Scotland – a man living the Grandmothers’ message

Scotland – a man living the Grandmothers’ message
Dear Sharlene
I’ve just been listening to your latest Net of Light teaching on Youtube. I look forward to hearing from you each month.
I’m not in a position to attend a group here in Scotland and to tell the Truth, as a man I think I would feel out of place, however well welcomed. But I really do enjoy hearing from you online, it’s a great source of strength for me and often helps me to feel grounded. Above all, it helps me to feel connected to the Net of Light which I know holds us all, female and male.
I am a great believer in the Divine Feminine which I know too resides in us all and depending on how much room we give Her, I think the more She shows up in our lives through acts of kindness and compassion.
Anyway, you spoke of the connection, the very real connection that we have with Nature and how we used to have this notion that Nature were over there and here we are standing next to Nature, separate somehow. Well, that struck me. It makes me want to tell you about my recent experience here in my little Scottish village.
I remember a while back when I’d lie in meditation and envisage the Net of Light and that Light covering our home, our neighbors, street, village country and so on outwards. I’d envisage the connections and the Light coming down like a blanket, oh, a little like the Light could be seen to permeate everything under it, no matter the material state, whether it be mineral, plant cells, people – nothing could withstand this Light and the Power of this Light.
And that was that. That was the way my ‘prayer’ went for months until I fell out of that way and focused elsewhere.
Recently, since July in fact, things have been on the move here in the village. I suddenly found myself wanting to start a Conservation Group to take care of our community woodland. Instead of waiting for it to start up, I went out and began taking care of a few grassy areas near our village hall. As I did this each night in July, a couple of folk would stop and chat to me as I worked. This gave me encouragement and so I put up some posters and advertised a Woodland Conservation Day, to which 14 people came along to help. This amazed me! In fact one of the ladies who came along wanted to help me form a group and raise funds for the work that we could do.
Shortly afterwards we were invited along to the Village Fun Day to host a stall and raise awareness for our group. We decided to make bird-boxes and invite the children to come and paint them, which they were happy to do. While at the stall a second lady came along and asked if there was anything that she could help with and when we told her that we had in mind a constituted conservation group, she asked to be involved.
Shortly after, the three of us met to write a constitution with goals and aims and a long term plan. We had a few more conservation events where we put up the bird-boxes, cleared the ground for some new native shrub to be planted and arranged for a wildflower meadow to be established. In August we had a formal meeting attended by 17 people where we became a constituted group and in September we applied for, and successfully received a startup grant from our local Voluntary Action Group which will go towards tools and bulbs.
Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength. We’ve agreed with a local landowner to create a nature corridor, a brand new path which will connect our village with the next away from the busy road.
We’ve spoken to our local Council who would like us to be established as the first Biodiversity Village in Fife. Just been contacted today by the owner of the community woodland which we take care to discuss the possibility of formally handing the woodland over to the community via a Trust.
So as to get the whole community involved, we have a mass snowdrop planting day set up for Spring next year with a nature-themed puppet show for the children and lots of other nature activities planned for the day also.
Together with our Village Primary School, we’ve just produced a 2023 calendar using the wonderful children’s nature drawings, so as to raise awareness and funds.
Now, of course I could say that this is all down to hard work and perseverance, but that’s not what I believe at all. Far from it. I see it as a clear example of holding the Net of Light in simple faith. Just envisioning that wonderful Light, which holds us all like an ocean, holding our nature, which is as much a part of our family as each of us are.
Even now as I write and am in this story as a player, I can clearly see the hand of the Universe at work in steps along the way. Yes, it has taken a lot of energy to get this off the ground, but when I’m worn out there’s always the ocean of the Net of Light to drift peacefully in.
So hold that Net of Light, draw it down through yourselves into the Earth where you stand, sit or even sleep and let the Light bless the Earth. No need to first think of the solution, yours is simply to focus on the Light. The Light knows what needs done and is waiting for you to open up and be the channel. We all have hearts, therefore we all can hold the Light for good.
Please do share if this would help others.
Best wishes