SUMMARY: ONLINE TEACHING Sunday, August 7th, 2021

SUMMARY: ONLINE TEACHING Sunday, August 7th, 2021


Sharon: Welcome to this Online Teaching. We are glad to have you with us. Today we have Peggy, Phyllis and Nadia here.

Peggy: Net of Light Meditation

Sharon: Thank you Peggy. That was beautiful.

So, we meet within the Net of Light, connected deeply and intimately with one another throughout the world.  We are right on the edge of something that we have longed for within this work.  There has begun a great influx of Goodness, and we will talk about that, and experience that.

As Peggy was doing the Net of Light meditation, I had such a strong feeling to have all of the books here. These four books span a great learning curve for all of us. The first one is “A Call to Power: The Grandmothers Speak” describes when the Grandmothers first showed up in the fall of 1996 when I was walking the dog, and got my full attention and turned my life upside down. I was shocked and thrilled by what they were teaching me, and immediately shared their concept that we are at One with the Divine, that there is no separation. And that we will be helping bring this strong Network of Light into full power.

The second book, “Our Love is Our Power”, teaches us how to work together with one another, heart to heart, in order to amplify the power of this Net of Light. The Net of Light has been reactivated during this time because of this crisis period we’re living through on earth. There is need for stability within this connection to the Light that we hold steady in our hearts. Stability comes to you and me, so we can feel grounded and hold steady in this onslaught of change we are living in, and holds the whole world steady. Our love is our power, and it’s true.

Here comes the third book, maybe written 12 years ago. This is called “Casting the Net”. We cast the Net of Light for the world, and we anchor it and hold it for ourselves, to keep ourselves steady, and keep our lives grounded. The cover of this book is a woman casting the Net of Light and holding the earth steady. We are part of that Net of Light, and we are also this woman who casts it. This image became our logo because it embodies who we are and what we do. We anchor this Light and cast this Light, and the Grandmothers said there is no greater service you can perform than this during these most unsteady times.

From there came the fourth book “Return of the Mother: Return to Love”. The Feminine Principle has returned to earth to hold, together with the Great Father, the whole of life. And we work with her and welcome her back. Both women and men work to be vessels for this power of the Feminine Principle, and she works through us, just as God the Father works through us, and together we hold this union.

This is where the writing stops for now. Along this trajectory of those four books is this tremendous escalation of growth: going from being afraid (because of course we have been indoctrinated to believe that we are not worthy or that we are not enough) to the thought of being at One with the Divine. The Grandmothers say there is no separation between the Divine and you. Over time, through many experiences, we have learned this, and they gave us songs, teachings, ceremonies, dances, and dreams, to embody that.

Anyone can access this information during this time of the Great Awakening, where we come alive to who we really are. You are the embodiment of the Divine. The last time I went to the Grandmothers, they said “you have done very well and worked very hard to clean up faulty beliefs, feelings of separation and division. And now it is time for you to receive, because you have made yourself a more expansive vessel to hold and receive love. Now we ask that you open to receive. And as you do this, the whole world will be able to receive.

I think most of you understand that you are part of the Net of Light, and of the One Love that holds all life steady. There is no separation. As you relax and say “yes, I want to receive, I am ready to receive”, we will fill you full. If you have questions or thoughts on this, send us an email.

I would like to ask the panel to talk more about the last message from the Grandmothers, which was asking us to say yes and simply receive. For now, not to work so hard, but to recognize “Ah, I am part of this Fabric of Being, I am one with the Net of Light”. More of our attention needs to be on receiving. How has that been for you?

Nadia: Well, the old doing gets in the way. I could say yes to receiving, and then this and that which is needing to be done gets in the way. What helps is the thought that as I receive, everyone else receives. It’s finding that balance.

Sharon: I got the biggest kick out of listening to you Nadia. You were basically doing what we all do “Yes… but… yes…. but….”. It takes learning and experience to recognize that the “yes” takes care of all the “buts.”

Peggy: I would say that I have experienced it, in a similar way that Nadia has. by being in this “do” mode. In this last message (“Receive for the Earth”) I found shifting into that gear was unfamiliar. How do I do that? It can’t just be a cognitive reception. If I move into my body, which we are asked to do, to see “how do you feel with this?”, I can receive in a very different way that does me some good and others benefit as well.

Phyllis: You touched this very beautifully in the meditation Peggy when you said “breathing into the core of our bodies and contacting our energy there.” There is such an ease into the heart, there, such a natural place. There is a part of the mind that says “Have I earned this? Am I enough?” This is not about any of that. It feels more like an opening to a new kind of being, a certain kind of enthusiasm, where I get excited about the power of Being more than I have before. It is enormously beneficial. There is a willingness and enthusiasm.

Sharon: We are beginning a new phase and I have no idea where it will go but it is exciting. It is further away from mental domination and into the freedom of creating and being created through. It’s like we are the painter making the painting, and we are the painting at the same time. There is so much more to be revealed, and much more freedom.

What I want to do is put you through what the Grandmothers have shown me when I ask “What is the next job in the Net of Light?”.  The Grandmothers say: you have reached a point within your capacity of learning now where the more you receive the more of a quantum field of this goodness you create, and the more people, animals, plants and beings also receive. So, give yourself time to learn how to take in even more, so that greater good will happen on this earth because you are taking this in and saying yes. I hope this is clear. We’ve been brought to this point where they are showing us who we are. They have told us for a long time that we are much greater than we think and know. We promise you that this is just a small part of what you will experience. They are beginning to give us the opportunity to learn it viscerally.

Nadia: It’s a question that came from my group last week. They said “how is that for Sharon? Because she’s “doing” all the time.”

Sharon: Thats true. I’m a happy little doer. But what has happened for me is that I am so thrilled by almost everyone and everything, I love feeling this fullness and expecting more and more of it. It’s so comforting and natural.

Nadia: It’s like flicking off the switch of the mind, and let it naturally flow into you.

Peggy: Sharon, you asked If I could read what one of the beacons in Georgia (Karen) had sent. This is what she wrote: “Wow, I could feel the energy coming into my heart and spreading throughout my body and beyond, connecting us. So powerful, and beautiful Divine Love, and a feeling of deep gratitude.”

Sharon: She spoke it so well. Thanks Peg. Thank you, Karen.

Phyllis: I don’t have words for this feeling that’s coming through me, but it’s something like such a beautiful softness, and reception that is softness. And I don’t ever know what grace means, but there is that.

Sharon: I’m so happy that you can’t define it, because it’s so much bigger than any definition. Just keep receiving it.

So, let’s experience together now this great gift from the Grandmothers who are asking us to say yes to this. I’ll share with you what the Grandmothers shared with me the best way I can. So, I went to them and asked them “What is my next job?” and they smiled as I sat there and waited, and then in the distance I saw a cascading forward movement on the horizon line, it was rolling closer, like a beautiful pinkish-peach light cloud, and it began to roll around me. And there I was told that I could say yes to this Light.

You too can say yes to that, with your own curiosity about it, and let it come. The Grandmothers said “This is available to you now. We are covering the earth. The earth is being covered and will resound with this, it is flowing with this beauty and fullness.” Its feel was like a viscous soft honey flow, with a wonderful nectar floral scent. Feel it now as it surrounds you, and the goodness penetrates through your skin, through your breath, though every part of you. You breathe it in. It fills you. It is Goodness on the move. Goodness penetrating, and fulfilling every part of you. It fills your thoughts, your bones, your being, your memories banks, your energy field, beneath your feet… This rolling, encompassing light. This light heals, blesses, uplifts. Just sit in that now, and know that as you receive and say yes to this Goodness, everything and everyone who resonates with you will in some way will be able to receive this too. You are soaking up; you are a reception point for millions. Recognize, as you sit in this and receive, how great this goodness becomes, how vast, and able to do untold good. There is great gratitude for you who are willing to be a vessel of good, and great gratitude from you for the beauty of this experience.

Notice how your body feels. There may be tingles, or temperature increasing, or you may feel discomfort where great healing is occurring. Give thanks to your body for being such a good receiver and teacher, who is so willing to help. We give thanks to the Grandmothers, for this great ride you’ve let us be on with you, and for all the leading you’ve done and will continue to do. Once more, just breathe in and breathe out that loving lovely yes, I receive, yes, I give. Keep your focus on the receiving part. The giving happens effortlessly. In your gratefulness and your great grounded steadiness feel the chair, the floor, and the room surrounding you. You are in your perfect place. You are full of grace. All of this is flowing from you wherever it is needed. You don’t even need to know where that is. The Divine knows where it’s needed, and it goes there.

Sharon and Nadia: [Sing] “Peace, peace, peace.”

Sharon: This is who we are. This is what we are here to do. This is why we have been brought together in this beautiful work with the Grandmothers. If you are wanting to be involved in this work you can go to or and contact us.

Nadia: The next online teaching will be in September, and we are changing the time to 10am PST.

Sharon: Special delivery from the Grandmothers right now *sings* “Oh how we love you, oh how we love you, oh how we love you, oh how we love you.”