You ask, “Do I Make a Difference?”

You ask, “Do I Make a Difference?”
You ask us, “Do I make a difference?” the Grandmothers said. “Does who I am, the way I live and what I do contribute?” And we answer, “YES! You make a difference every moment of your life. 
“You have been taught to measure ‘success’ and ‘failure’ according to the standards of the world,” the Grandmothers said, “and according to the world, you succeed if you accumulate money and/or you are known and admired for something. That’s it!” they laughed. “THAT is success—according to the world. How long,” they asked, “are you going to follow along with that nonsense?
“We have come to free you from this old cage of judgement. You were born for greater things than to wrestle with false measurements. You were born to awaken to who you are, to love and be loved, to merge with the Divine. Enough of wasting your time with these tired old measuring devices. Throw them away!” they cried.
“Work with the Net of Light every day, call on us at all times, and then go into silence and listen to our guidance. We are as near to you as breath. We will lead you every step of the way to God/the Source. It is your birthright to be at one with the Divine,” the Grandmothers said, looking at me over the tops of their noses. “So accept NO substitutes!
“Unless the world tells you you’re important, you don’t believe it. Do not look to the world. It’s crazy out there,” they laughed. “Look instead to us. We see you,” they said, smiling at me, “and we believe in you. We see that each time you think of us, think of, and work with the Net of Light, you anchor light for millions. We are not exaggerating when we say this. What you may think of as ‘just this small act’ does enormous good. You are a transmitter of light, a storehouse of love. You are a reservoir of Yin energy for this planet, a storehouse for the Universe. “Again,” they said, and riveted me with their eyes, “We do not exaggerate.”
Then they showed me a scene from earlier in that day. My husband and I had gone to see a family member who’s in his final days. We sat by his bedside and held his hand, hoping to let him know we loved him. It was hard to see him like this and later we wondered aloud about why his protracted dying needed to go on and on. I knew there was much more going on at that death bed than I was aware of, but still I wondered.
Now the Grandmothers showed me that in his isolated room, our family member was very busy. Love was flowing in all directions in that room. He was held by the Divine, by his ancestors, his family, by the staff, and by everyone connected with all of these. There was a vast army of compassion in that room. Wounds were being healed, forgiveness and understanding were flowing. So much richness surrounded that seeming grim death bed scene that my eyes filled with tears.
The potential for a massive upswelling of beauty like this is always present. At every moment when it seems that nothing ‘important’ is happening, everything is happening. We don’t need to measure ’success’. We are born to simply hold THIS moment of life. To bless it and hold it in reverence. This is success. THIS is what makes a difference.

From our German-speaking Family:

“More than 220 German-speaking Beacons met on September 17 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to cast the Net of Light, work with the concept of the Motherland, and connect heal and celebrate together. We magnified the power of the One Love, our unity with all beings, and anchored the Net of Light throughout the center of Europe.
“Many of us had never met before, but made deep connections with each other and an atmosphere of closeness quickly developed. We felt the support of Grandmothers’ around the world holding us as we worked with one another.
“There was much loving attention and flow in all we did, and we were carried by that warm energy. The Grandmothers were with us throughout the day— in the meditations, rituals, singing, dancing and sharing. After a hot, dry summer, that Saturday was the first rainy day in months, but wherever we met we were provided with perfect shelter (sometimes at the last minute!).
“It became clear to us how great the need for this work is and we realize what a difference our doing this makes and how far-reaching the effects are. The work we do has now been strengthened and more women will be starting their own groups. The Grandmothers’ message will be anchored in the everyday life of many more people in German speaking countries. 
“We are deeply grateful to be part of this work and for the loving support we receive.
Thank you all – thank you Grandmothers!
All beacons in Austria, Germany & Switzerland