SUMMARY, ONLINE TEACHING  Sunday, March 28, 2021

SUMMARY, ONLINE TEACHING  Sunday, March 28, 2021

Welcome to our Net of Light Online Teaching. We meet like this to keep ourselves lifted in the space where we can serve the Grandmothers and the Net of Light.  We’re living through difficult times and we’re doing very well.   We will continue to do that because that’s our contract with the Grandmothers: to help each other to be at one with the Divine and to be in service at all times.  As we’ve worked with the great council of the Grandmothers over the years, they’ve brought us through all sorts of teachings and our whole relationship with life has grown.  Because of that we have grown bigger, more understanding, softer, kinder, and more powerful.

About a year ago the Grandmothers began guiding us to work with nature in all forms. It began by announcing this is time of the return of the Mother to the earth.  She’s been absent long enough and now is the time for her to come back so that mother and father may uphold all life on earth.  Our part in this is great and very satisfying because we have become very much at one with mother earth, the great Mother, and as that has been happening they began to invite us to work with the trees, to begin to relate personally with the trees.

So on January 26th, 2020, we had a gathering in Southern California around a 500-year-old Sycamore, which had been holding sacred space since the time before the white man had come to California. From there, we went on to work with the Redwoods and with all the trees all over the world.

Last summer, we went into working with the Elements, all the elements: earth, air, water, fire and ether.  We’ve been on this mission of working with nature, reactivating our sacred bond so that once again human beings can live in this very practical but also magical union with the natural world.

I’ve since heard from many of you who have had very special relationships with nature as you’ve gone about your life.  Our purpose is to live within this bonded alliance with nature, so that we understand that we are one, and there is a deep understanding: no more division, no more fear of nature, no more taking nature for granted, or treating nature (and ourselves) like a thing, but instead recognizing this sacred living bond that we share.


Net  of Light Meditation (Kate)

Sharon continues to speak:

Feel the peace reverberating inside you and in the air around you.  Automatically the breath of life breathes you, and you’re held so effortlessly.   The air is moving in and out of you rhythmically.   Your body temperature is constant, and all the activities within your body are going on without you having to think about it at.   We are always cared for, always enfolded, held and blessed.


Take a moment now to thank all these powers of life that are holding and restoring you, cleansing you, healing you right now.   It’s a very big thing, and we’re so busy most of the time tearing around inside our minds that we seldom realize the grace that infuses us at all times.  Nature likes to be remembered just as we do, so remember her right now; remember her as you breathe, remember her as you feel your body and you feel the chair and the floor under you, the chair at your back.  Remember her now as you feel the sense of life within your whole body.   Each time we remember her, we grow closer to her, and when that happens she’s able to give more to us and we are able to give more to her and the flow becomes gargantuan.  So congratulate yourself each time you remember.  We all understand that the world is a great big distracting machine and always pulling us off into one idea or worry or fascination or horror at a time, sometimes more than one at a time, but under it all lies the truth of our being.  We are held, we are supported; we are alive because of our union with nature.  Nature is often thought of as the mother aspect of the divine, whereas structure and the rules of life are more often thought of as the father aspect.  We are now being reintroduced to the Mother.  She has returned to earth and it is our great pleasure and privilege to get to know our Mother now, and there’s no better way than through nature.


So, we’ve invited a couple of our grandmothers to be with us today to talk about what’s changing as we begin to really awaken to the divine presence of nature in our lives.  This connection with nature is how we will become who we were meant to be. We won’t get there buzzing around up here in our brains, but we will get here by sinking deep into our hearts, into our elemental being which is One with nature. So, we’re going to share some of what we are learning. I’m going to throw this open now to Phyllis and Alice our two guests.


Phyllis: One of the gifts of this last year of quarantine was through being in a vastly different way of living life, there is something that has happened for me personally: a connection with stillness and quiet.  I’ve given myself permission to more deeply allow it in.  For me, it has become the portal to a much deeper relationship with nature, and knowing that I am a part of it, I’m a responsible member of it.  This opening to it is a great gift, and as I go forward with it my life, I will be forever changed and moved into this bigger river that I feel because of this connection to stillness.  All I have to do is just breathe and there it is.  I was planting vegetable seeds a couple days ago and I was thinking of that Grandmothers song “where I stand is holy, holy is the ground,” and I was holding these little seeds in my hand and holding them up in the sunlight and blessing them and just marveling at them, and I gave myself more time to do that, this beautiful luxury of time to be with them.  It was such a pleasure, such a real delight to garden this way!  It’s changing the way I garden.  It is spacious, more pleasurable, and more real.


Alice:  For me, nature and beauty have always been connected, and I have really

become aware of that this last year because of the stillness and the peace and the love. To me, they’re so connected, and they’re sacred places where that beauty of nature really speaks to me.   Our whole world is a sacred place, which we haven’t been acknowledging that, but now since I’ve slowed down I really understand how sacred our earth is.  It just moves me.


I grew up in the desert, and when I moved to California and I saw the waterfalls and the ferns growing in nature everywhere, I felt so much the connection of beauty, which heals my soul, and I think that is the way to our soul is healed, through beauty and nature. I’ve realized that more now that I’ve slowed down.


Over time we’ve gone to visit some sacred trees and it had been three years since I visited a particular 300-year-old tree.  Last week, I heard that tree calling me: come and see me, come and see me, so this morning before our meeting I went up to where I haven’t been for a long time, it’s quite steep, and when I went to the tree, I see it’s

gone, and I knew it was calling me to say Goodbye.  It’s in other trees now, but just to see again the beauty of this huge tree with branches going so far out, and it is just now laying on the earth, peaceful.  I realized I did need to say goodbye. That tree called me for a week, I Just kept hearing it, so I went and it was very sacred.


Sharon: Alice said that everything on earth is sacred and that’s exactly right. These special places that we particularly resonate to are easiest for us to understand. That’s why so many people will travel to Machu Picchu or to Sedona or to Mount Shasta or to Stonehenge.  They stand out in such an unusual way that we can really relate to them, and feel their sacredness.  It’s harder to recognize the little valley you know down the road, or the streambed behind the old church, or a grove of

Redwoods in the city park, but that’s only because of our conditioning, because we’ve been taught to only go to the very exemplary or exotic in some way, and so we miss the presence of the sacred that’s right here now.  If you were to go look out your window, your eyes would fall upon sacred earth.  It’s inevitable: there might just be a little bush there, or maybe some dead grasses, but the earth herself is full of the presence of the Divine Mother. And each time we recognize that, this sacred presence comes more fully alive!


When we walk on the earth and we think ‘where I’m walking is where all people have walked for time out of mind, this has seen everything, this is a sacred place.’

When we go to the water and we look at that crystal clear sparkling water and we realize ‘oh! This is the same water that’s been rising up into the heavens raining down on us again rising up constantly being purified as it goes through that it’s the same thing, We’re walking on the same earth all our ancestors walked on, we’re breathing the air that Jesus breathed, that Muhammad breathed, that Buddha breathed; we’re breathing that same air!’


Where we live is holy, and who we are is holy, and that makes me think of that song again:   

(Nadia sings)  click here to listen to this song

Where I stand is holy, holy is the ground.
Forest mountain river, listen to the sound.
Great spirit circles all around me.

Who I am is holy, holy are we,
We are one together for eternity,
Great spirit circles all around me.

Where I stand is holy, where I stand is holy,
Who we are is holy; who we are is holy,
Great spirit circles all around me, great spirit circles all around me.


Sharon:  Let’s go in now and do a little work together before we depart for today. We’re going to call the Grandmothers now, and all forms of the Divine because all forms are one at the core.  They show up in different ways, different costumes and languages at different times for the sake of humanity so we can relate to them. Now when it’s time for the return of the great Mother the Grandmothers have come so that we can understand that presence and open to it ourselves.  So Grandmothers, thank you and we do open to you, and it is our great desire to live in this open place of oneness with you and oneness with one another beyond all our so-called differences. Our hearts beat with the same love — we recognize this now. We open to our own radiant hearts and we ask you to enter in to us now — probably more fully than you have ever done because Grandmothers we want the real deal — we want to know and understand our oneness with the divine, and we ask you to come in now.

Go ahead and ask the Grandmothers to come right into you, to line up along your spine with you, to breathe through you, to see through you, hear through you, think through you, and love through you.  Grandmothers, let us see and know the divine wherever we are. See through my eyes Grandmothers, love through my heart, think through this mind of mine, that I may love as you love, that I may know as you know and that I may see the Divine presence everywhere. Together now we ask forgiveness from nature for all the great harms that we have caused her knowingly and unknowingly.  Together we speak the simple words of the H’Oponopono,

asking forgiveness from nature.


We say together 3 times:

I am sorry.  Please forgive me.  I love you. Thank you.


Experience the Grandmothers all around you now, embracing you, holding you,

grateful for your love and grateful for your desire to love. Together we say “thank you Grandmothers, thank you.”


May everyone in all the worlds be happy,

May everyone in all the worlds be happy,

May everyone in all the worlds be happy,