Opportunity to Receive the Empowerment On Sunday’s Online Teaching

Opportunity to Receive the Empowerment On Sunday’s Online Teaching
The work we do together came from and comes from the Great Council of the Grandmothers. These wise women appeared from out of nowhere one morning and said, “The present imbalance of energy on Earth has placed all life in danger. It is time to return to balance, and for this, women must lead. Women must be empowered. This is why we have come.” This declaration began their work with us, and from then on, things have never been the same.
The Grandmothers have shown up at this critical time to awaken the presence of the deep feminine, to bring men and women and all life back into harmony. They have come to return balance to Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) energy, and all over the world now people are meeting to share their teachings. We are seeking a return to balance in our own lives and a return to balance in the life of our beloved Earth. Together we work with the Net of Light and pass on the Grandmothers’ Empowerment to those who want to receive it.
“Human women,” the Grandmothers say, “are the natural reservoirs of Yin energy for your planet. Within herself, woman holds the healing and nurturing power of Yin. She holds it for everything that lives.” This is why we at Net of Light are eager to pass on the Grandmothers’ Empowerment—to awaken the power that lies sleeping in women and to bring men into harmony with the Divine Feminine. “The time for this is now,” the Grandmothers say. “Women must lead. It can be no other way.”
Patriarchy has diminished the role of the feminine on this planet, weakened the energy of Yin, and put all life on Earth in danger. “All the grief and strife you see now on Earth is caused by the imbalance of the energies of Feminine and Masculine.” At this point in history, change is happening so fast that humanity must struggle to keep up with it. And this has gone on for so long that now violence and crimes against the helpless are polluting every corner of our lives. There is too much Yang energy and not enough Yin. “Enough!” The Grandmothers declare.
Every woman carries Yin within her being. It is simply there inside her—a small spark of Yin that, no matter how much it’s had to endure, has never gone out. The Grandmothers’ Empowerment blows this spark into full flame. This EMPOWERMENT allows a woman to awaken to who she really is, to bloom as the flower that she is and has always been. And the Grandmothers offer the Cloak of Comfort, to men, which enables a man to rest and be held in the embrace of the Mother.
Anyone can receive the Empowerment just by asking the Grandmothers for it, but to experience this gift more deeply, we urge you to receive it from another person. We also encourage you to read one of the Grandmothers’ books so you have a greater understanding of what it is you are receiving. The Empowerment is for everyone, so as soon as you receive it, you can pass it on to the next person.
At Net of Light, we share the Grandmothers’ Empowerment with anyone who wants it and we charge no money for this. We will be sharing the Empowerment at our On-Line teaching this Sunday, April 2. If you’d like to receive the Grandmothers’ Empowerment, please join us at 10 a.m., Pacific Time. You’ll also learn how to pass it on to others. We hope to see you this Sunday, but if you cannot join us, you will be able to access this teaching on You Tube.