November 10,2020 – Love is the warp and woof of the universe

November 10,2020 – Love is the warp and woof of the universe



“Love is the warp and woof of the universe. This is what the Net of Light/Net of Love is. It binds all life together. It supports, nurtures and connects everything and it is able to do this because It Is Love. Light and love” the Grandmothers explained, “are but two aspects of the same thing. Light is seen and love is felt.

“When you connect with the Net of Light, you immediately become Love’s instrument. It’s simple,” they said. “You are woven from the Net of Light/Love and as soon as you realize this, you begin to weave it. All of this happens instantaneously.

First: You think of the Net of Light
Second: You ARE the Net of Light
Third: Light/Love work through you, radiating out from you.

You are an instrument that the Divine can work through.” Then the Grandmothers laughed and said, “Because you are ‘magic’ (the magic of love), you are able to create ‘magic.’”

“The Earth is suffering today,” the Grandmothers said, pulling themselves up to their full height, “and all beings are suffering along with Her. Each of you,” they said, “who identify with your true nature (Love/Light), helps lift this suffering. In spite of the intense darkness that now blankets your beloved planet, you are radiating light. Always radiating light,” they said. “And as soon as you remember that you ARE this instrument of love and light, you magnify the power of the Net. You then become love in action.

“For the past week or more, along with the other loving acts you have performed, many of you have focused love and cast the Net of Light for the United States of America. And look at what you accomplished!!! Together, the prayers of millions that the highest good take place in America, lifted a great weight from that country. When hearts unite in loving kindness like this, then great good ensues.

“We want you to realize the power of your loving hearts. There is much more work to be done here on Earth and together we will do it. We ask you to keep on anchoring light, to cast and amplify the power of the Net of Light/Net of Love. Do it wherever there is suffering. Take each opportunity to love one another and to seek the highest good for all beings. Living like this will enrich your life. “

And then the Grandmothers threw their arms around one another and sang,
“May everyone in all the worlds be happy.”



I wanted to share my vision as I participated in today’s gathering for Rebalancing Earth Elements.

As Sharon was chanting the Gayatri prayer I began to meditate and became aware of our sun and the magnificence of its fire and then saw it connect to one sun after another reaching further and further out into our galaxy and cosmos, intensifying the light of each sun.

I then saw a circle of hundreds of Grandmothers around a huge table knitting the strands of the Net of Light. They were laughing and talking together. I was sitting among them and as I was knitting with my golden rayed needles a gaping hole in the Net caught up to my needles. The Grandmothers near me came closer and gasped at the tangled rip in the Net, and we all began to tear up. As our tears fell upon the withered strands they began to untangle and one by one a Grandmother would take hold of a loose strand and pull it straight and knit it into the web. It made my heart swell. The fires of the sun were pouring into us the whole time, feeding us with the energy to do the work of repairing the Net and letting it spread back to those places so needing its Light and Love.

Recently I read that one indigenous tradition considered the sun feminine and the moon masculine because the sun was always present while the moon came and went. It struck me as an accurate metaphor for the aspect of the feminine on earth.

I’m feeling a great urgency to our work here now. My non-human family have come in to serve the Grandmothers and support me in this work. I’m honored to be here with all of you. Love and Light to you and yours.