Summary: Online Teaching February 28th, 2021

Summary: Online Teaching February 28th, 2021

Welcome!  We continue with these Online Teachings as a way to keep the momentum of the Net of Light work moving forward, and to keep on strengthening and amplifying the power of the Net of Light as we continue to go through these times of radical change.  As you work with or even simply think of the Net of Light, you activate it.  This thought goes on to anchor light and love, and provides a template for us to live on and live in.  You emphasize this great Oneness, the One Love, with your heart and your mind every time you think of joining together.

These Online Teachings are little sparks in the great continuing fire of our love that’s ongoing.  We have this joy of being able to do this now.  Times may seem tough, shocking, and overwhelming sometimes, but they are NOT, because we’re here, and because the Net of Light is ALIVE within us, within our beloved planet, and alive within all the elements and all beings on the earth. 

We celebrate this today.  For many of us, the Net of Light has been with us for so long that it has been incorporated into our lives as a walking, breathing, and living prayer.  Through this, we amplify the Fabric of Being for the Universe – in both our individual lives and for the ALL.   There is no limit of time and space in this realm, so this good goes back into the past and into the future, and is pulsating in this great now moment. 

Mirabai, guest Beacon from upstate New York, leads the Net of Light meditation.

At the conclusion, Sharon reminds us “The Divine cannot resist the great love of the seeker of love.  So when you ask, you will receive, always.”

Sharon thanks to members of the Net of Light family around the world:

  • Gloria in Saskatchewan/Manitoba, Canada has been working with the Net of Light for 10 years, holding space for all the original peoples up north
  • Deborah, our mendicant grandmother, originally from the UK, now living in Portugal, spreading the light and love in all her travels
  • Katie, “the big friendly dog at the gate,” greets all newcomers, offering the empowerment and guidance.
  • Mirian, in Brazil, has stepped up to translate the first book A Call To Power into Portuguese.
  • Sanne and Nichole who are coordinating the German groups in this new, rapidly developing area of the world.
  • All the Regional Coordinators and their Teams of Beacons holding meetings to amplify their connection with one another.
  • Finally, each of YOU watching, the hundreds if not thousands of people who have heard and answered the Grandmothers call.


Panel Discussion:  What has this work with the Grandmothers and the Net of Light done for you and for those with whom you are sharing this work?

Peggy is a Beacon holding groups in Alabama, and also supports the Net of Light Family in many other ways.    For her, this work has been the end of a life-long search for a connection with the Divine.  While this work is vast, it is also simple, accessible, and deeply profound.  She came to it after a lifetime of seeking, and found in it a way to “incorporate my Divinity.” 

Mirabai, a Beacon in Rochester, New York, holds weekly meetings with two other Co-Beacons.    For her, the very ACCESSIBILIY of the work is its greatest draw.  “It crosses all boundaries.”  Also, she resonates deeply with the teaching that “my being-ness makes a difference” as she has tended to be a big doer.  She shared that when she entered a time of deep inner contemplation, she knew she was “making a difference.”  Her group resonates with the Grandmothers teachings because they are looking for a way to anchor in this time of great upheaval. 

Mirabai describes how she sees the Grandmothers as the steel webbing “holding back the rocks” from the embankments along the roadside, keeping the way safe, and easy to travel.  She feels the Grandmothers within a sacred pine forest nearby, and often goes out among them to feel and speak to them. 

Her meetings offer a sacred connection, providing a sacred space for people to just be, within the Net, in love, with no judgment.  It becomes enormously healing.  In her book group, she opens up to those who may not have read any books, but are curious.  They cover a chapter each meeting, and it has become a sacred container for those present.

Sharon explains that this book-centered approach was how she began the work 25 years ago.  People would come, sit in her living room and read paragraphs in the various books.  She found that the teachings “go deep that way.”  She explains that all the direct Grandmothers quotes are in bold, and “there’s gold in that bold.”

Peggy agrees, and points out that there is always a remarkable difference in the “before” and “after” once folks begin living the teachings, embodying their divinity.

Finally, in Mirabai’s group, what has really been helpful at this time is understanding the impact of yang energy on men, and becoming more compassionate towards them. “Men are not the enemy; many men are hurting too.”  She goes on to say, “The oppressor is oppressed by the oppression!”  Appreciating the balancing of Yin and Yang has helped us become more compassionate with ourselves and others.