SUMMARY: ONLINE TEACHING – Sunday, September 5th, 2021

SUMMARY: ONLINE TEACHING  – Sunday, September 5th, 2021

Sharon: Welcome to the Online Teaching of the Great Council of the Grandmothers and the Net of Light.  We do this the first Sunday of every month at this time, and everybody is welcome to join us.  If you have any questions or want to contact us, please do.  You can reach us through the, or 


We come together with people around the world (mostly women, and a few men), to share what we are learning and what is moving us in this work that we do with the Grandmothers and with the Net of Light.  So today we have women from the United States and Europe who will be sharing together.  We will be talking about the most recent thing we are finding on this evolutionary work with the Grandmothers, which is a continuous process.  It is pretty exciting right now, even though the world is in a big mess, we are being elevated and expanded to a greater degree than ever before.  

We welcome everybody.  This work is for everyone.  We don’t charge for it.  We are happy to share it.  This is the time for the return of the Mother to Earth, and we are here to be part of that return.  


Peggy: Net of Light Meditation  


Sharon: Thank you Peggy. Everybody, allow yourself to receive this blessing. Because when we ask, “May everyone in all the worlds be happy”, that includes the one who is praying as well.  So, it is, we receive and everyone receives, that is how it really happens. 


We are going to talk today about what we are learning now.  The fourth book is out: Return of the Mother, Return to Love ( ).   It takes us deeper and further along in a recognition of who it is we truly are.  If you are like most of us, you thought that the Divine was somewhere up or out there.  And you were down here, just wanting to get there, but you had a long way to go.  It is pretty much how most of the religions are set up.  It is a hierarchical model, with the Divine above, and the human soul down below.  And you started to feel that you could not possibly be worthy.  Then add all the other layers of things like sin and separation, and pretty soon connecting with the Divine feels like an arduous process.  I did all this reading, meditation, practices and effort in the past.  It was hard work.  But now it really doesn’t have to be that way.  At this time, we can go farther than we could have ever dreamed of going before.  It has been twenty-five years since the Grandmothers first introduced us to the construct of “the Net of Light”.  And now so many have worked with it, that it is very accessible.  On the website there is the casting the Net of Light (“Net of Light Meditation”), and also all kinds of information, meditations, songs. It is easy to access.  


What we are going to talk about today is what we are noticing as individuals.  Today we have here Catherine from Northern California, Kate from Southern California, Jane from the East coast of the US, Peggy from the South, Nadia from Belgium, and me from Northern California.  We are all experiencing this vast expansion and connection within ourselves.  So much so, that we can’t any longer consider ourselves an organization. We do not have a hierarchy, rules to follow, procedures to do.  We are an organism, a living, breathing, and expanding organism, because we are one with this “Net of Light”, this cosmic web, this fabric of being that infuses and holds everything that lives. 

So now I want to ask the others who have joined me here today:  What you are finding these days?  What it is like to be part of this organism, this living Net of Light? 


Peggy: I liked what you said when you described us as an organism and not an organization.  That feels so meaningful.  It involves warmth, cooperation, working together, and learning from each other.  I was in the medical field for a number of years, and I tend to think of things like a body.  If a part of the body is not functioning well, and is not treated, it would affect the rest of the body.  With us, coming together as an organism, connected through the Net of Light, we get to help each other.  It becomes such a feeling of warmth and homecoming.   It is a delightful feeling to be a family, instead of an organization. 


Catherine: The word that came to me, instead of “organism”, was “network”, which is what the Net of Light is.  I have started reading the fourth book, and one of the things that really resonates with me was that we are all part of the Divine.  That is something that I am continually reminded of in doing this work together, how connected we are. Last week there were a number of my family members in crisis and I wasn’t able to go to my Net of Light meeting, but I felt those Net of Light prayers, and I felt held within that network.  I too have spent a lot of years striving and having these spiritual disciplines. Since I have encountered the Grandmothers, I am not striving; I am not trying so hard to make something happen, to make myself be better, or more perfect, or more spiritual.  I have a much deeper acceptance of myself, and I don’t feel separate from the Divine, the way that I did.  It is a continual presence, and it is easy to access. 


Kate:  That spurs for me a particular quote from the fourth book. I can say that reading it has touched me on a level that isn’t intellectual at all.  It goes beyond words.  And it holds me in a Mother’s Embrace.  I wanted to read this one passage from the book.  It is the Grandmothers speaking: “Practice just sitting with us here now.  Think of looking into our eyes while you feel our arms around you.  Do this, and then rest in this receiving place for a while.  We promise that each time you drop into this receptive mode, all the things you long for, all the things you want, both material and non-material, will be taken care of.  It will happen that way, because every time you relax like this, and let go, you allow us to take over.  It’s as easy as that.  It is those old habits of worry, all the trying, that gets in the way of you receiving your heart’s desire.  We are standing right here, and we are ready to give it to you.  So, start practicing receiving. Start letting go of all that trying.  Do it for just a few minutes a day.”  


Sharon: I listened to you as you did that, and I felt that response. I felt it right there. Thank you Kate. 

Nadia: What I feel in reading the fourth book is that it has become easier, it has become an experience.  It is so accessible, like you aren’t reading with your head and it is coming in.  The Divine is working through the book that you are holding, and it just comes in.  That is the feeling.  A while ago I was reading a paragraph in the park and to my surprise I saw golden filaments of the Net of Light on the pages!  I wondered if I was actually seeing it.  I don’t usually see those things, but I did.  It is that visceral experience that you get from (I guess) surrendering and connecting with the Mother and with the Grandmothers through the book. 


Sharon: Wow Nadia! Thank you. 


Peggy:  Sharon you invited us to read something from the book that might have affected us. I thought I would read this passage (it starts at the bottom of page 186 of the new book):  


“There spread out far into the distance was our entire planet looking like a map drawn out flat.  As I ran my eyes over its contours, over all the continents on our beloved Earth, I saw that the awareness of the Mother’s presence on Earth was beginning to awaken.  I could see movement in Europe, as well as in Asia.  Then I watched as she awakened in Vietnam and Cambodia, in Italy, in China, and in Siberia. I watched as she embraced the people of the First Nations, all the tribal peoples, and indigenous beings on Earth.  Then I saw groups of suffering women responding to her loving presence.  All over the globe now women were feeling a change, feeling the return of the Mother.  There were women who had been locked in prisons, veiled women in the middle East, indigenous women in the Western hemisphere, impoverished women, and even the so-called “trophy wives” of the rich.  All of them were responding to the Mother.  “Whoa”, I said as I observed.  The presence of the Mother was now infusing the entire energy field of the planet.  “The connection to the Mother is coming alive everywhere” I said, and “wow”, as I felt the awakening taking place inside me too.   A new vibration was moving deeper into the cell beds of my body, anchoring itself fully inside me.”  


I think that is what so many of us are experiencing now.  It is a deeper knowing, a broader awareness, and an anchoring of the knowledge of the Divinity within us.  We are only now awakening to that in large numbers, and able to help one another and encourage one another with this continued work.  


Jane:  I asked the Grandmothers what I could possibly share?  I am struck with the simplicity of the Grandmothers.  With the simplicity of the Circle of Stones, with the simplicity of inviting one to go and sit with the Grandmothers.  What does that mean?  To me it has been an awakening, a communion with the Grandmothers.  The circle itself is such a good metaphor.  A permission and invitation to sit with your Divine.  And for us the Grandmothers are Divine.  When you sit in the presence of the Divine, and you gain an understanding of your own Divinity, it is such a sacred thing that happens.  For me it is very freeing.  Because once you realize how sacred you are, and once one realizes that the simplicity of sitting in the circle with the Grandmothers supports that sacredness of the individual within the community, within the Net, then there aren’t any judgements about the “other”.  All judgements are gone, in the appreciation of the sacred.  I keep thinking that this is what is happening.  Women are not judging themselves anymore because they have a very simple way of connecting with their Divine: “Go and sit in the circle.  Go read a book.  Sit and listen.  I’ve got you.”  That is enormously freeing.  There are no “should be’s, there is no particular hierarchy about what one should and shouldn’t do.  There is a knowing.  A knowing that when you walk with the Divine, then you can appreciate everybody else’s walk as they go through this process of trying to figure out who they are.  I think that women are finally, with the Grandmothers, giving themselves permission to walk, and to walk without judgement, and to walk without fear. And to walk in the simplicity of being in communion, because it is so sacred.  


Sharon:  Yes. Thank you. We are holy and ‘Wholey.’ It is not hard to discover.  The Grandmothers help you get to the truth, which holds you and rocks you, and you can live there, always.  And you don’t live there all by yourself.  You live with a community of loving beings.  We love one another, and we are loved.  And so, this communion is with the Divine and it is constantly blooming, growing.  It is the greatest gift.  Many of us have talked about this with each other.  We are gob-smacked by it.  But it’s true.  And so, we invite you to share this with anybody who wants it.  And again, if you have questions or anything you want to share, share it with us!  We are a family and we welcome you. We always welcome questions because every question helps us learn more, it takes us deeper. 


Kate:  I have been away from my usual routines lately, and I found that two revelations happened for me.  When you are alone and isolated, and you are not able to be in communion with your Net of Light family, you can still make a connection with one person, and in that connection is the Net of Light, is the love, is the light, is the healing. The electricity goes between you, and vibrates, and can lift you into this greater place for both of you.  There is just as much joy and elevation in helping another person, on the Net of Light, as yourself.  It comes right back into you.  And the other thing, out in the real world out there, when you walk around with this awareness of what is within you, and you encounter other people, and you look into a pair of eyes, you start feeling a sense that you are having an effect.  Somehow you are walking on Earth, blessing people.  And that is pure joy.  It is really delightful.  


Sharon: Yes, the Grandmothers told us early on: “Do this work.  You will be a walking blessing upon this earth”.  It is true, and the joy is palpable.  It is just wonderful. 


Nadia: May I quote what you said the other day, Kate? “It is in the connections between us, where the energy of love and light flows.” And that is what you just described. So, thank you. 


Sharon:  Let’s go in together, all of us, and just move into your heart.  Which is where you really center in and live from.  And here is that radiant jewel of your own heart, that automatically lights the Net of Light, that lights the Earth itself.  And that jewel of your heart which is fed by the Net of Light, that pumps light into all your organ systems, into your memory banks, into your feelings, into the bones of your body, into the blood supply system that in turn infuses all the pathways in the Net of Light.  Infusing the Grid of Light on Earth.  Right now we are holding together.  We are lighting Africa, and we are lighting New Zealand.  And all the fishes deep under waves are blessed and lit. And all the clouds that carry precipitation all over our beloved planet are blessed and all the stars in the sky are blessed.  And every crumbling place of earth is blessed, and every bit of sand and every bit of granite, sandstone, and clay is blessed.  And every leaf on every tree that’s waving in the breeze, or standing in the still air, is blessed.  And all the elements that make up life on earth are blessed.  And all the beings who live on Earth, and all who ever lived, or ever shall live on Earth, are blessed.  The Fabric of Being of the universe is blessed.  Everything is blessed and everything is bless-ed.  And as we breathe, our hearts resonate with this blessing and soar in love and radiant Light.  And we ask “May all the beings in all the worlds be happy. May everyone everywhere be glad.  “May everyone in all the worlds be happy”. 


Nadia would you sing “Mother Earth”? 



“Mother Earth I’ve loved you all of my life.

Mother Earth you love me too.

Hold me as I hold on to you.

Please awake in me, as I awake in you.”


Sharon: Thank you, thank you.  


And we ask that the blessings that we are sharing go far out into the cosmos, so that everywhere there is happiness, and goodness.  May every being receive whatever they most need to be happy now.  May this continue infinitely.  And our work continues infinitely, as we continue to love on and live on. 

We’ll meet you again here at this time, the first Sunday in October, October 3rd.  


May you be blessed,

May I be blessed,

May all beings be blessed.