SUMMARY: Online Teaching Sunday, July 3rd, 2022

SUMMARY: Online Teaching Sunday, July 3rd, 2022

Sharon: Welcome to the Net of Light Online Teaching for July. We are glad that we are all together. Today we have Nadia from Belgium, Phyllis from Berkeley, Peggy from Alabama, Emily from Middletown in Northern California, and me here in Petaluma, California. And many of you are tuning in from different parts of the world.
We are in the middle of learning how to commune more closely with Nature, and that is what we will be working with today.
The good that comes from this meeting today will be magnified through the strands of the Net of Light, that holds this earth and the cosmos in its embrace. Together we will magnify the One Great Love that supports all life at this time. The Grandmothers have told us that there is no greater service you can perform than to hold steady with the Net of Light, which is holding and filling the earth with light now. So, this we gladly do.

Sharon: Net of light meditation

Sharon: We are all moving into Oneness now. For most of our lives we have spent our time dealing with and combatting pain: mental pain, physical pain, emotional pain. But now we are turning the corner into Oneness. Your capacity to receive has increased. The Net of Light helps you. This is time for homecoming. This work is always cumulative.
Each of you now feel your body temperature, position, movement … whatever you feel, take inventory. That will be helpful, because you will know where you are right now, and then we will move on from there. Moving always to a greater, more expansive, more loving place.
I’d like to ask the panel to give some feedback on what you are experiencing right now.
Phyllis: A plant came to me and breathed herself into me. It felt like a soft resonance, and I feel so grateful for Nature of course, but also my garden within my daily life. I’m focusing on the pleasure, and the intimacy, inviting the elements to be in harmony within me and out there. It’s my greatest pleasure now.
Sharon: What a great idea to open to the weaving of the Oneness with Nature. Thank you.
Peggy: I feel a sense of immediacy being out in Nature. I’ve grown up loving to be outside, nature is the ground of my being. In my daily walk there is this immediacy of the elements. I am aware of walking on earth, drinking water, feeling the fire of the sun and my body metabolizing what nature gave me for breakfast. I’m breathing the air and the scent of the flowers. This morning it went another step, as I was feeling all the things I just described, and there was an expansion. It became I AM the earth I’m walking upon, I AM the water I’m drinking, I AM the fire of the sun and furnace inside my body, I AM the air I’m breathing and the fragrance of the flowers. Things lit up in a new way to feel that presence of the I AM-ness of it. It was a beautiful experience, and I am hoping that will herald a whole new appreciation on my walks, and throughout the day.
Emily: Through the meditation I found myself feeling such a deep sense of peace, and slowness, and spaciousness. I had a sense of me flowing, and that I don’t know where I start or where I end. I am reminded of a time I was on a hike, and I was really trying to “get there”, and on the way back I thought, what would happen if I wasn’t trying to get anywhere? And it was like the whole world opened around me and I started to hear the sound of the sand and felt the crunch under my boot and noticed the bush that I was walking past and felt this communing. This communing is happening all the time, in every moment, between all the cells in my body and every other cell. It’s this information and feeling going back and forth on all different levels. And as I slow down, I partake more in that which is always happening.
Sharon: It makes me think of when the Grandmothers say, “Go slow, go deep, you will find us there.” Thank you.
Nadia: At some point during the meditation, I really felt the slowing down and felt blanketed and held, and at one point I wondered where my body starts, and it felt nice. Towards the end, my hands were being held and it’s nice to know that, even indoors, you are so deeply connected if you are still enough.
Sharon: Even indoors the air moves through you, the water is moving through your body, the earth is supporting you, and the warmth of the sun and the furnace are keeping you warm or cool.
We are turning to Nature now because it is home base for human beings. It is where we can go now to help heal our planet. If we look at the world now, all hell is breaking loose. Every day is a new horror and bombardment, and that can drive us crazy if we let it. There is no way by fighting that we can get anywhere. However, Nature is the ultimate intelligence. We human beings are Nature. So, if we turn within ourselves, and open our heart to the great natural world, then something new can happen. We are a part of Nature’s intelligence.
Our need to commune with Nature is great now, and we are being called to do that to save ourselves and our planet. This is a time of great healing and awakening. There is this awakening of our Oneness, and an end to separation from one another, from Nature, and from God. There is a beginning of this enfoldment. If you take the time to go outside into Nature, or even stay inside and think of Nature, and your love of the trees, the ocean, rivers, or your garden, or whatever it is, then you can have that feeling of at-homeness within her, of wholeness.
Last time we shared some simple steps to take, within this work with the Grandmothers and the Net of Light. We always work for ourselves, and, because we work with the Net of Light, we also work for all beings. So whatever good we are doing, we are doing for all life, and thus these changes are occurring on Earth.

I want to say a deep and endless ‘thank you’ to each of you who have internalized this work with the Net of Light, who cast this Net of Light for the family of life everywhere, who live and walk as a blessing. Thank you to those who have paid attention to the urges within yourself, who listen to the Teachings, who align yourselves with the highest good of all, who seek the highest good for all, including yourself. You are a big part of why we are making this turn now. The Grandmothers say you have no idea of the importance of the work you do. Your mind might think “I’m just one person, what can I do?”, and the Grandmothers say that your prayer or action does more good than you will ever know. Never hold back to reach out and give to someone. That is why we can achieve this kind of communion with Nature now, that we may not have been able to do a few years ago.

I have had a similar experience as Phyllis, where a plant came to me, and I would never have thought it was possible. I talk about it in the fourth book “The Return of The Mother, A return to love”. I talked about going to this spring in Latvia and we went in there to fill our bottles and we started singing to the water (“water we love you, water we thank you….”) over and over again, and the spring started bubbling more than before, responding. As long as we sang it kept bubbling like that. I had never seen anything like that: Nature responding to love that way. But I have seen it since, over and over again. Notice Nature responding to you. The more we are open to and interested in communing with the natural world, the more it can speak to us, because our interest puts out an invitation. Have fun and play with it.

Back to the practicalities. Basically, you call upon the Net of Light (by yourself, or in a group which is even more powerful) and any form of the Divine you love. Think of the Ancestors of the light, and the beauty of that is this work goes into what we think of the past and embraces with all forgiveness and healing. Call on the Ancestors of the light, call on the spirits of Nature (by their names if you know them), call on the elements, (earth, air, fire, water, ether), so that every aspect of the natural world is embraced and honored. Call upon the ascended beings who have lived their lives on earth and now live in other realms but still love and work with those on earth. Call upon your higher consciousness within your own self. This way you include everything and everybody. Then you open yourself to Nature. It could be a place of great beauty, or of great need. And if you can go there then do that, and if not think of it, and amplify the One Love and Light of the Net of Light, to hold and enfold, to bless and love that place. Start with that, start there, alone or in group.

I know a group near Laguna Beach who go and sit with this tree and work with the Net of Light through her root system. Phyllis, Emily, and I went to the coast the other day and worked with a labyrinth above the sea south of San Francisco, and by working there, the light and energy went into the waters of the Pacific. You can do this anywhere, everywhere. The entire earth is sacred, and it longs for communion with us as much as we long for it.

I’m going to ask the panel now to offer any suggestions or thoughts that come to you.

Peggy: What I’m struck with is that Nature wants to communicate with us as much as we want to communicate with Nature. Nature has been missing us and wants to come home to us. I have been adopting a playful attitude with this. Yesterday I was playing with a bird called a killdeer that had flown onto our garage roof. If the bird chirped, I would chirp. The bird was kind of surprised and continued to chirp as I chirped back. I had such a wonderful time, out of playfulness and spontaneity.
Nadia: For me, playing takes the form of singing while I walk, where you just feel the response of everything around you.
Phyllis: There is such a gratitude and delight that I feel with the Net of Light, and this relationship with Nature, which is more intentional and conscious. I feel like it’s so important for us as individuals to come to each other through Nature. This weaving is vital right now, and then the beauty, intimacy, honoring, and joy comes into the Net of Light.
Nadia: While you were talking Phyllis, my thought was that by doing what Sharon was explaining, we are opening enough for Nature to be able to interact with us, and for us to be humble enough to allow healing to take place. That will restore everything between humans and everything that lives.
Sharon: [sings:] “Earth in my body, water in my veins, air in my breathing, fire in my heart.”
I salute the fire in your heart.
Nadia: [sings:] “Humbly we sit here, humbly we sing here, humbly we bless the ground…”
Sharon: We will see you again, the first weekend in August. Someone else will run it because Peggy and I will be at a wedding.