You are Building Power; Do Not Miss This Opportunity

You are Building Power; Do Not Miss This Opportunity
“People come to this work and people go,” the Grandmothers said; “interests wane and surge and few, very few come seeking truth. It is these we can work with,” they said. “Don’t worry about the others. Let them come and go as they will, while you allow all you’ve learned from us to sink into yourself, into the Earth. This is a time of deepening,” they gave me a long look, “a time to drink in the essence of what we’ve shared over the past years. Let it sink in. 
“As you absorb our teachings, they will change you and change those whose lives touch yours. Only a few people are willing and able to go deep like this,” they said. “Most live their lives on the surface and fear the great silence within. But for those who seek union with God, union with all life, we have come, and we have spoken through you. You have now imbibed our essence. You carry it,” they said, speaking to all of us who work with them. “You are ours. Trust us and let us lead.
“Share this message with those who will understand it. Share it with those who know that great power is found by going deeper … and deeper still. Ask them to focus within their heart and wait there. Power is building now,” the Grandmothers said. “Great power. Greater than you have ever known. Trust in us and wait. We will speak,” they said. “We will rise up from the depths of your being and speak through you.
“Welcome this movement into depth and power. Hold, hold, hold steady, and do not fear the passage of time. Welcome age, for with age comes Power. Real Power. You become a rock for civilization, you anchor power for the whole of Earth, for all beings. So hold, hold, hold like this and listen to what we are saying. We have seen it all,” the Grandmothers smiled, “so we know and speak truth. 
“Return to our books and messages. Dwell with the truths we have revealed. Take this moment to deepen, share with one another, and reflect on who you are. This is not a time for speed or outer exploration,” they said, “but for deepening. Go slow now, go deep, and as much as possible, share this time together. You are building power,” they said. “Do not miss this opportunity.”

Our last Newsletter (click to see) included a letter from Patrick in Scotland.
Here are some responses:
— Thank you SO much for sharing this letter, I have sent it to friends in our village who were only saying today how we might start or rather strengthen the local community. Bless you!  In harmony. ~England
— How absolutely wonderful. The Grandmothers called and Patrick put up his hand.
What a vision Patrick had and is now putting into practice. Love truly in action. 
~ In the One Love, Diane. (Australia). 
— How beautiful….so good to know there are men out there with this beautiful sensibility. So glad he has a group who is welcoming. Thank you for sharing it; warms the heart ~ California
— I am in the process of moving to Scotland and noticed that Patrick lives in Fife and I shall be moving to Dumfries and Galloway maybe a hundred and a bit miles away. Now wouldn’t that be a weird thing if we set up a Grandmothers group as two men? If we just stay open to guidance, that which the Grandmothers deem most appropriate will happen. Who knows?
~ Billyo—England. (Sharon’s note: Patrick and Billy are now in contact with one another.)
— I want to thank both Patrick for writing and all who forwarded  his message.  I, too, think of the Net of Light as a spirit-light-blanket that infuses everything and everybody. 
Blessings to everyone who passes this energy consciously to all those around them. Patrick’s letter was a reminder to always keep it in mind — a lesson I will try to keep on a front burner. We are ALL connected, and ALL under this beautiful, warmth-infused blanket ALL the time! What a beautiful, calming awareness! ~ California
Patrick’s Response to his New Friends:
— Well, all I can think of to say it that I Love you all very much. To receive all of your heartfelt thanks brings a joyful tear to my eye. I’m so very glad that I had the courage to choose to share, though I never imagined having a story highlighted in your Newsletter. 
I must send you an update in the New Year, once we’ve had our Snowdrop Day. 
Thank you, Patrick