“Do not take sides in the angry battle lines that are forming”

“Do not take sides in the angry battle lines that are forming”
Help! Grandmothers,” I cried as I stood before them. “People are killing each other. Knifings, shootings, running cars into crowds. Murdering each other—over nothing! So much anger,” I said, “fear and craziness! How can we live in a world like this? How can we hold steady the way you ask us to do, while everything is falling apart?”
“You are an aspect of the whole,” the Grandmothers calmly replied and I blinked in surprise. “You are part of Earth’s energy, so the way you hold energy effects everything and everyone. Your peace, breeds peace,” they said. “Your kindness, breeds kindness. And your fear, of course, breeds fear. Therefore,” they said, and fixed me with their eyes, “at all times, both day and night, look to your connection with us and Net of Light. Don’t let go of that. It’s simple thing to do and this simple act will save you and save many.
“When fear is running berserk as it is now, it is easy to get caught in it. So much is falling apart, so much is changing that many are collapsing into fear. That is what you are seeing. That is what you hear and read about. People are blaming others for the turmoil of the times, acting out against one another and becoming increasingly violent. People are raging and killing each other because they themselves are caught in fear! Fear is making them crazed beasts.
“To see friends and families turn on each other, to lose loved ones in the waves of anger that are sweeping the earth, to see the great cruelties, the suffering… To see and hear all of this is shocking to the human soul. Many are in shock now. You too are affected.
“We remind you that these are the times we warned you about. More than twenty years ago we told you they were coming and you are now living in them. You, however are not a victim of the times. You are not a play thing for fear. No!” they declared, shooting their hands at me, “You were born for this! You were born to stand in light—to stand in the midst of this maelstrom and broadcast light. This is your job,” they said, “and we are calling you to it.
“Do not take sides in the angry battle lines that are forming,” they said. “Do not join in the fights that fear is feeding. Instead, stand back. Observe it all, Love all and Serve all.All! they declared. “Each person has a part to play in the great drama that’s unfolding. Bless them all,” they said. “Give up judging them, and then YOU get to work! Come together and cast the Net of Light,” they said. “Sing our songs and always sing ‘May all the beings in all the worlds be happy.’ These songs will penetrate the heavy atmosphere of Earth; they will effortlessly heal and bless. You are a beacon of light,” they reminded me. “Do not forget,” and their eyes held mine until tears came.
“This is a time for courage,” the Grandmothers said. “A time to stand in and for truth, to not give in to the dramas of the moment. You have all the strength you need to do this,” they said. “You are a force on Earth, a source of power. The power of Yin,” they said, smiling happily. “So, stand with us now. Call on the great Net of Light and stand with us as love radiates out from you. Love all,” they said. “Serve all. Be the calming source of light that you are. That is all” they said. “That is enough.”