Feb 1,2021 – The Period You Are Entering Will Be a Steadying Time For You.

Feb 1,2021 – The Period You Are Entering Will Be a Steadying Time For You.

The Period You Are Entering Will Be a

Steadying Time For You.

“The period you are entering will be a steadying time for you,” the Grandmothers said, “a time to anchor yourself to Earth and feel Her securely holding you. You have made a connection with the elemental energy of Earth now so She can support you. Commit today to being where you are, to being who you are. Truly be here now,” they said, “and explore what it’s like to anchor yourself firmly, not flit, run about, or deny who you are. Explore what it’s like to take your stance on Earth.
To stand in what you are, to stand for who you are.
It’s time for that.
 “Life’s on-going dramas will continue to swirl in the spaces around you. You can count on that. The changes that are occurring now on Earth are not yet complete. The radical energy shift on this planet is not yet complete. So,” they said, “expect more upheaval, more instability, more surges of anger and fear in the world’s population.
 “Many people are terrified of the changes that are taking place on Earth today and you will witness as they act out their terror. Those who have no real anchor within themselves feel cast adrift by the changing currents of life. So, do not be surprised by whatever you may observe. Simply let it be,” the Grandmothers said. “Let all the craziness rise up now and work its way out of Earth’s atmosphere. This rabid energy is not yours. It does not belong to you so you don’t need to ‘fix’ it. It is not your responsibility,” they said, speaking slowly and clearly to emphasize the importance of this message. “The energy of fear will eventually run out of steam, and when it does, then there will be peace on earth.
 But for now, you stand steady,” they said, pointing a finger at me. “Sit steady. Go slow, go deep, and speak the truth. You are engaged now in anchoring the Net of Light for your planet,” they reminded me, “and this is no small thing.
 “And while you are doing this, be aware that we are holding you in our love, embracing and cradling you. You are not alone in the upside-down world you’re living in. We are here with you. So, call on us,” they said. “Lean on us. And when we say ‘us,’” the Grandmothers explained, “we mean any form of divinity that you love.
All forms of God are present with you now. So, call on the form that’s most dear to you, and we will all come.”
 “Everything is evolving as it should,” the Grandmothers smiled. “Nothing is a mistake. We are here,” they repeated. “So, decide that you will hold steady from this moment on, and once you’ve made that decision, then hold, hold, hold.
We have your back,” they said. 
“We will never leave you.”
~ The Great Council of Grandmothers ~


Letter from Maine

Thank you for the continued Online Teachings and the Earth Balance Response sessions. You asked for our responses. So many lessons, perspectives and images come up in these sessions that it is hard to articulate. Here is one.

Following the January 10th Online teaching I found myself grappling with some old sadness I have been carrying concerning my relationship with my ex-husband. I have opened and released so much of this burden that it can be frustrating to acknowledge it again. At some point I went to my room to meditate but instead I sat down and wrote this prayer/poem.

Holding Center

I will keep the counsel fires burning

I will set camp for future times

I will sweep the earth smooth

I will prepare the seat

I will wait and hold sacred space

Let things rearrange

Let movement set us free

Let hearts beat to Mother’s heart

Let the smoke of our past rise

Let Love ingest our fears

Allow this breath of transmutation

Allow the space between our cells to expand

Allow the fire within to remind us of who we are

Allow grace to inform our actions

Allow joy to entertain gladheartedness 

We are the keepers of Light

We are the ones who tend the fire that dispels fear

We are in the center of our own kivas

We are the sentinels at the gates of time

We are the grandmothers to all

The clarity in Sunday’s teaching hit me as I sat writing. The lift of the burden in the smoke, ingested by Love was palpable. The Grandmothers were present within me in the guise of musk ox, animals known to me from my years in Alaska. Musk ox group together and form a circle of protection from the elements and from predators, protecting their vulnerable. The funny thing was that they were all facing inward toward my center, not outward. They were comforting and protecting me on my inward journey, keeping the worldly cares at bay. They are still there, as a totem and reminder to me of their devotion to all who walk this inner journey. 
This seemed important to share. I love this walk with the Grandmother and all of us grandmothers in earthly form!
Lisa Jae
~ The Net of Light Team ~