Please Link Your Hearts With Ours 16 mei 2023

Please Link Your Hearts With Ours 16 mei 2023

—from the Sacramento California grandmothers—

“When the Grandmothers make a request, we’ve learned to listen and follow through. Today they are asking us to reach out to the global Grandmothers’ community, amplify the Net of Light for one imprisoned person, and in so doing, support many others. Through the Net of Light we are working to infuse the prison system with love. To begin a chain-reaction of healing.

“Cal, the incarcerated man we’re talking about was tried at 16 for a murder he didn’t commit. In the 20 years he’s been in prison, his family has rallied around him and when his grandmother, Linda, shared his story in 2006, a prayer group to support him was formed. In 2007 this group embraced the message of the Grandmothers, and the Sacramento Grandmother’s Group was formed.

“Through Linda, Cal became connected to the Grandmothers’ love, strength and support. He learned to cast the Net of Light and how to embody the Divine Masculine in harmony with the Divine Feminine. It was second nature for him to open to the Grandmothers’ energy and they became a guiding force in his life.

“Against all odds, he began to make headway, bringing healing into the prison system. He developed his mind. He studied the law and developed a philosophy of living based on non-violence and self-awareness that he taught to fellow inmates. He wrote a book about it. He wrote music to convey the message and created a band so this energy could be shared through song. He counseled. He led by example.

“Cal defies stereotypes, so he’s a conundrum to those charged with guarding him. Some of them don’t want inmates to be empowered and try to break his spirit. And some of his fellow inmates also try to break his spirit. But through it all, the Grandmothers are present.

“In his 20 years behind bars, the prison system has become a prison industrial complex. A for-profit enterprise, it has created a pipeline from poor and underrepresented communities right into their cells. Most people are conditioned to turn a blind eye and a hard heart to this system; not realizing its cost to generations of mostly men of color across the country.

“Here is where supporting one man, a beacon of light in one of the darkest environments, can begin to heal millions. There is a spiritual flashpoint when one man, in the midst of darkness, is seen. When he is valued and supported by a global community that is focused on working with the Divine Feminine. This focus can heal the wounds that continue to drain the world of creative, loving, balanced male energy

 Whenever we get overwhelmed by the enormity of the darkness in the prison system, the Grandmothers remind us to look for the truth and the light, for it is there, even in the heaviest of places. And this why we Sacramento grandmothers are working with Cal, Linda’s grandson. He is a Light in a dark part of the world. And by holding this light steady, he shows the way into the heart of healing even in this most difficult place.
 “I told Cal about the Grandmothers asking us to share his life with the Global Net of Light Community. That by connecting with him through the Net of Light, we could bring the light of truth and love to the entire prison system and to everyone who participates in it. He agreed to be this link for us and so I am writing to you. Please link your hearts with ours now, and together in the Net of Light we will lift all prisoners, guards and the prisons that hold them. We need your support. He needs it and so do millions of people. Thank you for joining with us. May all the Beings in all the Worlds be Happy.”
—Sacramento California grandmothers—
p.s. note from Sharon…These grandmothers make us proud. They even marched to the Sacramento County Jail to surround this massive structure in light. Once there, they stood at all corners of the building to physically anchor the Net of Light. We bow to their courage and dedication.
We invite you to see, hear and feel them speak from their hearts at our last Online Teaching, Click here to watch it.