SUMMARY, ONLINE TEACHING Sunday, November 6th, 2022

SUMMARY, ONLINE TEACHING Sunday, November 6th, 2022

Sharon: Welcome to our November Online Teaching, 2022.

We meet once a month like this, coming together from all over the world to learn and share together the Grandmothers’ teachings.  They have guided us for years and have brought us close together and into Oneness with them, and with all forms of the Divine. For those who are new to this, the Grandmothers are not a religion, they are teachers and embodiments of the Divine.  They have come at this particular time to teach us the way back to union with all of Life.  They have come to usher in the Great Mother, bring her back to Earth, so that we learn how to live the Love, breathe it in and out, and be part of the Universal Love for one another, and for everything that lives. They have brought us, one step at a time, teaching us that we live and work beyond any kind of borders.  There is no limit to what we do, no limitation of time and space, and of different realms of life.  We are at one with our ancestral lines, with the Ancestors of the Light, and constantly in support of the Ancestors of the Land.  We work with all beings from all times.  And so, as this has progressed, one step at a time, we grow in love, power, and understanding.  This will never stop.

For the last two years the Grandmothers have had us working and coming into oneness with all of Nature.  Humans are not separate from nature; our very bodies are comprised of the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether (space).  We embody these elements and are embodied by them.  They are calling us back to union with Nature.  That can sound foreign to us because we’ve been so mentally focused, and conditioned to only trust the Mind, and the things of the mind.  And yet this way of relating, to the waters, trees, plants, and animals, to everything, is beyond the mind, and cannot be confined by the mind.  This is a different kind of learning.  It is our earliest learning.

We are born with a deep love of and understanding of Nature; at one with the enfoldment of the life force here on Earth, and throughout the cosmos.  But we have been so conditioned by all of our societal demands that we began to distrust that we really could communicate with nature.  And yet, as we live now, more and more into the foreground come these little teachings; like “oh! there is this whole mycelial layer that the plants use to communicate with one another”, or of the birds knowing where to migrate, or the salmon climbing the water to where its family line has laid its eggs. How can we explain all these things?  And then, in 2014, through the use of the Hubble telescope, science discovered the Net of Light, which they call the “cosmic web”, which holds and connects everything throughout the Universe.  This is not an idea; this is a physical reality.  This Net of Light, that holds us all in Oneness, is what we rely on.

We work with the Net of Light every day.  By so doing, we have strengthened its bond with us, with the Earth, and the entire Cosmos.  As this strengthening goes on and on, we become more enlightened about who we really are, how great we really are, how vast our grasp is, and what we are capable of.  We will work, as we always do, with the Net of Light, and then share together how we are now anchoring the Net of Light throughout all of nature, and how nature in turn is anchoring itself within us.  We are returning to the great Oneness, the One Love.

Sharon: Net of Light Meditation

Sharon: That Peace is enfolding you and holding every being.  Each time you think this thought, or sing the Grandmothers’ songs, the Net of Light is growing stronger; more and more able to feed light into every living thing.  No matter the grave changes we are going through now, underneath it all, this is what’s happening.  And this is why we were born: To hold life steady during these most unsteady times.  Thank you for who you are.

We have with us today Sinead from Ireland, Mary from Southern California, Peggy from Southeastern United States, and Kate from Southern California.

Together we are going to talk about working with Nature. Before we start, many of you have formed a Nature’s Support Team for yourself, so you can begin to feel more comfortable and confident with working with nature.

I will reiterate that for those who are new. Basically, we are inviting the Spirits of Nature to help teach us how to open ourselves to Nature.  Many of us are calling on the Spirits of Nature, including Pan (the largest over-lighting Spirit of Nature).  We are also calling on the Ascended Beings, who are not in physical form, but who come to us as teachers and healers. The Grandmothers are in this particular group, along with Jesus, Buddha, Allah and more. We also call on our own Higher Self, the self who never forgets who he or she is.  This is the core of our inner being.

In Joshua Tree last March we spent several hours communicating with these beings, asking them to help enlighten us, and open our hearts, so that we can learn once again that we are one with nature.  That we could sense her and be with her.

The other thing that I would like to mention is that it can be frustrating to try and communicate with nature if you are relying on the old ways of learning with the mind.  This is about eagerly waiting and being willing to confess to your own ignorance.  For example, embracing humility, and, with love, asking the trees to teach you.  Then thoughts, feelings, songs, memories, and awareness come.

I would like to ask everyone to chime in with what you’re learning and what is challenging.

Sinead: I can certainly speak of my own experience. I find that when I am looking to get in touch with the Grandmothers, and work with the Net of Light, I get out in nature.  Through breathing, I immediately feel the tangible visceral feeling of being alive and moving at one, with no sense of separation, by being deep in my heart.  Not coming from the mind.  Not doing and trying.   More being in that place of Oneness and opening. Not allowing the fear of the unknown to prevent that incredible love of Nature, the Great Mother and the Grandmothers. To allow them to come in and give you everything that you are looking for, and that you need.  It’s really a matter of opening and being in your heart all the way.  Accept that you are a part of nature, and do not take on any of the patriarchal agendas.  Instead, breathe with the feminine principle, and breathe with the Grandmothers, taking in all that love, and connection with the Earth.  Welcome in the Elementals.  From my experience, once you open the door, they will come flooding in.  Let them come to you, and they will recognize you.  They are just waiting for you.  But you have to make yourself available.  Sit, be, be in the surroundings of nature.  If you are indoors, be near something that is an element of fire, water, mineral, air, or ether.  There are many ways of connecting. If you are having a hard time connecting, then practice going out in nature more often and stay there for as long as you need.

Sharon: Thank you. Who better than the Irish lass to start us off with that!

Mary, the other day you said something so funny. You were so into this work you said, “I feel like I’m pregnant”!

Mary: Yes. Well, I had another experience with that this morning.  For me, to lose the edges of my human character and embody Mother Nature, I love to be quiet in the morning and go out barefoot in my garden.  I look forward to this time so much.  As I sit and do my meditation, while greeting all the flower fairies, Pan, and all Nature Spirits.  I literally see myself holding the Earth.  This glowing rose-gold Earth, which I adore.  It’s like I’m mothering the Earth by cradling and singing to her.  Then she goes right into my womb.  I feel like the Mother is the womb of everything.  Everything we drink, eat, breathe, touch, she gives us.  Sometimes I feel her approach from behind me, and then fuse into me, and the separation eases away.  It is so joyous and brings me to a space of lightness.  I think it’s the way the Grandmothers are guiding me, because I have asked for it.  They just say “relax, release, let go, and receive.”. Being in nature, I adore it.

Sharon: And it adores you.

Peggy: I am already so deeply impressed with how beautifully Sinead and Mary have spoken. I’ve worked with nature deeply for about 15 years, but it has only been within the past 2-3 years that there has been this great shift from this more mental process of connecting with nature, to now where there’s much more of an integration.  The mind keeps us from seeing what’s there.  We must see rather through the heart.  If you are on a learning curve, take seriously this idea of softening in your heart.  I give myself every possible opportunity to practice this.  I love being outside, and, when I am, then I’m much more conscious about inviting in whatever the lesson is that is needed.  As I walk my two big dogs on my morning walk, I have been practicing softening my heart, and having a soft focus with my eyes.  It invites a deeper level of experience than before.

Also, along with casting the Net of Light to all that is outside the physical body, now I also cast the Net of Light to the inside of my body.  It is another way that helps the boundaries dissolve.  There is a flowing.  It reminds me that of course I am nature!  How could I not be?

Sharon: Thank you for sharing those useful techniques. I am reminded to soften my eyes. I will do that.  And to remember that, when we are casting the Net of Light, it is to ourselves also.

Kate: I don’t have a lot to add because it’s been such a rich experience already. I would like to share that for me it is a miracle in the moment when I walk up to a tree. I was in Central Park last week, part of 10 million souls in New York City in the vertical canyons of concrete and bustle. I put my hand on a beautiful tree, and in that moment, I felt, through my heart, the tree’s spirit.  I didn’t get words or guidance, but it was a beautiful connection and communing.  I kept thinking that Nature is the Beloved, and we are the Beloved.  One of the things that helps enter into this beautiful relationship is to just observe and use all of my senses. It is in noticing the specific beauty of every detail, and loving, that the energy starts to flow.

Sharon: Thank you everybody.

I know more of you want to work with nature. As Peggy has said, working with this team (the Elementals, Ascended Beings, and your own Inner Self) is useful. And it helps to remind you that you are not alone, that this is not something that you have to do by yourself and that you have to work at. It is just allowing all these forces of life to come in and work with you.

So, let’s do that a little bit. We will all do it together.

First of all, we are all connected. Our hearts are connected now, in this Zoom meeting, and within the Great Net of Light, and within the Great Love.

In this place you can just think “I want to open to my connection with nature, and I would love to have my own team to work with. It’s nothing I have to think about. It will just come as it will.”

So, to begin, just say “yes.”  And agree that you want to be fully part of Nature.  Invite now the Spirits of Nature, which could be the leprechauns, the devas, the little menehunes in Hawaii, maybe the dryads, the Nyad’s… any form you may have heard of.  These are the spirits of nature, who work with her to bring health and life and well-being everywhere.  We say “yes, I welcome you.  Please help me make more contact with myself and with nature.”  You can include Pan here.  And then, along with these nature spirits, we always invite in and honor the Elements themselves. We invite in any of the Great Teachers and Great Beings who might be helpful to us. Some may come to mind; some you may recognize and some you may not.  All are welcome if they can help you.  Then invite in your Higher Self.  All you have to do is think of that.  There is no more to it than that.

Having brought this team together in your mind, ask for the image of a tree to come to you now.  It can be a tree you know, or one you have never seen.  This great tree being, in plant form, connects both Heaven and Earth.  Imagine the roots spreading deep and wide, and the branches spreading high and wide.  Drawing the warmth and light of the sun down, and watch as it creates the greening of the needles and leaves.  Through the roots draw in the minerals, and the water, feeding the tree from below, feeding the tree from above.  This great tree.  Go forward and put your arms around the tree, in a greeting, a hug.  Then turn around and let yourself fall back on the tree and rest.  You may be lying down, standing, or sitting.   As you fall back, feel the tree accepting your weight and holding you.  Aligned with the trunk of the tree, you breathe with it.  Effortlessly.  The tree is a great giver, and it breathes, giving to you, and you receive from the tree.  Every good thing comes up through your roots. You may feel that in your lower body and in your feet and legs… Coming in through your branches… And reach high… And you may feel that through your spinal column, and through your hair and scalp and arms and hands.  And you just rest against this tree. Ask your team to help you to open more and more.  To receive from her and give to her. Receiving love, giving love… Receiving understanding, and giving understanding…. Receiving compassion, and giving compassion… Effortlessly breathing in, and breathing out. Part of the Great Giving, part of the Great Love. Rest here against the tree. Receiving all you need.

May you be blessed. May every being be blessed. May all the beings in all the worlds be happy. And that includes you.

We will see you next month.