Receive for the Earth

Receive for the Earth
Today I went to the Grandmothers the way I always do, asking how they next want us to work with the Net of Light. I was pushing forward as usual, ready for our next ‘assignment,’ when the Grandmothers shot me a smile. They had other plans.
“For many years,” they said, “you’ve worked hard to stay grounded in this world of change. You faced many fears, learned to forgive yourself and others, and through the Net of Light, you reached out to those who needed help. We have seen you working hard, and now we want you to sit back and observe where you are today. Rest,” they said. “You have done more good than you can imagine, so with this in mind, rest and observe as we show you something else.”
When I heard this, I sat down, waited quietly and watched. And around me, something began to move. There was a rolling motion in the atmosphere—pink or peach in color. Waves of enfolding and unfolding energy were dropping down from above the horizon and washing the world in a pinkish tone. Softness touched me then and I smelled something faint and sweet. Like nectar or honey.
Instantly my body slowed and my mind did too as I was enfolded in this soft peachy-pink. Cradled by it, my body itself began to unfold. To release and open. Breathing slowed, and there was a letting go…. Everything was softening. Thoughts, breath, ideas, muscles…. everything. I was being tenderly washed in light, rocked in a cascade of honey-colored energy…. until I was full of it. And, though now I was full to over-flowing, I was still filling.
Rocking back and forth like this, I heard the the Grandmothers say, “R e c e I v e. For a long time you have laboured hard, and that time of hard work is over now. Let us fill you and fill all the spaces you have worked on. Let us do the work now,” they said, “and you…. you become a receptacle. A reservoir of goodness. Vast!” they whispered in my ear. “Open to take this in. Breathe it in, and as you do, recognize that because you are part of the great Net of Light that holds the cosmos, everyone and everything within the Net of Light is also receiving. Your reception is triggering theirs. Breathe it,” they said. “Feel it! Believe it!
“Open to receive,” they repeated. And I did as they directed. “Receive for yourself,” they said. “Receive for the trees, for the Earth Herself, for the waters, for the animals, plants, peoples and all forms of life. Receive for the ancestors and for all beings throughout the Universe. Receive!” They demanded and I could feel the tremendous state of expansion I was in. Then, with faces radiating love, the Grandmothers said, “As you open to this, so does everyone. Your decision to say ‘yes’ to this inflow of good allows it to move throughout all of creation. Do your part now,” they said, holding me with their eyes. Then they shook their heads, laughed at my look of stunned surprise and said, “At this time, this is your part to do. Receive.”
Despite the daily bombardment of terrible events on Earth now, there is a vast inflow of love, light and good taking place, and the Grandmothers are asking us to open to it. To receive this good the Divine is pouring into the Earth now and remember that as we open to it, good is able to pour throughout all of creation. This is the ‘work’ they are asking us to ‘do’. We are to say ‘yes’ to the good we’re being given. To simply say, “Yes!” Can you bring yourself to say ‘YES!’?
To help increase this supply of goodness for all life, we will ‘work’ together on August 7 at the next Net of Light on-line teaching. Join us then as we stretch ourselves and further grow our capacity to open, receive and give.
What a ‘job’, huh?
Sharon & the Net of Light team