SUMMARY Online teaching, Januari 1 2023

SUMMARY Online teaching, Januari 1 2023

Welcome to our Online Teaching.  We are meeting on this first day of the new year, as we begin again our journey with the Grandmothers as it takes a new turn.  Today we will be talking about working with the Net of Light, and how that has evolved for us as our understanding has.

We have four people with us today who will now introduce themselves.

Edie:  Hi there.  I’m the Beacon for Maui, Hawaii.  I love the Grandmothers, and I’m in it to win it!

Bilge:  Hi everyone I’m from Turkey and my name is Bilge. I’m very new to this family but I’m very close to the Grandmothers.  I’m translating the second book, Our Love is Our Power, for Turkish women here.

Katie:  Hi, I’m Katie MacMahon, and I am the person who answers our email inquiries and directs people to the RCs or the Beacons within the Net of Light family so that they can find a group.

Diane:  Hi, I’m Diane and Happy New Year everybody!   I’m from the Netherlands and I’m Regional Coordinator with two other persons there and I’m also a Beacon, and I’m also a happy happy family member from the Grandmothers.

Sharon: Before we start, we always work with the Net of Light to amplify what we’re doing together so it does the most good, and connects us in the strongest possible way with all life, so that the work we do together is a benefit for each of you connecting with us now.  Be aware that because you’re part of the Net of Light that holds the Earth and holds the entire universe. Your participation enables the Net of Light to reach thousands and thousands more beings.   Everyone with whom you are connected will also be blessed and held in the love and radiance of the Net of Light.

Edie:  Net of Light Meditation

Sharon:  Thank you Edie thank you.  Feel your body now, how are you feeling, and just open to that. Our body is such radar-like equipment; it picks up all the signals and right now it’s just communicating this this one love throughout you, throughout your blood in your bones in your memory banks, everywhere. Let yourself receive this. We’re constantly coming alive more and more, evolving, and as we come together and share like this we help each other.  Edie’s learning becomes my learning becomes Bilge’s learning becomes Diane’s becomes Katie’s and we all pass this on throughout the Net of Light.  Each of you who is with us now is receiving and participating in this expansion that’s happening now on Earth.  It’s happening now right in you, and as the Grandmothers say, it’s effortless effort to just open to this beautiful expansion of light.

All of us who’ve been involved in this work have grown a great deal and those of you who are just joining us now will find that to be true for yourselves as well. Today I wanted to talk about the Net of Light because of its great power and gifts for us.

Initially, when the Grandmothers told me about it and I started sharing it with the group in Laguna Beach, we didn’t really know what it was. We just thought it was a meditative tool, something good to think about that would make things better in our minds. Then over the 26 years since the Grandmothers first appeared, we learned how vast the Net of Light is, and then we learned that it is indeed not just a mental construct, but rather a mental/emotional/spiritual/physical construct.  When the photos began to come back from the Hubble Telescope they showed dark matter and a net of light, and science said that this was the largest construct in the universe, and that it connected everything!   Now the Webb Telescope has photographs that are coming in. Within them you can see the pattern of Light within all of these forms. That is the Net of Light which imbues your cell beds, your mind, the air you’re breathing in the room, the chair you’re sitting in — it is in everything.

So, I’d like to talk about your understanding of how working with the Net of Light daily has affected you, how you see it, how you think of it.

Katie:  When I first started working with the Net of Light I used the fishnet analogy: casting it out, and finding a spot on it.  After a while it just changed. Instead of it being a fishnet it started feeling like a cheesecloth, feeling like the mesh was really fine. Then I started seeing it in my meditation like a mist, like it was just soaking through everything, and I started thinking of it and seeing it as permeating everything: objects that were man-made and inanimate as well as things that were alive in the way that we usually think of things alive.   Sometimes it’s too much; I can’t wrap my mind around how it’s everywhere.

And then I started thinking of it as the quantum field and that helped because I started thinking of it as being the source of everything.  The quantum field is the vast possibilities of everything, it’s everything that has ever been, thought of or felt, and it’s not only everything that has been, it’s everything that exists now and it’s all the possibilities for the future.  When I thought of it like that it was much easier to tie everything together and to think of it even in terms of the ancestral work.  Since everything is held in the Net of Light, the ancestors are held there as well, and it’s easier for me to overcome my own mental barriers and connect with the past, present and future as all are the same.

Diane:  My experience with the Net of Light has also changed over time. At first (about 8 or 9 years ago) it was sort of a concept outside myself, then I went to a where the two strands of the Net are crossing and I sort of jumped in it and I saw myself in a hammock being wrapped in and in the meantime also the love flowing in and out.  Over the years like Katie said more and more I saw it as also in me and around me and in nature.  Then, in 2019 we were attending a Gathering in Ireland and we sang the song: Oh grandmothers we are holding, oh Grandmothers we are holding the Net of Light.  As we sang, the leader did a bit of a dance with it and that was the first time that I felt it going through my body.    Last year we had a Beacon Gathering here in the Netherlands and we translated this song into Dutch because the words of our own language helped us understand it better, and one of the words didn’t go that well to the music, and one of the Beacons said, “well why don’t we translate it: “oh Grandmothers, I am the Net of Light!” At first I thought, “whoa this is a bit arrogant …” but then we started singing it and then did the dance as well and over time I internalized that idea.  Next, when I walked outside with the dog on a path with rain-soaked pebbles and they were shining, and suddenly I saw those pebbles as strands of the Net and I was drawn into the Net and the field around me and the bushes and the shrubs and I was wrapped up totally in this Net!  So it’s getting closer and closer.  And in one of the books it says how forceful we are, and that if we plug ourselves like a switch in the wall we connect to the Net of Light, and I thought as a kid I learned not to put my fingers in the plug!  Now I am allowed to be this transmitter?  It takes little steps to learn, and now I can feel it all through my body. And wherever I am it is transmitting and it’s not dangerous to connect and to amplify it.

Sharon: I’d like to ask those who haven’t spoken yet, because both Diane and Katie have laid out so beautifully the power the enormity and the ubiquitous presence of the Net of Light, and the fact that we are that. So, what does this work with the Net of Light do for you, this connection with the fabric of being of the universe, how does this affect you?  What does it do for you?  There must be a reason why you’re doing this work. We know we cast the Net of Light for all beings as service because wherever there is suffering we want there to be uplift and healing and relief, but what does this do for you in doing this work?

Edie: When I’ve been listening to the news, I realized all these things are happening in the world and some of them are overwhelming – global supply lines, conflicts, wars —

And sometimes I just feel like there’s nothing I can really do and at that moment. Yet I know that I can cast the Net of Light to that situation and suddenly I don’t feel so hopeless, I don’t feel so much like the world is something that I can’t even bear.  I cast the Net of Light and it just makes me feel so much better. I know that the unconditional love is going toward that situation.  Also, since I’ve been experiencing that particular calamity, I can then ask myself how can I help?  May I make a donation? May I be able to go into my community and help?  That’s been really calming and soothing for me in this very strange world that we’re in.

Sharon: What I’m hearing you say is it makes you feel not so helpless, hopeless but rather like you have a role to play and you have an effect by casting the Net of Light for any of these situations you are helping, and it makes you feel  good, connected and good about yourself.

Bilge:  Like Edie, I’m also casting the Net of Light every single day; when I’m walking down the street, when I’m in the bus or in a train and I hear some people talking and or I see some people suffering outside, or see them on the news, I just cast the Net of Light right out from my heart and it makes me feel that they’re really taken care of, and I’m very sure of that, and it makes me feel relieved. And also on a personal level, for my own personal matters, it makes me feel that I am being held also.  It’s an experience like that for me.

Sharon: Yes yes yes!  The Grandmothers tell us: the moment of giving is the instant of receiving. It is impossible to give and not receive,just as it’s impossible to breathe out without breathing in. We do that all the time and our giving is our receiving and our receiving is our giving.For me the Net of Light has made life make sense. My understanding of the Net of Light, as Katie and Edie said, it is quantum physics and it just makes me laugh hilariously because I was the worst math and science student! I was terrible, I had no understanding, and the fact that now I have a pretty grounded general understanding of quantum physics just the most unlikely thing I would have ever imagined because it’s practical.  The Net of Light brought that understanding to me through the back door. My brain could never have gotten it.  But as we work with the Net of Light and we feel that love and the reciprocity of the light coming back to us we feel it all.

Edie:  I was visiting a friend of mine in her apartment and she was talking about some altercation that happened.  It was a dispute in the parking lot of her apartment complex and she was really upset about it. I said, “why don’t we send the Net of Light?  Let’s send the Net of Light to that parking lot or the part of the parking lot where it happened, and let’s see what we can feel.”  As we’re meditating she is describing how it is coming out from us like it like a globe, the Net of Light like was a circle or a globe and it went out to the parking lot, and then it went into all the other apartments in the building, then it went to all of the all the other parking lots, then it came all the way out to the community and then … and she’s telling me this and I’m feeling it too; her words are confirming what I’m feeling and so we thought well let’s just see where this goes.  We just said “let’s let it go go go go go …”  and I live on an island so it went all the way around the island and out into the ocean, and it was just the most marvelous experience!  That showed me the Net of Light works in my everyday life, in my home, in close proximity and also in the universe. So that’s pretty mind-blowing!

Bilge:  This was happening on my family’s street.  There’s a restaurant on the corner that’s opened until midnight, and people are drinking and they’re having dinner there. 

There was a fight among men because of a parking problem.  We just went to the balcony and were watching the fight, and my mother was very afraid because the men were shouting and they were going to fight. I prayed for the Grandmothers and cast the Net of Light, “please Grandmothers go there and make peace among these men.”   A few minutes later the fight just ended and my mom was shocked and I was also very surprised.  I really deeply believe in them but it just strengthened my belief.

Sharon:  The Net of Light is pure love. It’s another way to connect with the pure love. Some people belong to certain religious groups and they work with words or with a different image, it might be like the cross for Christianity, or the flame for the Zoroastrians, or it might be a particular form of god or goddess that does the work.   All of those are just ways of contacting the divine and channeling it, and the Net of Light encompasses all of those things and is a reminder that we’re not separate from each other. When you Bilge were standing on the balcony with your mother and the men were fighting down there, because of the Net of Light your love was connecting with the hearts and those beings who were disturbed and lifted them. You could just as easily be praying to Jesus or to Buddha or to Allah, it wouldn’t matter, because the source is that radiant pure love and the Net of Light is a way of experiencing that radiant pure love connecting us all.   It gets past all that separation which is what causes all our miseries, when we think we’re all separate from each other.  Like those men, “you’re my enemy” and then your mother felt fear that “they’re going to hurt me.”  We all feel we get caught in that but the Net of Light breaks us out of that separation into the Oneness.

Diane: I think the closer conflicts within your family can be more challenging.  We just had Christmas and I went to my brother and sister-in-law’s home with lots of other family members at the dinner table for Christmas dinner.  It’s always ‘oh my gosh, what will she do, will she start screaming, will she start crying?’ — there’s always a bit of tension around this Christmas dinner, and I and now I have two grandchildren and they will walk around and it will be a bit chaotic and how will she react? But before I went in there, as I stepped over the threshold, I cast the Net of Light, and I felt very peaceful and calm, and when something happened, I didn’t take it personally or get triggered, and we had the loveliest Christmas dinner.  Everything went okay, in harmony, and my cousin who can come across as rude, was really sweet and he went around with a wine and drinks and I saw it was a totally different Christmas dinner with my family just because I was calm and I was casting the Net, not even consciously, but looking back and talking it over with another grandmother, I thought ah “that’s it!” What has happened is amazingly beautiful.

Sharon: Feel how you’re feeling now, all this sharing and all the connections that are lit up between us.  There’s so much love moving flowing back and forth.  Katie, do you want to sing “Oh Grandmothers” so that everybody who doesn’t know this song can hear it?

Oh Grandmothers we are holding

oh Grandmothers we are holding,

the Net of Light, oh the Net of Light.

oh Grandmothers we are holding

the Net of Light, oh the Net of Light


put your feet in the soil of the tree of life,

put your feet in the soil of the tree of life,

put your feet in the soil of the tree of life,

put your feet in the soil of the tree of life,


Sharon:  Ain’t it the truth?!!! Does anyone have any more questions or comments about their work with the Net of Light?

Katie: I have one more thing I’d like to share. I don’t think of casting the Net of Light anymore. I think more in terms of using my consciousness to activate it.  I think the Net of Light is actually everywhere, but I think there are places where because we haven’t been conscious of it, it hasn’t been activated. It helps me to think of awakening a consciousness rather than casting.

Sharon: I think a number of us have come to realize that it is our thinking of it that activates or enlivens it.  That’s our part to do.  The Grandmothers say over and over again to go ahead and ‘flick the switch.’ You humans are the only ones who can flick it.  So, we turn on the Net of Light.

Edie: Sharon I just want to thank you for all of this evolving over the last 26 years!  It is incredible how this has happened with that one experience that you had with the Grandmothers and now look at it: it’s worldwide, it is thriving, and we’ve seen what’s happened in Germany with all these groups springing up, in the Netherlands and Belgium.  This is just phenomenal!  And I just want to thank everybody, not just you Sharon but everybody who has really been cultivating this and living it and breathing it. So, thank you all!   

Sharon:  We really are a family of light and there’s so many beautiful souls involved in this and helping.   We don’t charge money for what we do.  The only thing we charge for is when we have a Gathering we have to charge for the venue. Otherwise, the teachings are free, the groups are free, all the zoom groups; we just don’t charge for anything.   We have a whole army of people who help with this work and we do it together.  The reason it’s grown so much is because of each of us. If any of you who are tuning in want to become involved just let us know. I’ll just mention a few areas of service:  we have an international Eastern European support group that works to uplift the conditions in Ukraine and Russia, we have something like a prayer group, called the Light Weavers Net of Light Group.  Katie here is right on the other end if you want to send a note asking for any kind of help, or if you want to receive the Grandmothers’ Empowerment, or if you want to join a group.  We have people in charge of different areas in the world keeping the communications going.  In my experience I’ve never met more beautiful souls ever than are in this beloved family of light, and each of you who is here with us are one of them.  

So, we thank you for your open heart and your open mind. And that you want to be part of this upswelling of love that’s happening now.  It will bring you such happiness. I am so happy to be part of this, and grateful that the Grandmothers showed up and scared the heck out of me that day, and grateful for all the fun and excitement and trauma and drama.  I can’t wait to see all of you again.  We’ll be having the Gatherings in Northern California in June and outside Santa Fe New Mexico at the end of September, in Germany in early September and right after that 1 day in the Lowlands(Netherlands or Belgium). The Gatherings in Germany and in the Lowlands are regional, spoken in German and in Dutch mostly.  

We have those four Gatherings scheduled and there will probably be more. It’s very powerful when we come together in person it’s also powerful when we come together on Zoom, and there’s power and much fun sharing.  It’s fun, it’s just so much fun, it is screaming, crying fun!  We laugh so hard the tears run down our faces. 

If we can be of help to you in any way contact us.  If you haven’t read one of the Grandmothers books get one (available on the website); they are like an earth anchor of light that you can count on always.

Nadia:  It has come to our attention (and you can help us) that not all emails and Newsletters that are sent from reach their destination.  Please check your spam folder, and if you find an email from us there, please mark it as “not spam” so that is seen as a legitimate sender of emails and that we are not spamming people.   That would be a big help.

Sharon: We will meet again on the first Sunday in February and until then know that we hold you always always in the radiant love and light of the Net of Light.