SUMMARY, ONLINE TEACHING  Sunday, November 7th, 2021

SUMMARY, ONLINE TEACHING  Sunday, November 7th, 2021

Sharon: Welcome!  Today we are going to be talking about the enlightening relationship, between women and men.

Diane: Net of Light Meditation.

Sharon: As we start this conversation, I’d like to frame it with the Grandmothers’ teachings, so Peggy and Kate will read to us selections from the last book about what they say, about the relating of males and females, of females and males?

Peggy: It is time to bring women and men into harmony. (Return of the Mother, pg. 4)

The next time I journeyed to the Grandmothers, before I had a chance to ask anything they said, “It’s time to bring men and women into harmony together, time for men to be involved in this work”. “Men?” I questioned, “Why men?” Ever since they first appeared, I thought the Grandmothers’ work was only for women and, even after a few men became interested in it, there were only a few of them, so nothing really changed. In my opinion, the subject was hardly worth considering. “So, what are they talking about now?” I ask myself.

My face must have registered my surprise because the Grandmothers fastened their eyes on mine and said “The egg…. It goes back to the egg.” Then I remembered that they had once used the egg to explain the principles of yin and yang, feminine and masculine energy. They nodded to me emphatically.

The inside of the egg,” they explained, “is the nourishing part, the life-bearing part. The inside is yin,” they said. “And the outside of the egg, the shell, is yang- it’s the covering that protects the yin. Start thinking of women and men like this, and as you do, pray for understanding of the actual role of women and men. Don’t look at the bad behavior you see today,” they said, “but ask to understand the underlying pattern of harmony between the sexes.” I will Grandmothers,” I nodded to them, my eyes big.

Sharon: Thanks Peg. The underlying role of men and women… not the bad behavior you see in the world, but rather the underlying harmony that nature has set up… we will certainly be returning to that.

Kate: This book is so full of excellent places to ponder the changing roles and the relationship between men and women. I will start on page 12, Return of the Mother:

Male and female, female and male. These are only roles.” The yearly Net of Light gathering in California would be coming up again soon, and people will be flying in from all around the world for it. When the opening day arrived, we were surprised to find several men, friends of a Net of Light group leader, waiting for us at the front door of the gathering. And they’d come bearing roses! We’d had no idea they were coming, and when the men told us they came because they wanted to ‘live the Grandmothers’ message’ we cried. Men had participated at the Net of Light Gatherings in Europe, but only four or five had ever come to one in America. In fact, in America it was rare for a man to even attend one of our monthly meetings. Having this group show up like this was so unexpected that as soon as the Gathering was over, I went to the Grandmothers to ask what it was all about.

The Grandmothers seemed to study me for a moment and then, giving me a knowing look, they said “All are Divine.” drawing the ‘all’ out. “All,” they repeated. “Male and female, female and male. These,” they explained “are only roles, a type of clothing you put on when you come into an incarnation on Earth. It is time to move beyond this old familiar clothing and stop fully identifying yourself with it. Fasten your hearts to us, or any form of Divinity that you love. This will help you move beyond the limiting societal and self-imposed roles you’ve been playing. You’ve been conditioned to believe in these old roles, but you are beyond roles. You are neither man nor woman. You are not limited in any way. You are Divine and that is your true identity. Put your heart into that and claim it. Listen to our teachings with your heart. We have come to move you further along the path than you have yet gone. We have come to lead you to who you truly are.

Sharon: Thank you. There is so much there that we can talk about, and work with. I hope all of you will look at these quotes in the book, and at what comes before and after them. The Grandmothers help us in all areas of life to get over our limitations and conditionings.  This is one of the most difficult ones, the way things have devolved over history to this combative power struggle that exists between females and males. It is painful, and it is pitiful, and lots of people suffer because of it. Whatever understanding you are ready to get, the Grandmothers will help you to grasp it, and live it, and your life will be easier. I am speaking from experience. Life is not easy. It is full of challenges, and this really helps.

Emily: I was present at a Gathering where the men who were attending were inspired to walk the perimeter of the retreat center, while chanting and drumming, as a way of protecting the sacred space that we were offering. When they explained what they had done, and why, it was so moving to us. The Grandmothers have shown us that men, as natural repositories of the yang energy, have a natural impulse to protect. The most powerful way for a man to offer protection to a woman is to strengthen her connection to her own light, to affirm to her the truth of who she is. The truth of her as Divine, as the holder of yin energy, that is at the center of the wheel of life. And by reflecting this truth to her and affirming her place of power and strength in her connection to the Divine, man can powerfully provide the most effective protection, in addition to these other beautiful ways that were being shown. This will continue to be shown to us as we all learn this natural way of relating male and female which is slowly being revealed to us, in a new way.

Sharon: Wow. Eloquently spoken. Thank you so much.

Christa, I would love for you to share some of what you’re learning and doing in South Africa now. I know that you work in business, with men and women, so please fold in anything you would like to share.

Christa: Thank you so much. When I look at corporate and business, I notice that men are lost as much as women are lost.  If one half of the coin is lost, we all suffer in result. What I am seeing in business roles is that the story needs to change. There is a lot of anger and resentment from women, and they are showing their bitterness and frustration by being very harsh and belittling the men.  From what I am hearing women are now tired of this narrative, but they don’t know how else to take their power back in a loving way. I work with women to understand their yin and to connect to their Divinity and own their energy again. It’s almost as if women were walking away from their yin to embrace the yang, thinking that they needed to be yang to be heard. What is useful is to help each other define the “egg.”  What does it mean to you to be yin? What does it mean for me to be yang? How do they work together?

Another aspect that I am seeing is that if the Grandmothers are saying “Hold. Stand steady in your yin, and hold.”  What does that mean?  Does it mean I keep quiet? Does it mean I retreat? Practically what does it mean to contain? How do I sit with that, or do that, and still stand in my power? When that energy comes from the yang what does it mean to stay in your yin? Practically, how do I do that while standing in my power? People are ready and looking for guidance. Thank you, Emily, for describing this more balanced purpose of protection, and what that looks like in the here and now, versus our old conditioning of what ‘protection’ looks like. There is a lot of fruitful work we can do with the wisdom in these books to help people make sense of these evolving relationships.

Sharon: Thank you Christa for sharing this.  As we continue to move forward, the Grandmothers continue to download more information and experiences, so we can get richer and wiser, and more at peace and more loving. Always go back to the egg and feel what it’s like to be the yolk and the white, and what it feels like to be the smooth and protective shell, which enables that life to generate in the egg. With both parts, life goes on. In the Grandmothers books there are so many tools for us to ingest and really get this change in our lifetime. Use the websites- or Pay attention to the songs (found under the Media tab) which are loaded with truth; the melody makes it easier to get the messages.

Sharon (sings): “From the heavens to the Earth. From the Earth to the Hearts of Women …to the hands, and the heads, of men…”

Sharon: Take that in, breathe that in. That will help you understand more of who you are. When the Grandmothers say “Women must lead, this is the time for that. It can be no other way,” they are not fooling around. They are saying the unvarnished truth. There’s a reason why we must lead now, and we just sang that reason, and the egg will show you that reason. Before we finish here, I’d like to hear from our panel to see if anything has arisen from your consciousness just now on this subject of women and men.

Kate:  Sharon, with your permission, I would love to read JD’s letter. This is a man within the Net of Light family who wrote right after the fourth book came out. He said “I was so happy to find your new book available, and I ordered it instantly. I sat down to read it just now and I cannot say thank you to the grandmothers quickly enough. What a relief! The statement on page 17, that men are ancillary to our work, that they are not necessary to the task at hand, was so powerful in the way that it lets me, and all men, off the hook!  Day in and day out it is drilled and beat into boys and men that idea that we must fix and do and repair every single problem that life presents. It’s a hang-up and so unbearable and breaks us to the core, shatters us into sharp things that shatters everyone around us. What a genuine relief it is, what a supporting statement, to grasp the fact that we as men can not only be on the sideline, but that it is our role at present.  Thank you for that powerful statement, it has reversed the ever-present constriction around my heart, and allowed a lovely freedom into my being. What a powerful feeling of yin.”

Sharon: Thank you JD, thank you Kate. Is there anyone else that would like to express or share now?

Emily: I’ve had the privilege to witness the relaxation that JD is speaking about. I think it probably touches the same core truth that the grandmothers explained.   When yang is fully supported by yin that is fully empowered, when man feels himself truly loved as he is, there’s a deep relaxation that can occur. And when yang is supported in that way by a fully empowered yin, yang only reaches out in support of life. Always.  So that balance of yin allowing itself to become fully empowered, can only happen as women allow ourselves to step into our power in a true way. That allows yang to feel the support and the love. The true unconditional and compassionate love of one’s being. And that allows yang to act in support always of life. A few times in groups, being able to witness a man receive this message and allowing it to wash through him, what I often hear expressed is this enormous relief of this feeling that they are wrong, or bad, or being held accountable to things that have happened in the past. To witness what JD spoke about is such a gift and I am eager for more discussion, and ways we can be shown on how to come into balance within ourselves and with each other.

Sharon: It’s a big piece of work. It’s a beautiful piece of work and we will be at it for a while. We are here to help each other.

Peggy: Emily, you brought up the word balance.  When I married in my mid-20s, I was yin to the extreme, and my husband was yang to the extreme. He was a Vietnam combat vet and came home to protect the perimeter and our territory.  Over the 42 years of our marriage, I have learned how to set boundaries, without aggression. And Bill has learned about receiving, and softening, and accepting, and we both have come into so much balance as a gift from our marriage. It’s not always easy but has been such a gift, and so worth it.

Sharon: Thank you Peggy. Does anybody else have something they would like to say? Christa is there anything you would like to say?

Christa: I am just listening to all of the wisdom and really taking it in. And how can you share this beautiful truth and insights, which the world needs?  People are looking for answers and different ways of being.  Women and men are lonely, they miss each other. They are tired of the fights. They are looking for their union. They inherit beautiful balance in union. I think the Grandmothers and the work they do and guidance they give us is exactly what the world needs.

Sharon: As we close together, we turn our hearts to the Divine, and ask our hearts to open more, so they become a clearer place to live and see from. Our hearts fill with Light and Love. We are connected through the Net of Light.   Now, this love comes as a big wave and washes into you and rolls out and into the earth, flowing back, and comes washing into you with more light than before and effortlessly rolls out into the earth and back into you. Back and out, in and out. Effortlessly this rhythmic, in and out. The moment of giving is the instant of receiving the instant of receiving is the moment of giving. Always that. And together we say yes to all of this. Grateful to learn and grateful to share. The momentum of this becomes greater and greater, and together we say yes to this inward and outward expansion that is happening, within every being and every part of life. We give great thanks to the Net of Light, the Grandmothers, and to one another.

(sings): May everyone in all the world be happy…OM. Peace, peace, peace.