No more separation between Nature, God and People

No more separation between Nature, God and People
The Return of the Mother Brings Change
Last week the Grandmothers called a group of us to Joshua Tree National Park. We came from various parts of the world and were asked to go out into the big rocks there and unify with the ancestors of our family lines as well as with the ancestors of the land. Each of us called in a spiritual team to work with us, and with the help of this team, the Net of Light, the ancestors and the elemental spirits of Nature, we opened ourselves to a connection between the world of the Divine and the world of Nature. We did this for ourselves and for the world. “You will reactivate the sacred link between the Divine, the world of Nature, and the human world,” the Grandmothers said. “There in the desert, you will move beyond old beliefs and ideas of a so-called ‘separation’ between these worlds and instead, form a conduit of connection between them.” Working both individually and together, we were to activate a three-way sacred web of light within the radiant Net of Light. Human / Divine / Nature. 
We held this intention as we went out into the rocks, and wandering alone, let ourselves be guided to a place from which to observe what Nature and the Divine had to teach us. We followed the Grandmothers’ guidance and didn’t outwardly seek for anything, but instead, observed what came to us. We took notes of everything that happened there and spent the morning in the great silence of the desert. And in that beautiful, empty space, we discovered that making a sacred connection like this was not so difficult. God and Nature, Nature and God—both held us and taught us, and within several hours we were able to complete the Grandmothers’ assignment. No drama, no trauma.
The Grandmothers had assured us that by trusting them as we pursued this connection, and by following their guidance, a template for a new way of connecting with the Divine and Nature would set itself into the consciousness of the Earth. They were right about that and this is why we are sharing this information.
“You completed the job youset out to do,” the Grandmothers assured us. “Mission accomplished.” They also said, “More ‘work’ along these lines will follow.” What our relatively small group did in Joshua Tree was only the beginning of re-sanctifying and reactivating the divine link between all forms of life here on Earth. The Grandmothers said, “Many of you will be given other Nature-based tasks to perform.” More will be given to different ones and it will be given soon so that the power of this connection that is now anchored in Joshua Tree can be magnified. The MOTHER has returned to Earth and because this is true, all of us have work to do.
Because of what took place with this relatively small group in Joshua Tree last week, now, more, than ever, human beings will be open to a deep and natural way of relating to Nature and the Divine. Expect to be able to connect in this way. And because this work at Joshua Tree has been done, a template for this sacred, harmonic way of relating is now available to each one of us. Everyone will be able to access it, to live in constant sacred connection with Nature and the Divine. 
What happened when this Net of Light group came together in the desert felt natural—amazing, but natural. The Grandmothers say, “Intention underlies everything,” and it was our collective intention that made this sacred connection possible. The Grandmothers set up the task, showed us how to proceed, and we then followed through and completed it. Doing what we did was relatively simple. However, understanding what we did together in Joshua Tree and what we will continue to do may not be as easy because of the confusing and doubting patterns that are lodged in our human minds. What we did together on March 17 and 18 is simple but it is BIG—so BIG that it is beyond the power of the mind to quantify and explain. And the mind wants to explain … So, the mind, being the mind, is likely to doubt if anything really happened and to ‘yes but’ us for a long time. I think we can expect that to take place.
However, whether or not the mind follows its usual pattern of equivocation and ‘yes butting,’ the work that the Grandmothers gave us to do at Joshua Tree WAS DONE. We did it well and we completed it. I am proud of the group of people who came together to perform this task in the desert and the Grandmothers are even more proud of them. We worked as one organism, and because of what we accomplished at Joshua Tree, there now IS a sacred bond between the Divine, Nature and the human kingdom of life that all can access. This bond is alive and active. This bond is unassailable.
The underlying harmony of life is now ours to access, to call on and live with. Nature and the Divine are in harmony together—and Nature loves us. That is true. The Divine loves us. That is true. And we love Nature and the Divine. Also true. We are all in harmony together. We are in synch with one another. Our hearts are linked. The next time you walk out among the trees, or along the sea, or anywhere in nature you will feel it. And our being in synch with the Divine and Nature, will affect not only ourselves, but everything that lives. We, as human beings, are No Longer Cut Off!! Not cut off from each other. Not cut off from Nature and God. 
Please enjoy the sense of kinship that we all share. You can count on it. It is not a fiction. It is true. This is the beginning of a most exciting time for us all! Please give thanks that this bond of love is now available to you and go out there and hug a tree! Sing to the birds. Love every living thing. Thank you.