Holding Ukraine within the Radiant Net of Light

Holding Ukraine within the Radiant Net of Light
As this unthinkable war in Ukraine rages on, many of us in the Net of Light family are using the Map of Ukraine (above) to empower the Net of Light there. For example:
Linda Vaughn–I hold the map of Ukraine to my heart and send the Net of Light to counteract the violence in Ukraine. This map is a powerful image in focusing the Net of Light. 
Phyllis Peacock—I have covered my map of Ukraine with crystals and I meditate there. 
Peggy Huddleston—Two days after Russia invaded Ukraine, I was meditating after looking once again at the map of Ukraine. I was holding steady and strong while also feeling deep compassion for everyone in pain or conflict. Suddenly I saw that all of Ukraine was somehow inside my belly. Light was pouring through the top of my head, down through my body, enveloping Ukraine in a steady brilliant stream before exiting through my feet and down into the Earth. It all seemed like a natural event, to hold a nation in a pregnant belly, loving and protecting and nurturing it. For a few moments I felt complete union with the Great Mother that holds us all.
At my first Grandmothers’ Gathering, Sharon led a meditation, and banging on her big drum, directed us to ask the Grandmothers to show us what we needed to know. I was shown that I was to take the Grandmothers’ work to Ukraine.
I have friends and extended family in Ukraine and the war being waged now lies heavy on my heart. Lidia, a family member, has managed to escape to Poland with her young son while others are heading to villages for safety or underground into the Kyiv subway. Some are unreachable, but I am heartened by the fact that the Net of Light has been planted in the rich Ukrainian soil.
In 1994, I went there with a group of American women and my six-month old daughter. We met other women in our sister city, Cherkasy, and together we formed a women’s group to support domestic violence programs and encourage women’s leadership.
In 2017, I attended a Grandmothers Gathering in Lithuania before visiting Cherkasy where 22 women crammed into the small Cherkasy Women’s Center. Each of them received the Grandmothers’ Empowerment—and a special gift. Women in California had purchased a crystal heart for each person attending the Lithuanian Gathering, and the Lithuanians blessed and gave the extra crystal hearts to me for the Ukrainian women. They were deeply moved.
Ukrainian women are strong and resilient. The country itself is traditionally matriarchal and in hundreds of archeological sites, they have found goddess artifacts. When the war broke out in Eastern Ukraine in 2014, older women at the Center knit and crocheted tank covers to provide camouflage while the younger ones brought food and provided shelter for refugees. In recent times, each generation has overcome hardships—from Communism to famine, to Nazis to Chernobyl, to economic crisis, to Russia’s war on Ukraine.
Please think of those crystal hearts now, and the beautiful women of Ukraine, and know that your prayers are felt, appreciated, and that together we will make a difference.