Hold Steady No Matter What!

Hold Steady No Matter What!

“Hold steady and love through these times of perilous change—No Matter What,” the Grandmothers tell us. Powerful orders, and not for the faint of heart. But the Grandmothers do not call the faint of heart to work with them. They call you. They call me.

“Four different Net of Light Gatherings are coming up now,” the Grandmothers said.

“Ask people to unify with those who will be doing the work on the ground at each of these Gatherings. Each event will feed energy into the one that follows it, starting with the Net of Light Gathering in Sonoma California on June 9-11. This will be the first one, and the cumulative energy of this Gathering will then pour into the Gatherings in Germany and in Belgium that will follow it in early September. The energy from these two European Gatherings will feed into the Fourth Gathering at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico in October.

“The purpose of these four Gatherings is Grand Union,” the Grandmothers said. “You will connect on all levels to the great Oneness on Earth and become vessels for this Oneness. You will connect with:
  • the Divine
  • the Ancestors of the light and of the land
  • the elements of life—earth, air, fire, water, space
  • the compassionate animal spirits
  • all of Nature, including humanity, which is part of Nature.

“At these Gatherings you will act as place holders and vessels where all aspects of life can come together in the One Love. One at a time, you will welcome and work with each of these aspects of life. You will experience great joy.”

This is what the Grandmothers have laid out for us at these up-coming Net of Light Gatherings. Please link your hearts with ours in the Net of Light as together we hold steady and open to the One Love.

With great thanks to all our sisters and brothers in light

Sharon and the Net of Light team



Letter from Lithuania

We sincerely thank the Grandmothers’ teachings, the Net of Light, the entire society of sisters around the world, thanks to whose support we rise unitedly to the light of God, we all weave the fabric of Being into one divine love, into one soul of the heart

One of our group members was called in a dream by an ancestral deity to ‘redeem’ the ancestral land. We realized that our land needs to be freed from pain, suffering, and darkness. We started going to those places indicated in our dreams – cemeteries and where there is darkness from the past, violence experienced during World War II, the crimes against the Jewish and Lithuanian people.

Invoking the Grandmothers, the Net of Light and other Beings of Light, we work with holy fire, holy water and holy salt in those places (we usually go several times) to shed light on the darkness in the land of our ancestors and throughout the world, build a light for the return of the Great Mother. By repeating the beautiful words of the Ho’ oponopono mantra-prayer, we change our state faster, clean our consciousness, give life optimism, love and energy.

With love!
West Lithuania Net of Light Beacon