ONLINE TEACHING Sunday, April 2nd, 2023

ONLINE TEACHING Sunday, April 2nd, 2023

Sharon:   Welcome.  We’re so glad to have you with us.  We have been looking forward to this today because we’re going to share the Grandmothers’ Empowerment, that is, pass it on to any of you who want to receive it.  And in so doing, we will also make it available for you to pass on to others, because once you receive this beautiful gift of the Empowerment into the energy of Yin, you can pass it on immediately to the next person who wants it.   It’s available to anybody.  We pass it to women as the “Empowerment”, and we pass it to men as “the Cloak of Comfort.”   It’s basically the same thing but adapted to the different needs of women and men.  I’ll explain that as we go.  Many of you have been involved in this work for a long time and many of you are brand new, so what I’m going to do now is briefly share how all this came about.

This is one of those things that happen in life that are unexpected and that create change — certainly in my life and in the lives of many others.  I was minding my own business walking the dog by the beach and lo-and-behold this group of old women came in around me began talking to me.  They said they were the Great Council of the Grandmothers and said the world is in grave danger now because the energies on Earth are out of balance; there is too much of the energy of Yang, the masculine energy of action, and there’s not enough energy of Yin the feminine energy of creation. Yang is quick, it’s powerful, it goes forward, and it creates change. Yin is all-encompassing; it has a wide reach, is deepening and it nurtures, heals, and holds.  The energy on Earth is moving too quickly now.  You cannot assimilate all the changes that are happening, and now this Yang energy is turning into violence because there’s too much and it begins to go random, and then it starts to act in opposition to each other and you get wars, crimes against the helpless, a dominance of different groups, and things go awry.  Right now, you’re in dangerous shape on the earth and we the Grandmothers will not see this Earth destroyed, so we have come at this time to infuse the energy of Yin — which has been missing for far too long — back into your planet so that Yin and Yang can begin to come into balance and harmony together once again. They said “we will do this work primarily through individual women and a few men.  Only a few men at this time will be drawn to this work so it will be mostly through women. It must be this way at this time.  Women must lead; it can be no other way.”

That changed my morning, and that changed my life!  Everything took off like a shot and I was on a wild ride with these Grandmothers for many years. Now there are four books of their teachings. (I learned how to go to them and learn from them and I recorded everything they said.) I began to trust my own connection with the Divine.  It became natural to be in this flow of Oneness with the Divine and I began to pass this work on to others right away.  When the Grandmothers showed up that first day out in public walking along this path by the beach, they put me through this initiatory experience, this “Empowerment,” where they covered me with this beautiful silky fabric. It was like a color of a sunset, a dusty golden rose color, and they wrapped me in it and came in around me, and they held me and sang to me, and I was so stunned and overwhelmed that I was crying.  All the while I was trying to act normal so that my neighbors on the walk wouldn’t think I was crazy, but it was like being in two realities at the same time.

When I came home, stunned, my heart full, I sat down and wrote down everything I could remember of it.   From that day on, life took off with one interesting, shocking adventure after another.  It’s now been almost 26 years since they first came, and now there are groups of people all around the world practicing this work. We come together at big Gatherings when we can; we come together on Zoom often; some of us have study circles where we read the Grandmothers’ words and share what our experience is.  We have songs and ceremonies; we do all kinds of things and everything we do we do as service — we charge no money for this work because the Grandmothers told us early on “keep us as far away from commerce as possible” and so we do.  Everybody’s welcome, and so today at my home in Northern California we’re going to pass the Empowerment of the Grandmothers on so you can see how it’s done. I want to tell you: it’s totally simple.

The Empowerment is nothing extraneous to yourself.  It’s something you carry inside you, this little flame that’s just in there quietly burning, that’s never gone out.   What the Empowerment does is takes that little flame and blows it into full form, so you become alive with this love and inner beauty and power that you carry and that you are.  The Grandmothers say you bloom as the flower that you have been and always will be.   As soon as they passed that Empowerment on to me that morning by the beach, I came home all shaken by it, and then they said to me: okay pass this on, pass this on to the others who want it, pass this on to any who don’t have it.   So, I called in a group of women (and was scared to death) but I had to do it.  I told them what had happened to me, and that I’d like to pass this on if they want to receive it.   That first time 11 men and women received the Empowerment.   From that this growth began, and so then women began to take this and pass it on back in the East, in Rhode Island, Northern California and it began to come in everywhere, Lithuania.   It just popped up in the most unlikely places that I would have never imagined, and it began to grow, and it’s done that ever since.  So now we are a big community, a family of light.  We share a lot of joy and support, we share a sense of community with one another, and we have a feeling of communion with the Divine.  I also want to mention there are no rules involved in this work.   Follow your own heart and follow the Grandmothers’ teachings. This is all we ask.  We don’t charge money for this.  We work with the Net of Light that covers the earth and the cosmos to benefit all life on earth, and we pass on this Empowerment to anybody who wants it.

What we’re going to do today is have Emily and Phyllis and Alice (who all live near me) receive and then pass on the Empowerment, so we could have this experience together, and you could experience receiving the Empowerment at this time.

We’ll start with the Empowerment.  I have a green scarf today, which we will use to cover the people who are receiving the Empowerment.  We’re going to do at least one woman and one man so that you can see how to pass on the Empowerment to women and to men.   When we Empower a woman, we cover her completely from the head down.  The reason we do that is because women are full of the energy of Yin.  We are the reservoirs of Yin for this entire planet.  Human women hold the energy of Yin for everything that lives and so each woman who says ‘yes’ to the Grandmothers, ‘yes I want to be Empowered’ allows this energy which has been intrinsic and maybe sleeping until now come wide awake inside herself and to bloom fully and she was designed to bloom.

For a man we do it differently.  Men are not supposed to be fully Yin; they are supposed to be mostly Yang with a supply of yin to comfort them and hold them up and fill them so they can do their active role on Earth without going astray or going into aggression and violence.  So when we cover a man, we cover him from the shoulders down to confirm the presence of yin, to confirm the love of the Great Mother within him so that he is held, that he is just right, that he is doing exactly what he was born to do.

Therefore, when you receive the Empowerment, you will mostly receive it from women.  This is a good idea because a woman is a fully fledged vessel of Yin, she has more “oom pa pa” (force) in the Yin department; she can give you more of that Yin experience.  So whenever possible, receive the Empowerment from a woman. (If there are only men around, please receive it from the man as well because Yin will still be empowered, but the experience may not be quite as strong.)

And so, we begin.  We’ll stand like this (Sharon facing Emily). Emily is going to receive. Alice and Phyllis are here to support Emily. So first, the Grandmothers say “no one ever comes to the Empowerment unless we call you” so you’ve been called and we’re very glad.  What we will be giving to you is already yours; this will just bring it into full flower for you.  I’m going to cover you now with this scarf, as the Grandmothers cover you with a radiant caul of your own being. While the physical scarf is green what you receive on the inner may be a very different color.    As we cover you, we’re going to come in and put our hands on you so that you can feel that support and feel the Grandmothers sending their energy to you through us.  We are just vessels for this to happen.  So immediately you begin to receive this great mothering.  The Grandmothers say “the world needs mothering now” and so let yourself receive what has always been yours.

Every breath you take brings the gift of this Empowerment deeper into your body and your mind and your spirit and you take it in perfectly; it’s your nature to receive in this way, and just notice how you feel as this energy of Yin comes flowing into you from a scarf and begins to flow within you from that flame that’s now growing greater and greater within you.

And if there’s anything you’ve carried inside you that you really want, if you have a desire of your heart inwardly, ask for that now and don’t hold back.  The Grandmothers say: “we’re happy to give” and they promise that “whatever you ask for we will either give you that, or we will give you something better.” Always ask and never hold back.

This gift of the Empowerment is going throughout every part of your being, it’s going into your memory banks, it’s healing your emotions, your physical self, your mental self, your spiritual self, every part of you is cherished now, held and loved and as we hold you here through our voices the Grandmothers sing to you …

                  Oh how we love you,  (whisper in one ear) Emily
                  Oh how we love you, (whisper in the other ear) Emily
                  Oh how we love you, Emily (continue alternating ears)
                  Oh how we love you, Emily.

                  (suggestion:  alternate the ears when whispering the person’s name,
                  as they are surrounded by the love of the Grandmothers)

And because the Grandmothers never say anything that isn’t true, when they say “oh how we love you”, you can believe that!  They also say, “call us anytime, call us all the time! we wait for your call, and if you want to make us really happy, call us a thousand times a day!”

I’m going to remove this scarf now and then just let this caul keep soaking into you. (Emily reports feeling “deeply alive” and “comforted.”)

Sharon:  Emily, I’m going to give you this scarf now because once you receive the Empowerment, it’s yours to pass on to the next person, and we happen to have a next person here who is agreeing to do this! Roger is now going to receive the Cloak of Comfort.

Emily: And so, having received the Empowerment, it is now my joy and honor to pass it along to anyone who wants to receive it.  There’s no script, no set of perfect words.  So, I make the choice to quiet my mind and allow the Grandmothers to speak through me, and to trust that they are accomplishing this gift of the Cloak of Comfort

Roger, welcome.  You have stepped forward to receive a gift from the Grandmothers to awaken and empower the Yin that lives within you, that surrounds the Yang energy that is your natural male energy.   So, I’ll place this scarf around your shoulders.  It won’t cover you completely because it is natural and right that Yin is a supportive energy to your natural Yang.

And as the scarf comes around your shoulders, the Grandmothers are covering you with a Cloak of Comfort.  So, allow yourself now to receive what they are infusing into you: this nurturing, loving energy that is sparked into greater flame within you, moving throughout your being and your body, healing, nurturing, delivering to every aspect of you all that is needed.

Notice your body, your mind, your heart, how everything is touched by this love, and allow yourself to be held, and given a knowing of the rightness of All That You Are, of the gift that you are in your form, and if there is anything that you desire, that you really want for yourself, ask for that now.  Don’t hold back; the Grandmothers will give you this or something better.  Let yourself receive.  In that receiving you also give the gift of your being to all that is.  So, allow this Cloak of Comfort to move within you and live within you.  Pass it on to anyone who wants it, if there’s not a woman present, you are able to give this Empowerment; the Grandmothers will work through you.  Soak it in, and moving forward always know the Grandmothers are waiting for you to call on them, and their love for you is blossoming within you.  Call on them a thousand times a day if you really want to make them happy!

And through our voices the Grandmothers will sing to you of their great love …

                  Oh, how we love you, Roger,
                  Oh, how we love you, Roger,
                  Oh, how we love you, Roger,
                  Oh, how we love you, Roger.

Sharon:  Basically, this is how you pass on the Empowerment and how you receive it.   You can’t do it “wrong;” there’s no way you could possibly do it wrong because your intention is to share this great gift, this love with someone else.  I was thinking about how people sometimes worry ‘I won’t know what to say, I don’t know, how do I do this?’  Remember, you don’t have to say anything.  You could just stand there and put the scarf on them and say not a word and just touch them and hold them and then take the scarf off they would receive the Empowerment.  You could stand there and cover them, and you could sing a song and they would receive the Empowerment.  You could stand there, and you could chant some prayer that you love, and they would receive Empowerment.

You have everything within you: you have the heart, you have intention, and it’s a great blessing to receive this and to have it always.  Once you receive it, you do have it always, and you can receive it again and again. Sometimes we do share Empowerments in group just because it gives us so much joy and such a feeling of Oneness. But once you have it, you will always have it.

Feel how you all feel right now because you have participated in this and very deep way, so be good to your own dear self and rest.

Nadia: Is it usually women who pass on the Empowerment?

Sharon:  Usually yes, although of course men do it as well.  Yes, all are welcome to do this.  The reason we ask women to do it is because women carry more of the energy of Yin and so it’s easier for them.  The Yin a woman can give is more accessible, and so it’s easier for her to give more of it.  It just happens naturally.

You will often notice after you receive the Empowerment that you’ll feel it for a long time. And the Grandmothers aren’t kidding about calling them a lot of times!  I grew up a good little Presbyterian girl and I always felt like I shouldn’t pray all the time, or I didn’t want to bother God because he was awfully busy.   That was because I just didn’t know that the Divine is never too busy.

I think we’re going to let this go for now.  Thank you so much for being with us and sharing this time with us.  May you be blessed; may you be the walking blessings on Earth that you were designed to be.  That is who you are