“All around you are the waves of life, cresting, flowing and rolling in.”

“Listen carefully,” the Grandmothers said and I sat up straight. “All around you are the waves of life, cresting, flowing and rolling in.”  And as they spoke, I saw them. One after another, great rollers came rushing in from the west.  “Watch!” the Grandmothers said, so I looked closely. How rhythmic this pattern of rolling in was. One after another waves crested toward me. They were coming in, in sets. A number of smaller ones, then several big ones, then smaller ones again. “Such a marvelous pattern of flow!” I said to myself. “Such beauty!” and as I watched their lines flow in, I realized I was feeling their rhythm inside my body. I was now breathing with them, rolling in with them.
“This time now is one of even flow,” the Grandmothers said, nodding to emphasize their point.  “Feel this flow,” they said, “rest in its rise and fall, and let the waves themselves buoy you up. Go with the flow. Go,” they said, “WITH the flow.”  And I felt the ebb and flow of the moving sea. Surges rolled in with force, and slightly paused before they began to pull back out again. The drawing in and pulling back was effecting me. As this ebbing and flowing rocked me, I noticed that it was steadying me. “Ahhh!” I sighed. Now I was rising and falling with the surges. Rising and falling, rocking and then rising and falling again. “I  l o v e this feeling!” l called out to the Grandmothers. “Is what I’m feeling now the rhythm of life?” I wondered, but the Grandmothers only laughed.
“Send out this message to others,” they said.  “Talk about this period as a time of calm and flow. It is a brief period of restoration, of healing and repair. Ask people to take in all the good of this short nurturing time and rest in it. This time of respite will give them strength. If they rest now, it will be easier to help one another during the next waves of change to come. And these are not far off,” they said.  “So rest now and restore. Ease yourselves into this flow and let the waves of life gently rock you. Back and forth, back and forth. Let yourself be held like this,” they smiled, their own bodies rocking back and forth as they spoke.
The Grandmothers’ smiles! They were projecting so much love and peace, as they gazed at me that I sighed again. I was so happy to be able to receive like this, to feel the peace of being rocked. To trust in the waves of life. 
“All of this is for you,” the Grandmothers said. “It is for all of you, for all of you right now. Rest.”

Net of Light Beacons Speak
Colorado: “I am so glad to have found you all and can finally feel safe to share what I have called my personal work with others of like minds and hearts. For many years my spiritual life has been kept a secret and something I thought I would never be able to share with others who would support the path I have walked in my life.
The Net of Light and the Grandmothers is the gift of light I have been working to find and help show me the validation of my life’s path. I have searched many years to find this group of people who have the heart to come together for the Work of the One Love I know is real. I hold you and all these amazing souls close to my heart, even those who work around the world with the same loving intent.
Thank you for the last mediation we did on Monday. Just thought I’d share my experience, as I walked into the Net of Light, there was a great expansion of golden light around me. I saw the light extend like a compass from my heart in all directions around me, to all points of light, around the world, it’s inhabitants and throughout the Universe. There was so much peace placed in my soul as I watched this happen. The quiet place of prayer entered my heart and vibrated my place in the Net and those who stood in this sacred space. I was in the quiet place of my inner heart and there were no words I could say to explain what I felt from that moment. Just the peace and quiet I felt inside.
Looking forward to the Ghost Ranch Net of Light gathering!! “
~ ~ ~
India: “Well it’s only been 20 years since you came to the mountains where I was living and first initiated me into the Grandmothers and the Net of Light. I say ‘only’ somewhat sarcastically as last night I had my first direct experience of being a point within this vast network of light/consciousness.
This is really close to what I ‘saw’/ experienced. I felt this mind/body instrument (me) as a coordinate point within this vast Net, but not isolated from other points, in fact all connected through this ‘Net.’ Really a beautiful experience. It gave the concept of the Net of Light far more ‘substance’ for me after this.”