Be Divine! (Message from the Grandmothers, 12/17/22)

Be Divine! (Message from the Grandmothers, 12/17/22)
“The family of Light is expanding,” the Grandmothers said.  “This will continue, and as it does, you will see and feel it. More camaraderie, more oneness in your thoughts, words and actions … and more humor. Fun!” they cried. “You’ll be having fun on this journey.
“Expect more good times,” they said, “more love, joy, more sharing. When we first appeared to you,” they explained, “we showed up as twelve grandmothers, united in purpose. We came to draw you together in order to work with us,” they said. “Together now, we form a unit, and there is joy in that unit.
“You will never be lonely again,” the Grandmothers said. “Loneliness will be impossible for you because now you are part of the Net of Light. You are one with the Divine, part of the One Love. You are no longer separated.
“Each time you think of, hold, and cast the Net of Light for the world, this sense of Oneness within will grow. When you work with the Net of Light, you are automatically one with it. Powerfully linked with the great Web or Net of Light that holds the Universe. You participate in this holding and at the same time, you yourself are held. Always held,” they crooned, drawing my eyes with theirs. “Feel that!” They commanded, and I did. “Be that!” they said. “Be what you are.
Be Divine.”