SUMMARY: ONLINE TEACHING Sunday, April 11, 2021

SUMMARY:  ONLINE TEACHING Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sharon welcomes all, and reviews the schedule for the Online Teachings (every 2nd and 4th Sunday).  We are reminded how deeply connected we are to one another and to the divine. 

Net of Light Meditation

WHY we do all that we do to magnify the Net of Light?  Back in 1996, when the Grandmothers first came, they spoke of the great changes that were coming upon the earth.   And now that truly massive upheaval is upon us, we do come together to work, but it is joyful, as well as committed to the good of all life.  “May all the beings in all the worlds be happy” is our constant prayer. 

Working with the Net of Light helps us: our physical selves, relationships, abundance/financial, and also at the same time it helps the ALL, throughout time, indeed beyond space and time.  As we work for ourselves, it lifts everyone, and as we pray for someone for example in Bangladesh, it lifts us.  It is all a seamless, effortless way of working.


From the most recent Newsletter:  (Casting the Net, page 158)

“The original energy of creation is still embedded in the earth,” the Grandmothers said, “so as you observe all the upheaval taking place on earth now, do not despair. The original template of creation is still locked into the earth where it sits waiting. Because it is covered by the many layers of human energy that have, over time, piled on top of it and because these human deposits have distorted the actual design of earth’s energy, a distorted pile is all you see. But take heart!” they said. “No matter what terrible things that man has done in the past; the perfected energy of creation is still there! And even though what man has input into the earth is not pure, the original imprint is pure. It is time to revive that.” 


And so, we do the work with the Net of Light to revive the ‘pattern of perfection’ in me, and you and in our beloved earth.  We were always taught that we are separate.  But that is “baloney.”  We are part of the earth, connected to one another, and in that there is much JOY.


Edie, in Hawaii, has been a masseuse for 25 years, and has noted that the structure of each person is at once different and the same.  Much like the ley lines of earth, humans have ley lines of energy that course through their bodies.  She has come to understand that no one is a stranger, and all are part of a whole.  This has led her to “accept, and even celebrate” others no matter how different they may be.  She has become liberated from her old attitudes, “the crusty old stuff that doesn’t need to be there anymore.”  This liberation gives her a feeling of “exhilaration,” and she is filled with joy.  She feels excited about the future, to see and come to understand fully how the cosmos and we are intertwined.  “We are microcosm of the cosmos!”


Louise, in Canada,  sees “perfected energy of creation” as light, love, freedom, joy, beauty, and truth.  This energy is all part of the energetic essence in the earth, and in us.  We have this energy within us, and “it IS the great blessing.”  We can connect to it even as things change, during the falling off of the dross.  “We can always connect to LOVE.”


Sharon explains that the when she began working to address the “crusty old overlays on earth,” the Grandmothers were teaching about working with the ancestors, and all the fear and ignorance binding the old energy stuck in the DNA and the DNA of the earth.  This was freed through forgiveness, practiced through the H’Oponopono, which “raised a great freedom.” 


Then, during this past year, the Grandmothers have directed us to work with Nature, first with the trees, and then through the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether, and also the elemental spirits.  With the Earth Balance Response Team work (1st and 3rd Wednesdays) we have become more attuned to all aspects of the natural world and our confluence with them.  Sharon asks our guests if they have noticed any change in their personal connection to nature as a result of this work?


Edie answers that her awareness of nature has increased; she notices birds, their song, the wind in the trees, butterflies, dragonflies.  Each recognition brings her delight and pure joy.   Louise feels more connected, and more awareness, especially the detail and beauty of trees.  Sharon says, “Expect more!”  Spirits of nature have longed for this recognition and connection that we are one.  There will come more communion, a “knowing” and a deepening connection.


Now is the time for the return to Earth of the Mother, and all will deepen in each of us.  We will broadcast radiant love from our beings.  This joy and love are VERY contagious!


Sharon then led us into a meditation where we reunite with the full “support system” of Mothering Aspect.



Call on a tree that comes to you now; it is strong, supportive.  Feel it, see it, and hear the wind in its leaves.  Hug it, feel its solidity, then turn and lean back and rest on the tree.  Rest and breathe with it.  Feel the branches reach into the sky and the roots deep into the earth.  Feel nourished, strengthened, supported.  As you breathe with the tree, the roots bring up all nutrient needs, and the branches bring down the light from the Sun.

From the left side see a large, vague, feminine form.  It is the Cosmic Mother Aspect, caring for the tree.  She knows exactly what it needs.  On the right side, see a large, vague loving figure, which is the Cosmic Father Aspect, also giving the tree exactly what it needs.  The tree is breathing in rhythm with the Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father.  You too, resting on the tree, receive all that you need.  Embrace the tree.  It encompasses all, including you.  Feel how perfectly you are held within your own space …

And hear the singing:  “Oh how we love you, oh how we love you.”