcerated and to uplift the whole system.

And Louise is here and is our regional coordinator for Canada. She helps the Canadian Net of Light groups connect to our work.

And Debra who is in Portugal. She is our traveling galloping grandmother all over the world. In the past she was our regional coordinator for the United Kingdom and now she’s working throughout the world.

What I wanted us to talk about today are the practical things. We’re holding a place for the Divine, and yet we’re living in this world and it’s no piece of cake. It can be extraordinarily challenging, and yet the Grandmothers believe in us, and tell us that we are just the ones to be here now – just the ones to be doing this work of holding steady.

I want to hear from each of you today about how this work with the Grandmothers and the Net of Light has impacted your life and is impacting your life practically speaking. What is this doing for you?

Some of you have been involved with this work for many years and some of you are a little newer to it, but you are all quite experienced with the work. I’d like us to share what drew you to the work in the first place. What makes you still do it, teach it, spread it, live it? The Grandmothers say “We don’t care if you tell anybody about this. Go ahead and do that if you want. What we really care about is that you live our message.”

I’d like to start there, and anybody can speak who feels something. Let it come, because when it’s moving it needs to be expressed.

Linda: I want to share what brought me to the Grandmothers and the Net of Light. Many years ago in 2007, I was in a crisis situation – a crisis mentally. And I was feeling lost – not having anywhere to go to get relief, and to get support. That had to do with several things that were going on in my life, but mainly that my grandson was going to prison at the age of 16. I didn’t know where to turn. I didn’t know who to get support from. All the things that used to work for me were not working.

Then I was introduced to the Grandmothers and the Net of Light, and I just felt supported. I felt through meditation and going inward I saw there was support there. And I could feel it. I don’t know if it was going outside of myself and seeing that there are other beings – other people that care.

The Grandmothers are very real to me. They showed up in my meditations. They showed up in different situations and they were joyful. They were always happy. And I wondered where this is coming from? Why are they so happy? Whenever I experience them I just I feel their joy, their happiness. It’s like they are saying to me, “It’s not that serious, so lighten up.” When I feel them around me, I just feel the support, I feel their joy.

Over the years it’s come in many different forms, but they’re always happy – they’re always smiling. It’s just a different type of energy than I’ve ever felt before. Whenever I tap into them it’s always the same. It’s an energy of joy. I feel they are saying “You can do this, it’s not that bad. It’s okay. It’s going to be okay.”

That’s what I feel with them and that’s why I continue to keep them in my life to remind me of their support. We’re all connected and feeling that connection. I feel the world and all the people, and I just really enjoy the connectedness that it brings.

Sharon: Linda, thank you for starting us off like this. Let’s hear more about what impact the Net of Light and the Grandmothers and this work is having.

Debra: Hi everyone. That was lovely to hear Linda thank you for sharing that. I think I’d heard bits of your story and I think “what impact have the Grandmothers had on my life?”

My life has changed so radically in the last 12 years, it’s hard to recognize where I was then. But when I track it back, 2011 is the point where I start. In 2011 I met the
Grandmothers and then everything began to move. And it was clearly a crux point in my life. I wasn’t looking for it – didn’t need it, frankly.

I don’t actually remember where I came across it. I think it was on Chris Street’s newsletter.I clicked a link and thought “oh this looks interesting.” And so began a bit of a journey.

Because there weren’t any groups where I lived in Manchester I thought the obvious thing to do was just to go to a gathering. So I did. I went to the gathering in Holland and that’s where I first met Sasha and Elizabeth and I met so many people who became very significant in my life. As a result of that I said I’d be a beacon, which meant for a year at least I was holding a meeting of one, because I was a beacon on my own. But that’s okay. That was one time a month I would sit still, which doesn’t happen very often.

And so it began. I’m honestly not sure quite why or what impact it has had, but I know it has an impact because I still meet people who recognize me from that gathering. And here I am now in Portugal and I still meet people who were impacted by those times.

Sharon: Deb, what of the work is still useful to you that you relate to?

Debra: That’s a good question. I would say because I’ve moved and I don’t have a group around me. I don’t actively engage with the Grandmothers in the way that I used to. I don’t often speak about them. I’m still connected with the UK group and Jackie who’s doing a beautiful job looking after the UK beacons.

But I think looking back, the energy of the Grandmothers acted as a kind of doorway for me. Because in 2011 I met the Grandmothers, and in 2012 I encountered plant medicine, and then all manner of perceptions changed, and my journey became something very different.

In the countries that I’ve been to and in the places where I’ve lived there is some aspect in which the Grandmothers continue to open doorways. When I went to Israel that part of my journey was around the Grandmothers’ energy, even though there were no Grandmother groups there. If I can call it the Grandmother energy then it’s very significant.

I don’t speak of the Grandmothers in the embodied personified way that you do. I love the way that you’ve been able to do that from the beginning Linda. It’s so bold to be able to tell those stories. Those are not stories that I can tell personally, because I don’t have those clear visions. I don’t have those clear experiences where I perceive I’m being spoken to or I’m having a conversation.

Sharon: The energy is the core, and it shows up in different ways for different people. As you were saying how they opened doors for you. I thought of so many times the Grandmothers have said “Look, if people are lost, let them know about us. We will work with them. We don’t care if they stay with us or not, but we will guide them wherever they need to go next.” It sounds like there’s been a good deal of that with you and continues.

Debra: Yes, and continues to be, although I haven’t been massively involved over the past few years. I still read your newsletters every time they come out. And so often the latest information from the Grandmothers is significant. Like working with the trees, working with the elements, I can say “Yes, and yes, I’m doing that and yes I’m doing that.”

When people ask me about what I do, I always say my primary foundation is in the Inca tradition. That’s a tradition in which I’m initiated. If I get an opportunity, I will initiate and train others and that comes from the Grandmothers. Everything that the Grandmothers say around working with nature and the Net of Light I come across in so many other guises.

Sharon: There are many forms of the Divine and they all converge in that one. And they said early on “We don’t care if people call on us. Just call on whatever form it is, and we will come because there are all these forms. The Divine work as a unit and they show up, like they showed up on that walk with me. It just hit me smack in the head because I needed that. I wouldn’t have understood unless they had shown up that way. And now for you, they’re showing up in a myriad of different ways.

Debra: When I went to South Africa in 2018, I found that so much of the energy of that land comes through the women. I was fortunate enough to meet and to work with many of them. They bring in the energy of the ancestors in their own specific ways, and it was a hair’s breadth from working with the Grandmothers. It was very embodied and it was very vital and very real. So many doorways have opened up that continue to be really impactful in my life.

Sharon: You’re holding the energy. You’re holding it, you’re embodying it and you’re moving according to the guidance that’s coming to you, and that’s what we’re here for.

Louise, we started off with what impact is this work having on our lives and we’ve gotten quite a spread, so how about you?

Louise: I had first encountered a book. It was the first and only one you’d written at that time. I read it and it was so moving. I read about the gatherings and empowerments and then saw photos of the gatherings and I thought that’s a place I would be comfortable in. But it took years for me to finally get to a gathering. When I did it was in Ireland, and I thought “oh this feels really resonant and wonderful.”

Things began to shift and I embraced the connection with the Grandmothers and the Net of Light more fully with a deeper understanding and a deepening of Love – holding that and being that in all aspects.

Laura Finch was our Canadian regional coordinator. She became ill and a call went out for someone to step up. Because I’d been to that Ireland gathering and was growing more and more connected to the Grandmothers, I felt moved to accept that role. And of course, that deepens the involvement.

There’s a place in the book I am still struck by that says when you walk into a room you bring the Grandmothers with you, and I felt that. And also the Grandmothers saying “you can’t call us too much – a thousand times a day. . .” The trick is to remember to call on them, to embody the Divine energy of the Grandmothers, and to be that connection of Love and Light, kindness, generosity and compassion.

I go to the Stone Circle meditation online and I use it to ask questions. It’s the way the Grandmothers are an active guide in my life.

And we meet so many wonderful people through the Grandmothers groups, and connect deeply in a spiritual awareness and intention for good, for Love, for Light and it goes on and on and on.

Sharon: And it will go on and on. It’s going on and on right this moment as we sit in each other’s presence here now. It goes on and on all the time whether we’re seeing each other or hearing each other’s voices. This heart-to-heart link between us and with the Heart of the Universe is palpable and it’s growing stronger and stronger all the time.

Now let’s take a moment together and think of moving into the center of your body and breathing. Breathing into the center point around your heart. Softening this part of the body that’s so able to receive. That can become hardened often because of the slings and arrows of life. At its core is rich and deep and fertile with Light, fertile with life.

Just breathe into this core and let it breathe you. Let yourself be breathed so that you don’t have to control this or do anything. Let yourself be breathed. Let yourself be held.

You are no mistake. You don’t really make mistakes. You have learnings that happen and that expand you, and you are on the right path. Inevitably no matter what it looks like you are being drawn into this one Love you are breathing. You are living it. It is living you. It is breathing you.

As you breathe in and you breathe out, it is Love that’s coming in. It is Love that’s moving out. It is Life Force coming into you. The blessing of Life Force going out from you – continuous unending.

You are a walking blessing upon the Earth. Your every step is guided and will be guided. Turn within to this core, the source of Light within, and give thanks for it. It will show up in different forms from time to time in your life, and the Grandmothers are such a form – one of many millions. Because we work with them it’s easy for you to open to them.

Open right now with the joy and Love that is your own, and let this joy and Love breathe you. Let it circulate your blood. Let it feed your bones. Supply everything the bones need. Let it work your digestion, let it open the air sacs in your lungs, in the alveoli, the bronchi effortlessly as it moves circulating throughout your body throughout your energy field all around you. Lifting, blessing, loving you and everything you touch.

Let your thoughts follow the radiance of the Light. Throughout all the memory banks being lifted now in Love, held in the truth of what’s real, this unending Love that holds you now, and has held you always, no matter what it looked like, and will hold you forevermore. And together we ask:

May everyone in all the worlds be happy.
May everyone in all the worlds be happy.
May everyone in all the worlds be happy.
Peace Peace Peace

Peace is rolling into you, filling every part of you with peace. We meet on these Online Teachings on the first Sunday of every month in order to share with each other
as we live the Grandmothers’ message and we live at one with the Divine.

And we meet on the fourth Tuesday of the month in a worldwide Zoom meditation in order to share together in small groups with each other and practice the Grandmothers’ message again and feel the union on Earth, because we need to feel this sense of union now with all the changes that are happening, all the divisiveness. We need that sense of union.

So please join us on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 12 noon Pacific Time.

And for the Online Teaching on the first Sunday of the month at 10 A.M. Pacific Time. The Grandmothers have asked us to live their message, and this is what we’re about.

Nadia: I just want to add if you wish to join on the fourth Tuesday of the month, please get in touch with the beacon near you, and they can pass on the Zoom link to you. To find a beacon near you, go to the website to and click on Groups. You’ll find the groups by country. Then you will be able to contact one of those beacons and they will let you know when that Zoom is scheduled, and they will gladly share the link with you.

Sharon: Thank you, Nadia. The Grandmothers have called us to go deeper through these worldwide gatherings on Zoom. So please join us.

We’ll see you again on this Online Teaching in a month. Please feel free to contact us at any time through

Right now be aware of how much you’re held, how loved you are and you can ask the Grandmothers or any form of the Divine you love, to teach you how to open more to that Love so that you live, breathe, eat, sleep, do everything in this great wash of Love. We love you very much.