Online Teaching: Special Focus on Ukraine

Online Teaching: Special Focus on Ukraine
Dear Hearts,
While we ‘normally’ do not send out a summary of the Online Teachings, last Sunday’s meeting was so inspired, each word so very valuable in calling us all to work together throughout the entire global Net of Light family, that we present this for you.
Sharon: Today we have Sinead from Ireland, Snow from Lithuania, now living in the UK, and Catherine from Northern California. We are focusing today on peace on earth, goodwill, and love between all beings, especially focusing all this love in Eastern Europe, to benefit all. We ask that you hold the Net of Light steady for all beings as we come together.
Sinead: Net of Light Meditation.
Sharon: Experience whatever you are feeling as you drink in this essence of the Net of Light, as you take this in and say “yes” to it. And, because you are part of the Net of Light, this great ‘yes’ flows throughout the cosmos. This gift of you receiving allows millions more to receive what they most need. Let that happen, as you quietly are the holder of Light for so many. All the leaders of this world are now receiving. All beings are receiving. So as we work together today, millions are working with us. We are all part of the great One Love, One Heart.
Catherine, if you can share with us what you experienced in the Ukraine. (I asked her to please wear this wonderful headdress and blouse from the Ukraine.) You have traveled there several times, and in 2017 you took the Grandmothers’ work and passed on the empowerment to the Ukrainian women in a city there.
Catherine: Thank you. I also want to acknowledge Snow, who has both Ukrainian and Russian heritage. I have been going to Ukraine since 1989 (when it was still the Soviet Union), and then in the early 1990s I was invited to go to the center of the country to a sister city along with my 6-month-old daughter (who has Ukrainian heritage on her father’s side). 
Out of the first visit from the sister city, a women’s center blossomed. I have been there about ten times in the last thirty years. Traditionally in Ukraine, there is a great affinity for the Goddess, and mothers and grandmothers.
In 2017 I went to a Net of Light Grandmothers’ gathering in Lithuania, and they gave each participant a crystal heart. Then when I went to the Ukraine, I was asked to take the extra leftover hearts with me. I went there to hold a meeting, but I was told “oh, no one will come.”  I said, “I will be there.” I knew the importance to hold the Net of Light, and, even if it is a meeting of just one person, it is valuable.  But when I got there, there were 22 women there!  These 22 women received the empowerment and they each got a crystal heart. These women are beautiful and resilient. They have gone through so much, including communism, forced famine, economic collapse, dangers of trafficking.
I am so grateful we were able to embed the Net of Light in Ukraine.
People are in different places now, some are staying, and some are going. I trust in the Net of Light, and I trust in their resilience. These women have seen hardships, but they are still full of joy and spirit.
Sharon: Thank you Catherine. Let’s take a moment now and feel the connection of our hearts with each other, and also with all of our sisters and brothers around the world. People all over the world are linked in Light now. Experience this family of Light, that seeks the highest good for all, and upholds that Light. 
Snow: I have family in Ukraine, Russia and Lithuania. I’d like to talk about the experience of the traumatic memories of these countries. Lithuania was the first country to leave the USSR and declare independence 30 years ago. I was 10 at that time and I remember a sticky feeling in the air. There was a heavy silence. What has been happening in these last few days brought this memory up to the surface, for myself and others who carry this. One of the members of the Net of Light community from Lithuania contacted us asking for help. She expressed that it becomes harder to maintain a sense of peaceful groundedness because the war is not just happening in the countries directly involved, but is also happening, and being witnessed, in between people where she lives. She felt that by reaching out they could get some extra support.
We often think that we don’t have power, that we are too small, but the Grandmothers give us the message that we are so powerful. We just need to trust our hearts, and we will be led to the next step. This is a great opportunity for us to go deeper into the sense of unity. I responded to the woman in Lithuania that so many women have already started meditating and anchoring peace for them from the Net of Light. The Net passes on the frequency of love, peace, unity. It does not disappear. It anchors and expands.
I invite you to now connect to your heart and feel this emission of this frequency. The peace that we are looking for is right here. When we get lost, come back to the Net of Light, Net of Light, Net of Light. The body already has the codes of light and love.
In Lithuania at the moment everyone throughout the day is tuning in remotely and casting the Net of Light to everyone, no duality and separation, and holding everyone in the Light.
Also, on the 13th of March, Sunday, at 11am in the morning Eastern European time, there will be a live meeting in Lithuania, and our sisters there have asked for anyone who can join them to do so in spirit. They feel that other people in different countries do care, and feel grateful that they are not alone. There is a deep remembering about our unity, beauty and our power. We are lights on the same web, one heart beating together. 
I have been casting the Net of Light for the last 17 years in the UK. I was living in Lithuania before that, and I was born in Russia. I am one with all. I am here to remind you that we are just one big family. I thank you for being here. Because if you are here with us, we can’t lose each other.
All will be well, thank you.
Sharon: Thank you so much. As we take this in, think of all these beautiful people and hearts, all the people of Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, our brothers and sisters we haven’t met yet, how much love there is there, and in us. We also include Vladimir Putin who needs to be held in light.
(Sings)Net of Light 
If you would like to be part of this Eastern European Support Project, let us know. Contact us at and we will put you in touch with the women who are heading this up. For me the primary work is to remember who you are at all times. When we see carnage and cruelty, we can get pulled off center. Our job is to rememberwho we are. We are very powerful Beacons of Light. The earth and nature support us as we do this. Right now, there is tremendous potential for healing. We need to remember. There is that old song “Remind me Grandmothers who I am.”
Sinead: Two things have been on my heart and mind. One is the looking into healing any war or conflict that may exist within ourselves, working with the Net of Light, and calling on the Grandmothers to help to heal and resolve any barriers within ourselves, because then that energy moves.  Then our reaction becomes one of love, rather than fear or anger or working-against.  The other thing is that sometimes when these great events go on, it can seem overwhelming.  But if we visualize the world in the palm of our hand, and call on the Net of Light, and make that connection from our heart with that piece.  It looks smaller, but the energy still works. It is a way to work with it, rather than to go into being overwhelmed or freezing up.
Sharon: Thank you Sinead.
Catherine: I agree about remembering who we are, and I was touched by what Snow said about how trauma can really bring up old trauma.  You have to feel like you are in a safe place.  The Net of Light gives me that feeling of safety.  So, I can be that safe place for myself and others.  What emerged in the Women’s center, in the relationship between American women and Ukrainian Women, was the feeling of hope for the Ukrainian women. and a remembering of who they are.
Sharon: Thank you. Snow, do you want to add anything more?
Snow: Perhaps just to remind all of us again, that when we work with the Net of Light, we are really holding all of life, all of the beings. We don’t decide who is good and who is bad. We encompass everything and all the situations and we let the light come and go and reach who it needs to.
Sharon: Thank you. So, I think it would be just beautiful if we could end with a song.
Nadia (sings): Remind me Grandmothers again who I am. I am Om, eternal Om. In this life of distraction and of illusion, remind me again who I am. I am Peace, I am Truth, Divine Bliss.
Sharon: Thank you Nadia, thank you all of you. Take this with you, let it hold you, as you stand steady. I had a meditation teacher who once said to me “Sharon, standing steady just means when you fall down you get back up again!”  That is all it requires.