Online Teaching. May 5 th ,2023

Online Teaching. May 5 th ,2023

Sharon: Welcome to our online teaching today. We have with us a group of beautiful souls from the Sacramento California Grandmothers group. They’ve been working very intensively with the prison system throughout the world and within the capital of California, Sacramento.
We’ll be talking with them, and they’ll be sharing the work that they’re doing with us.

Net of Light Meditation.

Sharon: As we speak now be aware the Grandmothers are speaking and hearing and loving through us. I’d like to introduce the Sacramento Grandmothers’ group. They have been engaged for quite a few years working through the Net of Light with their work with all the prisoners in the prison system. They understand the system deeply because they’ve had close contact within it. Daryl, one of the grandfathers who’s here with us today, has been a nurse for a long time within the prison system, so he’s had personal work with many inmates over the years. Daryl and Linda also have a beloved grandson who is in the prison system who has turned his life around, but he is suffering greatly in that system.

So please share with us how you work with the Net of Light within this system, which we all know is very closed and rock-solid in its own way of being, seemingly impermeable to loving kindness. Yet you have not given up; you have worked and continued to work under the most difficult of conditions. One of you told me that you physically marched to the Sacramento County Holding Facility Jail which is an enormous facility and stood there and meditated! We want to hear from you about your experience of how the Net of Light is helping with this work. We’ll start with Linda and Daryl.

Linda: My name is Linda and I have been dealing with the prison system for 20 years now, and the Grandmothers and the Net of Light have been my support with this. I’ve seen so many problems and things hidden in the prison system that needed to come to light, and I felt that this was something bigger than what just Daryl and I could do alone. The Grandmothers and all the people associated with the Grandmothers have supported me for 20 years, while I’m trying to keep my sanity dealing with a system that seems like it just doesn’t care. I’ve gotten to the point to where I feel like we need the worldwide Grandmothers’ support because these issues are so intensely embedded, that we need to bring light. The Grandmothers have helped me through things for years. This is one of those great things that truly needs all our support because we are very strong, very strong when we work together. Recently, during a meditation with the Grandmothers, I saw all the Grandmothers coming together shoulder to shoulder. At that time, I was very down and desperate, and I saw the Grandmothers — they Lifted Me Up like when you have concerts with a lot of kids and they lift up a person and they pass them along in the crowd — that’s what the Grandmothers did with me! They Lifted Me Up on their shoulders and they were shoulder-to-shoulder so many Grandmothers, and they passed me around because at that time I needed their support, and that was showing me how I was being supported! It was a picture in my head I will never stop seeing. They were showing me how they got me:“we got you.” Other people in the crowd were being lifted as they needed it but it was amazing and it made me really recognize the power of the Grandmothers, andwhat we can do together.

Daryl: I’ve spent about 40 years working in the prison system as a registered nurse. My introduction to the Grandmothers was receiving the Cloak of Comfort. This empowered me even more to understand how important love is. So, as a matter of practice I would cast the Net of Light every time I went to work, and I could see the love the Grandmothers carry through and affect the patients that I attended to. They would say, “Mr Kirby, you are different. Why are you different?” and I would say, “You know I will always give you premium care and love when I’m in front of you.” And they responded with not clear understanding, but you could just see their energy in their shoulders drop, and you could see them open up to the love that the Grandmothers were sending them, and they could tell it wasn’t only me, but the love that I was sending, they could tell that it was coming from that Grandmothers’ spirit. And it affects not only the inmate patients, but it also affects the officers and all the people I work around. They just see a difference and that’s the difference that I want to continue to cast. All the Grandmothers support me casting that energy to the patients that I see in there. Eventually they will come out and into the community again and we want them to carry that love out into the community. So, when they come out, they’ll just spread more Grandmotherenergy to the other people they associate with, which typically is the same incarcerated groups. That wave of love I want to cast all the time.

Sharon: Wow Daryl. Thank you! I know that you and this whole group is in a lot of pain because your grandson has just recently been badly beaten in the prison. My understanding is that he would not do some of the ugly things others were asking him to do. So he has suffered. I know that you right now are in great pain and great concern I want everyone to know that so we amp up the power of this Radiance in our own Hearts to hold you and this young man who has just been released from the hospital.

Yvonne: Thank you Charmaine, thank you Linda, Daryl, Sharon, everyone on the call. We are so grateful to be here today in this meeting looking at this situation. Thank you, Peggy, for the beautiful opening prayer and setting the space. And from that heart-connected space and moving into looking at areas where there is not a lot of compassion, like Sharon was saying, it’s very condensed and seeming impermeable. And yet, when we move into our hearts, everyone in that system has a heart whether they’;re aware of it or not, whether they’re connected to it or not, everyone has a heart. So even us saying hello heart-to-heart to everyone affected by the prison system, when we look out to see the tendrils connecting into the community, into the World At Large, we are all affected by it whether we are aware of it or not. So being in our heart center and looking at how the Sacramento Grandmothers have come into being, I would like to shine light on the heart of Linda and Daryl’s grandson because it is his light and his path that helped coalesce and bring the Grandmothers into Sacramento. So, for the origin story of our group which helps us connect in a deeper way, I’d like to pass the Talking Stick here to Deborah and have her share the origin story.

Deborah: The Inception of the Grandmothers group in Sacramento stemmed from when Charmaine came to me and told me about Linda and her story. And before Charmaine spoke with Linda, Linda was not opening about the story at all. Then we all came together as a group to pray for Linda’s grandson and then the Grandmothers group came to our attention, and a few of us here started commuting once a month to the city of San Rafael — a good two hours away from Sacramento — to attend the Grandmothers group, then we all decided why don’t we start our own group here and we started a group in my home. We met to provide support for Linda’s grandson, so the Grandmothers have been part of this prison effort from the very beginning.

I want to mention that the Grandmothers are always doing extraordinary things, for example, my background screen looks like there’s lots of light and an appearance of the Earth. I didn’t select that. I’m sure the Grandmothers had a part in doing that, and so what it says to me is that we’re here connecting our hearts with the Grandmothers and we’re all beacons of light and the light is behind us and surrounding us but (laughter) they’;re funny too! They have an extraordinary sense of humor.

Also, when I was waking up this morning, I was instantly brought to a Grandmothers’ Circle and the impression I got from looking at the Grandmothers was they were very serious and what it felt like is a graduation. We’re going to another stage where we’re sharing about this and we’re calculating the next stage and I think that’s what we’re doing right now at this moment. So, I’ll pass the Talking Stick back to Charmaine.

Charmaine: Oh boy, the Grandmothers! When we came together for DeAndre it didn’t just cement our love for him, it cemented our love for each other, and we all have billions of stories we can share about Grandmothers and how they impacted our lives, but most amazing is the fact that DeAndre – someone who has been incarcerated – has a Cloak of Comfort and knows the Grandmothers, calls on the Grandmothers, and is such a beacon of light! He’s become a teacher for us. Every time I visit, he’s more concerned about what’s going on in my life. But the fact is that this young man has so much heart, has so much caring and is so compassionate on a level that is far beyond his years. We’re back to how these hearts connect, how these hearts are connected; it’s one heart and for someone to have this power in the heart and to be this Beacon of light! His work for the Grandmothers is not only in the prison system, but for his freedom to do this outside the prison system. Yes, so in keeping the light shining on Linda and Daryl’s grandson Deandre and his work, Daryl shared just a tiny bit of the work that he’s been doing with the Cloak of Comfort from his position as a healer as an employee of the system. We also have their grandson who is doing the same work for the prison population. He counsels people, he has written books, he’s created his own philosophy; he’s written music, he sends the message out every day through his presence. And it’s not just for the other so-called inmates. It’s for the staff, the guards, for everyone. He truly is living the Grandmothers’ teachings and we see him move towards freedom in so many ways. This prison system holds so much darkness and so much foreign resistance to love, yet his heart is shining so brightly! And today, for the global Grandmothers to gather together and to infuse the light using him as a focus point, it’s as if he’s got the torch lit for us he’s guiding the way into these dark, dark places, as are many, and he’s showing us that everyone has a heart, everyone is worthy, and it’s really a conglomeration of energy around these people of unforgiveness and misunderstanding. And we can all connect as one and like Peggy was saying the veil is permeable when the love comes in, and then the healing can reach where it needs to reach. I’m very grateful for that.

Sharon: Thank you. Let’s take a couple minutes now to drop into our own heart which is greatly expanded and greatly softened and even more so since we’ve come together today. And so, we open to that powerfully soft and radiant pulsating light inside and we breathe that in and as we breathe out we watch that light pour throughout the Net of Light, pouring through the strands in the Net of Light, going farther and faster and wider and deeper than we can even keep track of.

It is a great force, the greatest Force there is, this great love and in our union and in our Oneness together we ask that this be amplified now for the highest good throughout all these hardened systems on earth, all the institutions that are no longer serving us the way they were once designed to, that are in the way of the Great Love, and we ask that the Great Love now begin to embrace and draw to itself all these hardened systems like a mother or a grandmother or a grandfather, opening the arms wide and drawing in, drawing in, drawing in these lost, hardened, frightened people and the systems being drawn into light, and then just feel your own heart, how clear it is, how brave it is, and how your own heart is anchored in the truth of life, and the truth of your own being. How radiant it is, and how it helps you now breathe that
light into all your own physical structures so that this great healing comes pouring into you and as you breathe out, this great healing goes pouring in to all these areas, all these people, all these beings who are ready now to receive. And always and at every moment more is ready to receive the light and all you need to do is just say yes and breathe it in yourself, take in that Joy, and as you do that, so can millions of others. You’re saying yes to the light enables myriad beings to say yes to the light.
This Is The Life Force, this is what keeps the planet moving around the Sun, this is what lights the entire Cosmos, this one love. So, within this Force we hold Linda and Daryl, their grandson, all beings everywhere who suffer from feeling left out, separated, fearful, angry, caught in all that misconstrued energy that we humans do get caught in, but the radiance of the light goes beyond all that — fills all of that. Feel it soaking into you now, this loving holding light, and you vibrate with that. This is your natural ability: to be a vessel of light. This is who you are. You can say yes to it, you can allow this to be, allow yourself to be this great being of light. And as we do that, we recognize a great being of light in each of us and in all those women and men who are incarcerated and all those women and men who work in that very antiquated, confused system. But the light is bigger than all of that, bigger than all that confusion. It is the light within all that we salute now, and together we ask:

May everyone in all the worlds be happy,
May everyone in all the worlds be happy,
May everyone in all the worlds be happy.

And that means you, may I be happy, may you be happy, may all beings be happy.