Sharon welcomes all, declaring how very happy she feels to be together to anchor this beautiful work in our time, this intensive work to anchor the Divine Feminine more powerfully on earth now.

“This is why we were born. This is the time, which has been foretold, when the Great Mother would return to earth. When there would once again be harmony between male and female.” We are part of this great harmony. The Grandmothers came for this exact purpose, and they say, “No one comes to this work unless we call them,” so if you are listening to this, they have called you.

We have been called by the Grandmothers to be Yin repositories for the entire planet. Recalling her experience meeting the Grandmothers, “finally said Yes” to their call in September of 1996, and went “kicking and screaming all the way to paradise!”

Since then life has been so rich and varied through this joyous work, and  today more than 250 groups are meeting throughout the world. Through the ever-improving website,, we can absorb meditations, teaching videos, learn and sing songs (including words and even chords), and learn more about what is going on around the world.  Newsletters are also archived, as are the Online Teachings.

Sharon then welcomes two international grandmother guests: Ingvild from Norway, who has been part of the Net of Light family since 2006, and Krista, in Switzerland, who has been with us for 7-8 years.

Sharon asks each, “what is this work done for you, and how is it affecting your daily life?

Ingvild describes how she was almost mystically pulled into the first book, and has felt fantastic ever since! With the Grandmothers, she experiences “so much wisdom, joy and humor! – and love and power!”

She uses the books every morning, asking the Grandmothers, “What is your message for me today?” The expansion of the work to include working with the ancestors, and now with the five elements has also given her a sense of her deep connection to life.

Sharon comments that this great sense of our oneness, and the sacred connection to water, the trees … “it never stops! The Grandmothers really transform our lives.”

Ingvild agrees, “it has brought joy back in me; I trust in my femininity, I am more anchored,” and the Net of Light gives the “amazing calm”  no matter what is going on.

Christa describes how she was very spiritual since she was a child, but she often worried about the world, and “sickness” and the problems between the “haves” and the “have-nots.” When she learned from the Grandmothers about the depletion of Yin and it’s imbalance with rampant Yang energy, it seemed to unlock her understanding.

Christa also finds the Net of Light to be an invaluable and clear tool, giving her something she could actually DO to help. “It empowers me.” She also finds other tools in the books helpful, like the “Rose of the Heart” and “Pitcher and the Cup” meditations (both found toward the back of the second book, “Our Love is Our Power.”) She appreciates these “clear, helpful tools,” which are so practical.

Sharon then provides the Empowerment ceremony, something the Grandmothers gave to her when she first met them at Heisler Park in Laguna Beach. The ceremony goes very deep, igniting the power of Yin in all, including those who are watching.

[Christa later emailed us to express her delight at discovering the richness of the website. We are including her words here to encourage all to go to it and explore. Many of the shorter interviews by Sharon have been translated into many languages and so are accessible to many other people.]

“I just went through the Net of Light website and it is absolutely beautiful, so full of information, love and complete with the songs, meditations, and the excellent videos in which you [Sharon] seem like a waterfall pouring out all your experience and knowledge. It includes everything.” ~Christa

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