SUMMARY: ONLINE TEACHING – Sunday, August 1st, 2021

SUMMARY: ONLINE TEACHING – Sunday, August 1st, 2021

Sharon: Welcome, welcome to the Net of Light, to the Online Teaching today. These happen on the first Sunday of every month at this time.

If you are here, it is because your heart has called you here, and we welcome you. Our hearts unite at these times, and as we do that, we have a lot to give. A lot is given through us, to our beloved Earth.

You can learn more about the Net of Light and about this work of the Great Council of the Grandmothers if you go to the websites: or You can reach us through either of those sites. Our websites are loaded with information, songs, interviews, videos, stories, and archives of the Grandmothers’ messages.

Today we will be talking about the Return of the Mother. This is the time that has been foretold throughout all the indigenous cultures, throughout the Hindu Vedas, throughout many systems of spirituality on Earth.  We are here now, and we are vessels for this work. The Grandmothers told us early on that they are the Grand Mothers and they have come to light the way for the return of the Mother. And they added, “The world needs mothering now. And so, we have come.” We are their happy instruments, so glad to be a part of this work. We have formed this very strong and loving family of Light that exists all over this world. You are welcome to it.

Nadia: Net of Light Meditation

Sharon: Each time we come together like this, we strengthen the Net of Light during these times of change we are living through. It is our particular job to do now, and all who want to join us may do this.

The Net of Light exists beyond time and space, forever, going back into the past and forward into the future. The Net of Light is, and we are part of it. It is our joy to know that.

The Grandmothers work has been going on for years now. It is the lighted construct of love that supports life on earth now. This particular planet is in danger now, and so we have been given this work to do. To this end, the Grandmothers have written several books in order to help us. The last book is called the Return of the Mother, and it is just out now. It can be purchased on Amazon, or through our website. We will be talking about this today. The work gets bigger and more expansive and more joyful. The Grandmothers are taking us further and further on this journey. First, they were getting us to understand who they were, what they were here for and now…

Sharon (Song): “I am one with the heart of the Mother, I am one with the heart of Love. I am one with the heart of the Father, I am one with God.”

The first time I heard that I thought “Oh, that is blasphemy, I can’t say ‘I am one with God’”. I had a lot to learn, and it has been a joy to learn it.  The Return of the Mother puts into clear words what is happening on Earth and what is happening inside us. It is the return of the feminine joy of creation. The uptake of yin energy and we are part of that and the world is starved for.

I have asked a couple of the grandmothers to join us today, who have read or are reading the new book. I also got some feedback about the book from James in Washington state, and also from Constance in Southern California, which I will share.

Constance wrote: “I no longer call on the Grandmothers as if they are far away. They are a part of me now. I am the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. I am beginning to live this. Working with each of the elements has also made this more real to me. I think of the air in my breath, the emotions in the water, the earth in my body.”

Peggy: I so completely agree with Constance. The divine is not an external agent to me anymore.  It’s not 100%, but when I look back at beginning the work many years ago, I feel I am in a different psyche, a different body, because now I have seated so much of what the Grandmothers have been teaching all along.   At first there were baby steps, and now suddenly giant strides are happening.   Before, my appeal was going outside of myself, asking to be an open channel or a vessel, but now, I have much more of a knowing or a remembrance that I am already one with the Grandmothers, with the Divine.  Once I got past the resistance of “Who am I to have or be that?”, it is has become ‘no holds barred’ with seating the Divine within me.  So, knowing there is this union is very joyful, but also its new ground.  Sometimes it becomes a kind of “push me, pull you” with such yearning for it, yet at the same time wondering if it is really possible to be god on earth.  As I realized that I read this book so quickly in comparison with how slowly I read the first three books, I became aware that the first three were preparing the ground for this revelatory book. I will read it again, I always read the Grandmothers books at least three times, and I pick up new things each time, for this is how the Grandmothers’ Teachings work.

Phyllis: I got this book about a week ago, and I was looking at it and a word came to me: “pivotal.”  I can feel the connection, the work with the elements and the sprits of nature is what is pivotal in strengthening my relation to the Net of Light and this work.   I feel the true connection and communion with all of Nature, the elements, with you.  I see how things I have been working with, living, uncovering and evolving for decades are now like curtains are coming up, and the cellophane is being removed.  I am getting that this is my Nature, this is our Nature.  There is something in this book for me, with feeling the goddess energy, and the energy of the earth and to the relationship to the heavens.  Before this book, the feeling of oneness with nature was growing within me, but in reading this book, I am more fully owning my nature, my relationship with the Grandmothers.   This book is the heart of the Mother.

Sharon: Yes.  And it is utterly accessible to us. The Mother cannot operate without us. We are the plug in the wall. And the Mother carries the tremendous charge of loving nurturance for all life.  Allowing ourselves to be these plugs, or receptacles, is the joy of life.

We have all three of us a long life of spiritual pursuit, experiencing the thirst, the hunger for god, for truth, to know.  And we’ve been ‘hot on the trail’ for a long time, and we are here to tell you:  it pays off!   Younger people will not have to be at it as long, because each successive generation lights the way for those coming after, and so it gets easier and easier for each generation to reach this place of living oneness with the divine, with one another, with all life.  So, there’s this festival of joy on this planet (which certainly needs it) and we’re here now to feel that joy and live that joy.

So, start wherever you are, and if the Grandmother’s books appeal to you, and if this work appeals to you, then use it as a ‘sadhana,’ a spiritual discipline for yourself.  Go back to it and read it; pick it up play “Grandmother’s roulette” where you just open one of the books to some page and see what they’re telling you at that moment.  But immerse yourself in it.

There are many paths to the divine, and this is one.  We three are basically saying wow this one works!  So, I invite you to infuse this work into your life.

The only thing we charge for is the book because we have to pay to get it printed.  If we have another Gathering, we will charge to cover the costs of renting the venue.  But other than that, everything we do is service, and it’s a joy to do that.

Now, here’s a reading from James, a lovely, lovely man, who in response to Return of the Mother writes:The statement on page 17, that ‘men are ancillary to our work, they’re not necessary to the task at hand’ was so powerful in the way it lets me and all men off the hook.”

 Sharon:  I started to read that and thought, ‘oh, he’s going to be mad about being left out, but NO!  He was relieved, and he goes on:

James: “Day in and day out it is drilled and beat into men and boys this idea that we must fix and do and repair every single problem life presents … it’s a hang-up and so unbearable, and it breaks us to the core.  It shatters us into sharp little things that cut everyone around us … what a genuine relief it is.  What a supporting statement to grasp the fact that we as men can not only be on the sidelines, but it is our role at present!  Thank you for that powerful statement; it has reversed the ever-present constriction around my heart and allowed a lovely feeling to my inner being to come alive.  What a powerful thing this feeling of yin!


Sharon: I am grateful for men like James who share these things with us.  It’s really important for us to know that as we step up and into leading this way back to balance, we as women accept that it is our turn to lead, and as the Grandmothers say, ‘it can be no other way’, as we do this we help the men.  It is time for the return of the Mother; it’s time for our heart to open, for us to be held in this kind of love, this overreaching never-ending love and joy of being part of the fabric of life, part of the net of light, part of this oneness living and loving together in this. 


Sharon asked if there are any other comments Phyllis or Peggy wish to make.   

Phyllis describes a joy ‘of getting to be this, to live this, that’s pretty delicious … it’s more than I ever expected to have, I didn’t know it was possible.  There is so much joy in being willing to hold the joy and the light and not to need attention for it.”


Peggy describes how early on she did a lot of soul searching because she wasn’t having the amazing experiences Sharon described of the upper world, the lower world, the journeys.  But just today she found a deeper understanding:  because Sharon’s experiences are shared, they become all of our experiences!  “We can claim the beauty of it and pass it on.” 

Sharon then sings:

From the Heavens to the Earth

From the Earth to the hearts of Women

To the Hands and the Heads of Men


And encourages any who have read a book to receive the Empowerment, and then in turn pass it on.  “It’s basically an awakening of your own beauty-power that lives within you; it’s part of this timing of awakening, and you can awaken more and more and have more joy.  The Grandmothers promise ‘we will give you more and more love, and we will increase your ability to hold it and give it’ and they never say a word that isn’t true.  So, cash in on that!

Thank you all and see you all the first Sunday of September! September 5th, 2021