What’s moving through the Grandmothers’ Universe at this time?

What’s moving through the Grandmothers’ Universe at this time?
“The time for community, the time for communion, has come,” the Grandmothers announced. “Commune with one another; commune with nature; commune with us. Join together. The time of the lone operator is over,” they said. “So open your hearts and share. Share,” they repeated. “Seek one another out. Stay in touch with each other. Touch and share what touches you. More love, more togetherness, more, more!” they spread their arms wide.
~ page 150 , Return of the Mother, Return to Love
* * * *
A group of us were sitting about (on zoom) and began sharing what we knew would be “coming down the pike” in the Grandmothers’ world. There was such a feeling of excitement and a particular coming to life, that we decided to share this with all of you.
Of course, many Beacons continue to have individual zoom meetings, and some live or hybrid meetings too. Sharon is still offering her monthly 40-minute Online Teaching on the first Sunday of the month (1 p.m. PST). 
Formal regional meetings between the Regional Coordinator(s) and their Beacons have also been happening via zoom, facilitating a strong sense of community and a sharing of experience. Even some in-person Beacon meetings have occurred, or are in the planning stages.
As the various impacts of the Pandemic continue, we have recognized that there are many blessings that have surfaced through the heavy reliance on the zoom meetings. Strong cross-geographic connections are being made, as people are learning a new way of gathering, and are feeling empowered to reach through this medium.
For example, we now have an exciting opportunity to connect this coming November 3rd, either through zoom or the ethers, to a deep healing ceremony for “the Sacred Isles” of the UK and Ireland, led by Jackie Singer, RC for the UK. This 90-minute ceremony will include a Net of Light meditation, followed by a deep anchoring ceremony into the earth, and is timed to coincide with the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. (A more complete description of this event will be sent separately.)
Gatherings, too, are being planned. The Southwestern Region of the US is holding an in-person Beacon Regional gathering at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico toward the end of this month.  Our very beloved Joshua Tree Gathering is being planned for mid-March 2022. A Southeastern Regional meeting is being slated for mid-May of 2022.  (Please note that not all Gatherings are necessarily open to all, as some have regional limits.) 
Let’s not forget the very exciting publication of the fourth book: Return of the Mother, Return to Love.  This book currently has no publisher but is self- published on Amazon. As such, we need to ask you all to please take the time to share comments on Amazon when you have read it, as this will help promote the book through their mysterious “algorithm.”
This book has been remarked on by many who have read it as instantly accessible, a kind of ‘homecoming’, and pure Divine inspiration. The richness of the teachings within, and the great blessing that flows directly off the page must be experienced to be appreciated. 
“You’re on your way to greatness, on your way to goodness, on your way to a life you cannot begin to imagine. Don’t become overly fascinated by those patches of darkness surfacing all over your planet now” … “Keep your focus on the great light that’s glowing ahead of you. This is where you are going. Bless everyone you meet on this journey, bless everyone and everything, and keep on moving forward.