Summary of the Online Teaching of May 1st

Summary of the Online Teaching of May 1st

Sharon: Welcome to the Net of Light, and to our Online Teaching which happens on the first Sunday of every month. Everyone is welcome. We come together to support each other. 

We are sorry that there is not a way for everyone here to be able to speak to each other, but technology does not allow that yet. Today we have with us five of the grandmothers, including me, to share. I asked Nadia from Belgium, Kate from Southern California, Snow from the United Kingdom, Harriette from New York, and Peggy from Alabama, to come together today. What we will talk about is hanging together during these times which are so divisive which tends to pull us apart. We choose to stay in the Oneness of the One Love, and One Heart. I am asking each of the speakers what is helping her to stay steady, how to stand steady amidst the storm, and how to use the Net of Light, and how to rely on the Grandmothers, in order to do that.

Nadia: Casts the Net of Light

Sharon: Feel your body and let yourself feel as much of this good as you are able to receive. Each time we do this work more and more good flows in. This is the time that was foretold that God the Mother would return to Earth. And she has, and she is here.

I’ll ask each of you to share what you are doing to help spread the Grandmothers message, and what is it doing for you. Peggy, would you start?

Peggy: I was hoping you would call on me. What is happening in our part of the country is that we will soon be having our first gathering for the Southeastern United States and it will be held in Georgia, from May 13th-15th. We have people coming from eight different states to join us.  The southeastern US is beautiful, but it is very deeply wounded. It carries a heaviness with the people and the land based on past horrors and there is a lot of work to be done, which we will be working on in this event. To re-sanctify the land as well as heal ancestral and racial wounds, along with our own. We will be using the template from Joshua Tree, which works with Nature, Humanity and the Divine all at one time. I would like to ask if you could please hold us in the Net of Light, and hold sacred space with us, as we do this work. We will start this program at 5:30pm on Friday the 13th until Sunday the 15th at noon. We appreciate and will feel your help. I wouldn’t believe I would be leading a gathering, but myself and Cathy have been preparing for this gathering. It has been challenging to plan this event but when I feel overwhelmed, I stop and ask for help from the Grandmothers, and my sisters who are willing to help. Help is available and I know it’s already here.

Sharon: Thank you Peg. We will be linked with you on the 13th to the 15th because the work you do there will affect everything on this planet. Thank you for doing it.

Nadia: The past week has been tough and I have been calling on the Grandmothers to show me the way when the going gets tough. What came up for me when Peggy was talking was the synchronicities. The Grandmothers send us so many messages, and in the past week I got all these little breadcrumbs. Last week when I was walking, I ended up by coincidence at a little chapel and when I walked in there was a message on the altar that said “Hope for the future”. That same evening the newsletter also came in with a message of hope. And so many more synchronicities revealed themselves. The help is there. Call on the Grandmothers, and call on the Blessed Mother. I received a statue from a friend of the Blessed Mother of Pontmain, who appeared to a few children there, a day after that the war stopped where she was. That message of hope for the future, and hope from the Mother, and that calling on the Mother, really helps. This is the message for all of us. I’ve gone from doing a ‘standard’ Net of Light meditation to an expansion with the Embrace of the Mother.

Kate: I resonate so deeply with what Peggy was describing, how when taking on a new assignment you are so embraced by the Grandmothers. You expand into the role, and if you falter there is the community ready to catch you. I have also been having hard times but when I woke up this morning, I felt lighter. I had a dream of groups of joyous people who were interconnected and having fun, working on creative projects, with laughter and dancing. It is my honor to be part of the communications aspect of the Grandmothers, where I find joy in formatting, and finding images for, the newsletters. Now I will be working with Linda and Snow on the project for Eastern European support group. I will help by developing a format of communicating the collective wonder of joy. I’d like to close with an image I received at the beginning of our meeting, of the earth warming in the spring and the crocus starting to come out, feeling and reaching toward the warmth. A sense of hope and rebirth. Although the world may feel dark, the Grandmothers bring us home with joy and peace.

Sharon: Thank you Kate. And by the way she organized the whole Joshua Tree retreat.

Snow: Hello everybody. The Net of Light has completely transformed my life. When I reflect on my life, the events that were most fun, adventurous, loving, beautiful were the ones connecting me to community in the Net of Light. The people who would come together and give their heart space to learn about the Grandmothers and Mother. This is the most refined crystal of experience that I have received as a gift in this lifetime. In the past I used to sit on a daily basis to meditate because I was so motivated by the message of shared love, which filled every single cell in my body. I no longer have to meditate to feel this because I feel it in the body. I feel like I am a bridge, connecting Lithuania with the project to help Eastern European countries to feel loved and that they are not alone. These messages from Lithuania go to Sharon which are distributed to people who want to support the peace project. I also have my community in the United Kingdom. Thank you everyone who has replied to our last meeting online. Their willingness to help is very touching. We’ve decided to create an exciting behind the scenes project which Kate and Linda will be presenting to you in time. To summarize, I’d like to say the sense of union, community, and love just radiates. Thank you.

Sharon: I met with a group from the Midwest last week and want to let you know it’s not just Linda, it is a whole group in the Midwest who are working deeply with Eastern Europe, and feel a real kinship with all of you. Could you say a few words about this project that you and Renata and Antanina were putting together, to get a YouTube presentation in Russian?

Snow: I try be of service with my language skills. It is very exciting because we want to get this message out to the Russian community who don’t speak English or other languages that our books have been translated into. To get the message through quicker we decided to start sharing Sharon’s videos translated in Russian, and occasional YouTube appearances, answering questions and offering Net of Light meditations. It’s a bit of a stretch but it’s now or never.

Nadia: We already have subtitles from Snow in Russian for six of the basic videos, which can also be understood by people in Ukraine.

Sharon: Yes. In those messages it is the Grandmothers speaking, of uplift, unity, and loving service for one another. If you want to be in the Eastern European support work, just contact us through the . Harriet, you have been doing different work for us for over a year now.

Harriet: It’s actually been two years now. The Grandmothers at the start of the pandemic came to me in my dreams and said to me to start the Net of Light meditation and keep it simple and steady. I began with a daily meditation which has transitioned to a Wednesday free conference call at 12:15pm EST, where anyone is invited. The number to join is (760) 548 9989. Roughly around twenty people join every Wednesday. There is a gathering of simple steady connection to the Net of Light. When we open the meditation there is a deep sense of bonding for everyone on the call. This has kept me feeling steady. I feel like I am on ground zero here on Long Island in the United States, where the vibration is always frantic. I always hear the message to stand steady. It is almost as if some are like small children who are wounded and having a temper tantrum. A nurturing mother quietly goes “shh, it’s okay, it’s okay”. And you can help with what they need simply in that moment. Stay slow, stay steady, and stay in the Net of Light. Because the energy here is very frantic. The media cannot wait to spin this time with fear, and people become numb or act out. When I am out and about, I call in the Net of Light and I can feel a blanket of calm that comes with me. In my practice I work with mothers and children and it is the same steadiness, nurturing, and holding space around them. I am deeply grateful for Wednesdays when incredible people from around the country bring that steadiness in a mindful manner.

Sharon: Thank you Harriet.  

Kate: Harriet does the Net of Light meditations on Wednesdays at 12:15 ET, and Jenny does the Tree of Life meditations on Mondays at 10am MT. I post these the day before on The Grandmothers Speak/Net of Light Facebook Page.

Harriet: Thank you for all of your promotion. I feel your hug from that. 

Sharon: We have all this joyous work to do that brings us the feeling of family. There is no money involved, we just give because we have been given to. We’re happy to spread this.

Kate: For those who are interested in attending online Zoom Grandmother meetings, contact us through the . One of the people at the Joshua Tree gathering went back to Santa Cruz and asked the local library to start carrying the four Grandmother books and have them available to borrow. The same person is working to get the books into the San Francisco library. This is something we all could do at our local libraries. We want to open the Grandmothers’ message of love to everyone.

Sharon: If you have any ideas for us, please let us know. We love to hear from you. We’re constantly expanding the Grandmothers’ reach. As the Grandmothers say “this is the eleventh hour”, so we want as many people, open to this message of love and peace and Oneness, to have it.

Let’s come together and feel how connected we are to the Net of Light and to one another. Our hearts connected, resonating,  the strands of Light that connect all our hearts. We are part of the Net of Light that holds and upholds all life, not only on this planet but throughout the cosmos. We are part and parcel of that. Breathe with the Net of Light and let it breathe with you. Just give yourself the thought of receiving and you will receive. It’s your birthright to be held in Light. You are as you are meant to be. You are held in Light. You are loved, you are loving, and you are love itself.

Sharon: Sings “Net of Light”

See you next month!