Wake up Call for Women

Wake up Call for Women
The Grandmothers explain why why life on earth is suffering now.
“It is the female of the species that anchors life on earth; the female gives birth, tends to the young, nurses the sick and cares for the dying. The human female supports life through all its stages — birth through death. She is the natural hub of the wheel for the human family. But when patriarchy supplanted her and claimed this position for itself it removed the hub from the wheel.
“It was then that the wheel began to spin out of control. It was then that the pattern of life energy on earth began to fragment. Where once had been an anchor of stability, security and generosity on earth—now was only a collection of aggressive yang energy. The removal of woman from her position at the wheel of life created grief for all beings, not only human beings, and life began to suffer.
“When patriarchy diminished woman’s role in society, the reservoir of yin energy for the planet was also diminished. This created a vacuum, an empty space, and into this space flew random particles of energy. This in-coming energy was seeking, active (yang) in nature, not holding, and receptive (yin) …. 
“As the process continued, earth filled with more and more yang energy while the supply of yin dwindled downward. Life on earth then became dominated by energy that was not only one-sided, but strident and increasingly violent. This is where you are today,” the Grandmothers said, their faces grim.
“Woman does not yet know it, but she carries a reservoir of strength within herself. Because she is a holding tank of yin energy, it is her nature to be potent. Human women hold yin for all life on this planet. A woman carries within herself the power to support life. And once she fully understands this, she will be able to line up her essence and return to her original position at the center of the wheel of life….
“To calm the crazy play of energy on earth today, and help the planet return to balance, woman must reclaim her position at the center point of life. Woman must return home to power. This is the first step toward balance.”
Excerpt from Return of the Mother—Return to Love— Introduction, pages X-IX

Living in Yin
–Letter from a Beacon in Colorado
It is clear that I am to focus and connect my own energy with the Divine Light and Love in everything… nature, humans, rocks, trees, water, air, fire, birds, wind, sun, rain, clouds, beauty, light, radiance, smiles, the light in a person’s eyes… It is longing for the Divine in human connection. I am here do that. 
I came to Earth to find the Divine in everything and make that connection. At the same time when I see/feel/touch darkness, sorrow, killing, violence, abuse, confusion, hate, evil, hunger, fighting…. I recognize it is a result a separation from God. I visualize wrapping this “evil” in a blanket of Light and give it to the Divine Grandmothers to transmute. This is how we help create heaven on Earth. It begins with me. If each one of us did this, all energy that is locked up in “evil” would then return to Divine Creator of all energy. This is my vision. 
As result of this work, I am experiencing heaven in me and my home.”
~ Anita