You Can’t Stop a Freight Train!

You Can’t Stop a Freight Train!

November 20, 2023 Newsletter

I had a bad few days. So much violence surfacing in the world, so much suffering, that I reached my limit. People in my personal world were suffering too. There was cruelty on the world stage, anger and depression in a close friend, and hatred, racism and antisemitism all over the place….in essence, more pain than I could handle.

Feeling overwhelmed, I went to the Grandmothers, and their presence calmed me immediately. It had such a quieting effect that I asked, “Grandmothers, your presence is healing, so helpful. Why did it take me so long to reach out to you? I don’t want to suffer like that while I try to figure things out. I don’t want to do that any more. How can I ask for your help in the right way? You lifted me immediately, but I spent a lot of time flailing around before I really asked for your help.

“Help is always here,” they said. “Simply make a firm request for it and then wait. We will always help you. Believe it!” they said, “because once you know that help is available, you won’t keep hanging onto the issue with your mind. So declare your need and then be silent.

“Also,” they added, “do whatever you can to help yourself and when you’ve done that, then let go of feeling responsible for it. You tend to blame yourself for what you’re dealing with and for how you’re feeling about it. You blame yourself for the grief, fear or pain you feel. None of this is your doing!”they said. “Feelings of distress you experience are not your doing. 

“It is simple,” they said as they took a step back for a better look at me. “Energy is moving….and it is moving as it should,” they nodded. “You do not cause this energy to move. You may not like it, but it’s moving,” they declared. “Let the energy move. Don’t be afraid of it,” they said, “afraid of its ferocity, afraid for yourself and for others. Let it move and as it moves, do all you can to be helpful to yourself and others. That is yours to do. Do your part,” they said and they folded their arms over their breasts.

“The changes taking place on earth now, the energy shifts and all that’s coming to the surface at this time are MASSIVE,” they said, shaking their heads at the enormity of it. “Let it come,” they said. You can’t stop a freight train and you can’t stop this. Don’t sacrifice yourself to the freight train,” they said, their heads wagging back and forth. “Don’t stand there and take the hit. The freight train has no conscience. It will destroy you. It will destroy whatever is in its path. So get out of the way and let it come. Just help,” they said. “Help when and where you can. That is all. 

“Much that has previously lay sleeping is now waking,” they said, “and not all of it is pretty. So you are called to battle, called to stand steady. Called to observe, to witness, to give aid wherever possible, and to let the wind blow, the waves surge, and the earth tremble. 

“A steadying, honoring and observing stance is needed as all things on earth change. You will see much destruction in the days to come and much that distresses you. Let it fold in on itself and collapse,” the Grandmothers said and they brushed their hands together. “Let it go. 

“There is nothing in the world out there that you can hold onto at this time. All is in flux. Observe it,” they said, “love the creation, and let the deluge do its deluging. Again,” they said, as they gave me a look of patient understanding, “you cannot stop a freight train. That task is not yours to do.

“Let it go,” they said. “Let it all go. You are here,” the Grandmothers said, “to witness and to love. Love the ‘becoming,’” they said and I looked up at them. “Love is coming,” they said, “and what is coming is more than you can understand at this time. Let it be,” they said. “It is enough to let it be.”