SUMMARY: ONLINE TEACHING Sunday, October 3rd, 2021

SUMMARY: ONLINE TEACHING Sunday, October 3rd, 2021

Sharon: Welcome to the Net of Light Online Teaching. We meet like this once a month in order that we can support one another as we as we learn to live the Grandmothers’ message.

These are the times we were born for.  If you are here, it’s no accident. The Grandmothers say, “we call those to this work whom we want.” And so, if you’re here, it is because they’ve called you.

Today, we are going to be with three grandmothers from different parts of the world: Sinead from Ireland, Louise from Canada, and Jenny from Colorado in the Southwest of the United States.  We’re going to be asking ourselves: How we are living this message?

Kate: Net of Light Meditation

Sharon:  Please notice how your body feels right now. Notice whatever you feel, without judging yourself for it. Just notice. Let your body communicate with you that which needs to be communicated. Let be what is. The body is a great friend and teacher and can always be counted on to show us what needs attention now. Whatever needs attention within you now is most welcome, and we say yes to giving it the attention. There’s nothing we say no to, it’s all yes, “welcome, yes”. This is life. We are in it together.

Sharon: Sinead, how are the Grandmothers working in your life right now, and what are you learning?

Sinead: The first thing that came up with this question was the feeling of the Grandmothers being very much an intense force of love and a buffering, loving embrace.  That has helped me through this year, as I have been dealing with a lot of bureaucracy and patriarchy in setting up a website.  I was trying to bring the energy of the Divine Feminine and things of a of a heart-nature and a heart-base, into a framework. So, the Grandmothers came in for me this year by being this buffer of love between me and the hard edges of my project that felt difficult to get around or difficult to move past.  I suppose, as well, with the outer world having so much division and polarity, with love being the tool and love being the way, the Grandmothers helped me as a force within to really trust and rely on that force of love. As in love is our power. Really working with that as a mechanic, as a “go to”. As a visceral place within.

Sharon: Our love is our power.  Because the world is constantly saying “No: Force is power, and control is power,” but the Grandmothers never deviate and say: “Our love is our power.”

Sinead: Yes, how it came is a loving soft sense of “Trust us, not with your mind, but within your heart and breath.” In the latest book, Return of the Mother, page 111, they say: “There is a two-way flow of love taking place.”  They also say, “We are as close as the air that you breathe.” And this has stayed with me strongly. That is how close I feel them. And it is really a visceral close soft embrace.

Sharon: Thank you so much for sharing that, I could feel that dropping into the center of me a bit more when you spoke.  

Louise: I also look for the Grandmothers’ integration into everyday life. Some time ago, in one of the Grandmothers’ newsletters, it was said, “the Grandmothers come with you when you walk into a room.”  Having them basically be part be part of my thought, word and action, wherever I am, tuning in quietly, listening, using intuition; I try to live that every day. That is the art, to have the Grandmothers acting in our life all the time! There are ways to do that. For one, just taking some time to be quiet, and to listen. I often use the Stone Circle Meditation to listen for guidance, and then respond to that guidance. We have a weekly Canadian Zoom meeting, and the power of that hour sort of floats us through the week… That is very lovely.

Sharon: Yeah, I can feel that connection as you speak. By the way, Louise is the Regional Coordinator for Canada, and interfaces with US Beacons as well.

Jenny, did you want to add anything? Jenny is the Regional Coordinator of the Southwest, and she shares that role with Anita Albright.

Jenny: Yes, on a personal note my father passed on September 8th. He was 92 and it was a peaceful passing. Two nights later I had a dream in which I saw a sheer piece of fabric, kind of hanging off the edge of something. I had the desire to see it more clearly. When I woke up I thought “Oh, that is the Fabric of Being that the Grandmothers spoke of!” I looked in the books about the Fabric of Being, and in the book (A Call to Power) they say:

“We give this meditation to move you beyond the sense of limitation and smallness. The fabric of being will move you beyond mental divisions of “me” or “mine”, “you” or “yours.”. These are tiny concepts, not even pinpoints.  They are not what you are. You are great. You are the deep blue ever-reaching blanket of the night sky. Meditating on the Fabric of Being will heal worry, nervousness and release stress. It releases negative mental and emotional states, because the Fabric of Being is the truth of who you are!”

And the assurance that I got from that dream, in the timeliness from my father’s passing, was that he is in another form, he is still with me, and being of the love, the web. I work with textiles and am thinking I may make an art piece about that.

Also, another way that the Grandmothers work with me is that back during the Pandemic, I started doing a weekly shared meditation (at first the Power of Wings, and then the Tree of Life) [found in the Grandmothers’ Workbook chapters at the end of books 1-4].  It is a way to create sacred space in my life. With this shared meditation I start with lighting a candle and smudge, and then I open the book and read what I open to. Everyone calls in and I lead the meditation on the call. I do it Monday mornings at 10am (Mountain Time) each week. It is an opportunity for people to gather and connect in a viable life-affirming practice.

Sharon: I haven’t been on your calls yet, but I will. I have been on Harriette McDonough’s guided meditation, which are on Wednesdays, and whenever I do that it sets me up into a beautiful energy field. And I try to keep myself in that elevated place, so that I can be “a walking blessing on the Earth” as the Grandmothers say. And yet the world is full of distractions that are constantly pulling at you! So, to come in on one of these calls is just like getting a great present. So, Jenny thank you, what a beautiful service you are offering.

 (To Sinead, Louise and Jenny:) Do you have anything else you would like to share? What is the universe teaching you now? what is showing up in your life that is moving you forward?

Louise: In perceiving gentle nudging from the Grandmothers, I “follow the light trail.”   which is: if something is sparkly or lit up then to trust that and to follow it, even if it “doesn’t make any sense.”  It speaks to ideas that may make no sense rationally but feel right within your heart.  I am working on a project now I am calling the “Grandmothers House,” which is the most sparkly thing that is lighting up right now, and so we are going to do it!  And of course, it has ended up being Grace in many directions. It is still unfolding, and I think there is a purpose with that project that will benefit many.

Jenny: My intuition sometimes tells me to go to the thrift store, there’s a treasure waiting for me, so I went a few weeks ago and found this lovely piece of gold fabric, and you can kind of see through it, and I thought that at our upcoming gathering at Ghost Ranch people can take turns wearing “the Net of Light!”

Sharon: For those of you who don’t know, we are having a Regional Beacon’s Gathering this October at “Ghost Ranch” in New Mexico. Also, if all goes well, we will have another Gathering for all at Joshua Tree National Monument in California in March, God willing!

Yes, there is no place that the Grandmothers are not.  So, if you’re in the thrift store, keep an eye out; if you are in an ice cream store, keep an eye out!  The Grandmothers’ say “there is no part of the world that is not sacred. We are always with you, so expect wonderful surprises all the time!”

Sinead: There was one more thing I would like to say.  It is similar to what Louise was saying about “following the light trail.”  Something that I find really beneficial, if you’re having a problem finding that light, if you’re just needing to switch into the heart and into the Grandmothers’ rhythm, play the songs!  Go right to the songs on the website and play them one after the other, and just stay there until you’re until you’re back on track. It just works a treat!

Sharon: Yes, that’s why we recorded all the songs and you’ll find them on the media page, at or, and you can download them.

I’m learning after all these years – I’m relearning – how all-pervasive the Grandmothers are, how all-pervasive the Divine is.

It doesn’t matter if you think of the Divine as the Grandmothers, or you think of them as Jesus, or you think of them as Allah, or you think of them as Sai Baba.  It doesn’t matter. God is infinite and shows up in all forms at any time, for our sake. So, if you need a personal connection with God, and you just can’t relate to some of the old ways, ask for that, it will come to you. God is not limited; the Divine is never limited. We humans put limits on things, we lay rules and regulations, “you must do this.”  But it is your birthright to have your own relationship with God, and to have that be true and right for you. That is the way it is. Trust that the Grandmothers have come at this time, and in this form, because the world needs mothering now. You can call on the Grandmothers. They don’t care how you call on them, they will help send you the guidance that you need. Many of us had been starving for this personal deep-down visceral connection with the Divine. And the Divine has responded.

So, I asked everybody on the call to look at the books to see if there was a quote that meant something to you and, and as I was walking up the stairs, I grabbed the book Return of the Mother.”  On page 31, and they just had a small thing to say, but boy was it right. The Grandmothers said: “Changing and changes.  All is changing, and nothing will be the same. Nothing. You need to prepare.”

So, we are in preparation for all this changing that is beginning now. All the old ways on earth are cracking off. You see it happening every single day. We don’t know where we’re going, but the Grandmothers encourage us to choose love at every turn, not to choose fear.  Yes, everything is shaken up, and will be more shaken up, and the only way we can prepare is to prepare our hearts in love, to choose love and say “yes.” To love at every opportunity. That will bring us happiness, that will bring us inner peace, and it will never fail.

So, as we finish our meeting together we’re going to go in and ask the Grandmothers for the guidance that we need now:

So together we call on the Net of Light. Every time you think of the radiant Net of Light, it is present. And so together we ask for our connection with the Net of Light and here it is. You cannot go beyond the reach of the Divine. There is nowhere where the Divine is not. And the Net of Light is a beautiful way to experience that.

So, let yourself sit down now on the Net of Light and be held in light. Somewhere where two cross currents of light meet, sit there and let the Net of Light hold you and enfold you. It rocks you and cradles you in light. You are cherished and held in light and at the same time the Net of Light is breathing through you and your love is running through its fibers, and you are at one with one love. Held in love, now and forevermore.

 (Sharon sings): The river she is flowing, flowing and growing. The river she is flowing, down to the sea. “Grandmothers carry me, your child I will always be. Grandmothers carry me, down to the sea…”

Let yourself be held.  Let yourself be cared for.  Let yourself be loved. You are so loved.