Peace Peace Peace

Peace Peace Peace
Peace Peace Peace,
Peace in Me
Brings Peace Peace Peace,
  Within my Family.
~ Grandmothers’ song
“Grandmothers,” I asked them, “What is the most important thing for me to learn at this moment in life?” Then I let the question go, observing with surprise as I began to float up above the Earth. And there I sat, just watching and and waiting. 
When I looked down, I saw the neighbor’s yard, the one next door to my own grandmother’s house where I used to play — the garages there, backyards and the alleyway. The fields and farmlands surrounding the old town and all the lakes there. I had a birds’ eye view and the sun was shining on it all. The air was warm and clear. “Ah!!!” I voiced as I took it in with a deep sigh.
Above all the people, above the town and the old buildings, was the sun, shining down on everything. Comforting and holding it all. “It’s shining down on me too!” I exclaimed, and then “Peace,” I sighed. 
“Peace,” I said to myself as I sat down on my grandmother’s porch. “Peace,” as I roller-skated down the sidewalk. “Peace,” as I walked my dog down to the lake. “Peace,” under the trees. “Peace,” I observed, “lies over everyone, lies over everything.
“Waves of peace are enfolding all of life,” I said. “Rising up from the Earth, so that everyone is connected, affected — ‘infected’ with Peace — in a beautiful way,” I laughed. “An enfolding and unfolding of peace is taking place. It’s down-pouring from my heart now, waves and waves of it. Peace is a billowing silken fabric with no end, to it,” I said as I watched it spread outward from my heart. “It’s rising up now and weaving itself into the Fabric of Being of the Universe. Weaving itself into the Net of Light.
“Peace,” I said again. “I get it, Grandmothers. The answer to the question I asked you is ‘Peace’. It is the most important thing for us to open to.”
Note: In their last message, the Grandmothers asked us to open to receiving so that through us, others might also receive. Remember that now as you fill with Peace.
Beacons speak about Receiving
Ingrid Elizabeth — “This message of receiving is so aligned with what’s been coming to me in various ways. Hard to believe but it truly is a time to receive, opening to more and more love and greater expansion. Thank you, Sharon, for your faithfulness to the Grandmothers’ message over these many years, through drought and abundance. Thank you, thank you for continuing to share the message you receive and for holding the container. We were made for these times.”
Christa — “What a lovely, soothing message to receive from the Grandmothers. In a way it is a relief since I have been ‘working’ intensively the other way around — giving light into the Net.
“The fulfilling work with the Net of Light has surely been intensified and amplified around me. It seems that more and more situations invite me to throw the Net. For example, at our marvelous concert hall in Zurich I had the feeling the Net carries the music to wherever it can do good. During Mass, I have the feeling the whole world is there receiving Christ’s energy and blessing. Grandmothers dance and drum in the hospital I pass by, in the supermarket, on the highways I drive through. It really has become part of my being, together with Jesus, Mother Mary, the Holy Spirit, the indigenous people in Brazil, in the Elements and their representatives. I am so totally convinced of how important it is to strengthen the feminine principle on our planet that it has become a way of life. 
“Thank you.”
Dominique — “I’m in Tsjechie (Czech Republic), and just listened to the last Online Teaching. I want to tell you that I am so grateful to know the Grandmothers, to do this work with the Net of Light. It feels as if the Great Mother is here already in Tsjechie. I also could see the image of her face in the country.
“I was called to a spring here to sing and afterwards I felt the Great Mother. This work makes me the happiest I can be. To sing for nature and feel the response.
“I am at a beautiful place for the moment. A little spot that called me. I put the Net of Light and sang my songs. I thought of you and I saw a big tunnel of light into the ground. I prayed for this beautiful country and the protection of its beautiful nature. A blessing for the whole country and I called upon the Great Mother. 
“I am grateful and it makes me happy, this relation with nature.”
May Everyone in all the Worlds be Happy